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Jul 20 (Sat) - A Loss for Words, Mickey Rickshaw, Keep Flying, The Hideout, Frankie Puopolo - The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA)

Jul 20 (Sat) - Actor|Observer, Rainsound, LFF, Lesser Glow, Chuggernaut - UnchArted (Lowell, MA)

Jul 20 (Sat) - Delusive Relics, GRENON - Dover Brick House (Dover, NH)

Jul 20 (Sat) - Junior Beef, Outwaves, Ezra Davis, Junipir - Koto Grill & Sushi, 90 Washington St, Salem, MA +

Jul 20 (Sat) - Shroud (MA), Where They Hide (ME), DFK (NH), Black Palm (MA), The Terry O'Reilly Factor (NH), Patterns of Decay (NY), American Burn (NH), Mudfuck (MA), Reckless Force (NH), Dead City Crown (NJ), Cytokine (NH), Trading Heroes for Ghosts (NH), Solemn Vision (NY) - ask a punk Litchfield, New Hampshire +

Jul 20 (Sat) - Estival Festival: Aura Moreno, boring, Brother, Cherry Pit, Davey Harms, DirtyDurdie, Dropdead, FINE., Funeral Cone, Gertrude Atherton, Jesse the Tree, Kris Fame, Sin Seven w/ 825GHOST, Slitty Wrists, The Quahogs, Twin Foxes, visibilities, Xr-Tabs, HAIRSPRAY QUEEN, Video Shoppe - AS220 (Providence, RI)

Jul 20 (Sat) - Off Kilter, Matthias Steele, RT 18 - The Vault, New Bedford MA +

Jul 20 (Sat) - Seven Spires / Mystical Hot Chocolate Endeavors/ My Missing Half /Heavy Calm - 13th Floor Music Lounge, Florence, MA +

Jul 20 (Sat) - Productive Member (Punk/Hardcore), God's Middle Finger (Thrash/Punk), The Sadists (Punk), Low Moments (Doom/Rock/Metal) - Cherry St. Station (Wallingford, CT)

Jul 20 (Sat) - Heart, Sheryl Crow, Elle King - XFINITY Theatre Hartford, CT +

Jul 21 (Sun) - Seven Spires, THE MYSTICAL HOT CHOCOLATE ENDEAVORS, Biiru, Solipsis - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)

Jul 21 (Sun) - Khemmis, CLOAK - Great Scott (Allston, MA)

Jul 21 (Sun) - Local H, Gozu - Brighton Music Hall (Allston, MA)

Jul 21 (Sun) - A Loss for Words, Lions Lions, bloom., Kill Joy, Safe Hands - The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA)

Jul 21 (Sun) - The Gothsicles, Pine Tree State Mind Control, Journey To The Center of The Colon - UnchArted (Lowell, MA)

Jul 21 (Sun) - Black Magic Flower Power, Supervillian - Alchemy (Providence, RI)

Jul 21 (Sun) - Fed Ash/ Communal Misery/ The Bimbos - Dusk (Providence, RI)

Jul 21 (Sun) - Raccoon City Massacre (New Orleans), Zorp, Hollow Betrayal, Okami, White Lights, A King’s Descendant - The Raven (Worcester, MA)

Jul 21 (Sun) - Steven Adler of Guns N Roses, Shout at the Devil: Motley Crue Tribute - The Vault, New Bedford MA +

Jul 21 (Sun) - "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC The Strings Attached Tour 2019 - Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion 290 Northern Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02210 +

Jul 21 (Sun) - But my bad if I missed a show! Sorry! - Black Box (Providence, RI)

Jul 25 (Thu) - Demon Chrome, Quiet Riot - The Vault, New Bedford MA +

Jul 25 (Thu) - Metal Siege - Hard Rock and Heavy Metal DJ Night - The Sinclair Kitchen +

Jul 26 (Fri) - DAMONE, Carissa Johnson, Slim Jim and the Mad Cows - The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA)

Jul 31 (Wed) - CANNABIS CORPSE // D-SAGAWA // CRYSTAL METHODIST - Junkyard providence email davy_ringles@yahoo.com for address +

Jul 31 (Wed) - Crux Decussata, Drive-By Bukkake, The Touch Heads, PCP and The Knives, Pravda - Great Scott (Allston, MA)

Aug 3 (Sat) - Haxen,Psycho,Mucophagus and Sanguine Moon - Cantab Lounge (Cambridge, MA)

Aug 3 (Sat) - WORMWOOD, KYOTY, MAGNATAR - Dover Brick House (Dover, NH)

Aug 7 (Wed) - FISTULA (OH) NO FUNERAL (MN) BLACK MASS (BOS) KINGDOM HELL (PVD) - Junkyard providence email davy_ringles@yahoo.com for address +

Aug 8 (Thu) - FISTER, KYOTY, CLAD OF DYAD - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Aug 11 (Sun) - Merauder, Death Threat, Scars Of Deceit, Held Hostage, Neighborhood Shit, & Kuya. - The Narragansett Theater. 11 Pier Market Place, Narragansett +

Aug 13 (Tue) - Pathology, Narcotic Wasteland, Contrarian - ONCE (Somerville, MA)

Aug 14 (Wed) - Black Pyramid, Birnam Wood, Greylock - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)

Sep 10 (Tue) - MAR/ Crafter/RageQuit/Peace Test - AS220 (Providence, RI)

Sep 28 (Sat) - Cerebral Rot, Fetid, Blessed Offal, Vomit Forth, & Garroted - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Oct 19 (Sat) - BATTLE BEAST, Thunderforge,Let Us Prey+ 1 more - Jewel (Manchester , NH)

Oct 26 (Sat) - Terry's 50th Birthday: Come To Grief, Psycho, Dour, & Et Mors - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)


Nov 16 (Sat) - Solemn Vision, Vivisepulture, Matriphagy - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)

Nov 21 (Thu) - Suffer On Acid, Hellhorse, Moss Folk - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)

Apr 2 (Thu) - WITHERED, WAKE, more TBD - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)
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