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Nov 24 (Fri) - RUIN, The Great North, Devils Nite Out - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Nov 25 (Sat) - PSYCHO, Cryostasium, Prom Night Dumpster Baby, TBA - UnchArted (Lowell, MA)

Nov 25 (Sat) - Exclave, Willzyx, Flooding Panama, Machine Moon - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Dec 1 (Fri) - SYLVIA, Lord Almighty, Replacire, Obsidian Tongue - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Dec 2 (Sat) - MARTYRVORE....PSYCHO....TARANTULA TBA....GONORREAH FACE... - Cantab Lounge (Cambridge, MA)

Dec 8 (Fri) - Stillborn Condition, Crypitus, Angel slayeR, Imipolex - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Dec 9 (Sat) - Jimmy Jacked, LIMBS BIN, Knife Worship, Quiet Warning - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Dec 14 (Thu) - Drive-By Bukkake (vinyl release), Bacterial Husk, Horrible Earth, and Shroud - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Jan 2 (Tue) - FALLS OF RAUROS, Immortal Bird, Infera Bruo - Empire (Portland, ME)
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