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Oct 23 (Mon) - I Have No Eyes, Never I, Of Virtue - Bleachers, 300 Middle St, Bristol, CT 06010 +

Oct 23 (Mon) - Ascent To Power, Ventana, Unsaid Fate, Mushroomhead - Sapphire Nightclub And Event Center, 150 Center St, Auburn, ME +

Oct 23 (Mon) - Dwell In Moonblood, Aerial Ruin, Obsidian Tongue, Foret Endormie - SPACE Gallery (Portland, ME)

Oct 23 (Mon) - Eaten, Pigs Blood, Cobalt - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)

Oct 24 (Tue) - When The Deadbolt Breaks, Undercliff, No Funeral - Cherry St. Station (Wallingford, CT)

Oct 24 (Tue) - Motograter, Apollos Resurrection, One Day Waiting & Skindress - Fete Music (Providence, RI)

Oct 24 (Tue) - Lee Scratch Perry, Flying Vipers - Middle East (Cambridge, MA)

Oct 24 (Tue) - Metal Yoga with Black Widow Yoga - ONCE (Somerville, MA)

Oct 24 (Tue) - Heavy Metal Tuesday - ONCE (Somerville, MA)

Oct 24 (Tue) - John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) – One Night Only Screening - AS220 (Providence, RI)

Oct 24 (Tue) - INSANE CLOWN POSSE, R.A. The Rugged Man, Lyte, Outland Camp - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)

Oct 24 (Tue) - The Beyond Composer's Cut with Live Score by Fabio Frizzi, plus Dust Witch - Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline MA +

Oct 25 (Wed) - Savage Master, NightBitch, Facepaint, Demolition Boys. - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Oct 25 (Wed) - Origin, Archspire, Defeated Sanity, Dyscarnate, VISCERAL DISGORGE, The Kennedy Veil, The Summoned, Begat The Nephilim, The Last King, Wretched Abomination, Stillborn Condition, Matriphagy, Deathamphetamine - Bungalow Bar & Grill (Manchester, NH)

Oct 25 (Wed) - Inconvenience Store, HailNothing, Gant, Whoopi Sticks, CHAINED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)

Oct 25 (Wed) - Street Sects, Dalek - ONCE (Somerville, MA)

Oct 25 (Wed) - T-Pain : Acoustic Tour, Smino - The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA)

Oct 25 (Wed) - Barbarian, Silence The Radio, Our Shadows, Basilisk, AlgoRhythm - Alchemy (Providence, RI)

Oct 25 (Wed) - YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, Sunlord - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)

Oct 26 (Thu) - SOUNDGARDEN (as performed by members of BIRCH HILL DAM, WINTERBOLT, ex-SECOND GRAVE), PAUL DI'ANNO-era IRON MAIDEN (as performed by members of GRAVE KNIGHT, RECKLESS FORCE, SONIC PULSE), FEAR (as performed by members of PSYCHO, DESOLATE, CONCLAVE), ARCH ENEMY (as performed by members of EPISODES, MERITHIUS, SCREAMS OF HOCKOMOCK & friends) - Ralph's Chadwick Square Rock Club (Worcester, MA)

Oct 26 (Thu) - Michael McDonald, Marc Cohn - Lynn Auditorium +

Oct 26 (Thu) - THE DISCO BISCUITS, lespecial - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)

Oct 27 (Fri) - Weapons At Hand, Stillborn Condition, Destination:Void, Culling The Herd - The Cage, Lewiston, ME +

Oct 27 (Fri) - HazelKrust, Hopeless Losers, Curse, Leash - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Oct 27 (Fri) - AMON AMARTH (as performed by members of CHRONOVORE, ICE GIANT), BOLT THROWER (as performed by members of SOLIUM FATALIS, EXCRECOR, IRON GAG), GOD DETHRONED (as performed by members of BOARCORPSE, BENTHIC REALM, LORE, ex-HELSOTT w/ MT CHRIS), ENTOMBED (as performed by SENTIENT HORROR), MARDUK (as performed by members of ASHEN WINGS, AVERSED) - Ralph's Chadwick Square Rock Club (Worcester, MA)

Oct 27 (Fri) - Oddium, Orbitus, Lost To The Waves, Once Were Kings, An Unction In Braille - Maximum Capacity Sports Bar, 116 School St, Chicopee, MA +

Oct 27 (Fri) - Damnation, Das Muerte, Marianne Toilet & The Runs, Monkey Knife Fight - Koto Grill & Sushi, 90 Washington St, Salem, MA +

Oct 27 (Fri) - Fall Out Boy - TD Garden +

Oct 27 (Fri) - Dead Harrison, A Simple Complex, The Negans, Illusion's End - Club Bohemia, Cambridge MA +

Oct 28 (Sat) - Echoes In The Void, Empire, Graveborn, Dawn Of End, Above The Din, Devils Champion, Force Of Habit, Trading Heroes For A Ghost, Attacking The Vision, Screams Of Hockomock, False Ambitions, When The Dead Won't Die, Half Past Human - pin Show Map American Legion Post 79 35 W Brook St, Manchester, New Hampshire +

Oct 28 (Sat) - Flapjack Attack, Years Of Vengeance, Godsmiddle Finger, Metamorsia, Shallow Ground - Altone's Italian Restaurant, 47 N Main St a, Jewett City, CT 06351 +

Oct 28 (Sat) - Drivetrain, Problem With Dragons, Hessian - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Oct 28 (Sat) - Psychic Weight, Abaddon, The Path, Stream Devils, Dopeghost - Slide Brook Lodge and Tavern, 3180 German Flats Rd, Warren, VT +

Oct 28 (Sat) - OPETH "My Arms, Your Hearse" in its entirety (as performed by members of DYHANNA, THE BEAST OF NOD w/ BILL RICHARDS of METAL NEW ENGLAND), TWISTED SISTER (as performed by members of CONCILIUM, BALISET, FACES OF BAYON w/ MT JACKY), ANAAL NATHRAKH (as performed by members of ABNORMALITY, UNFLESH, ASHEN WINGS, MERITHIUS), GLORYHAMMER (as performed by members of ICE GIANT, PERENNIAL QUEST, AGE OF EMBERS), SKELETONWITCH "Beyond the Permafrost" set (as performed by members of GRAVITON, SONIC PULSE) - Ralph's Chadwick Square Rock Club (Worcester, MA)

Oct 28 (Sat) - Feed The Beast, Dawn Of End, Druslan, The Gallows Instance, Infested Prophecy, Force Of Habit, 7th Son(Iron Maiden tribute), Unlimited Warfare - Max's Blues Cafe, Brockton, MA +

Oct 28 (Sat) - U.S. Bastards, Doyle, Ghoul, Gwar - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)

Oct 28 (Sat) - Hepatagua, Gaskill - The Pour Farm Tavern & Grille, New Bedford, MA +

Oct 28 (Sat) - Yheti, DMVU, EASTGHOST, Toadface - Middle East (Cambridge, MA)

Oct 28 (Sat) - DJ Metal Mariachi - ONCE (Somerville, MA)

Oct 28 (Sat) - Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, Black Oak Arkansas - Toyota Oakdale Theatre Wallingford, CT +

Oct 28 (Sat) - Prospect Hill, Lansdowne, Killer At Large - Wally's Pub Hampton NH +

Oct 28 (Sat) - ZZ Top - Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom (Hampton, NH)

Oct 28 (Sat) - Halloween Horror Marathon 2017: George Romero's Night of the Living Dead, Lucio Fulci's Zombie, plus 6 other tba films - Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline MA +

Oct 28 (Sat) - Briar Rose - 73 Ocean Grove Avenue, Swansea MA +

Oct 29 (Sun) - Baylies Band, Mar, Tovarish, Endon - Alchemy (Providence, RI)

Oct 29 (Sun) - Robinwood, At the Heart of it, Funeral Attire, Regime, In Good Nature, Locked Away, SPC, Grand Entrance, Mikey Gray - Mother Brook Arts & Community Center, 123 High St, Dedham, MA +

Oct 29 (Sun) - Cynicism, Scaphism, Rotting Obscene, Soul Remnants - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)

Oct 29 (Sun) - Ego Likeness, The Rain Within, Adoration Destroyed - ONCE (Somerville, MA)

Oct 29 (Sun) - Howl-o-Ween Pet Costume Parade Walk - Fitchburg Dog Park +

Oct 29 (Sun) - NightKids (Nightbitch doing kid friendly versions of their songs) - Knuckleheads, Wallingford CT +

Oct 29 (Sun) - DATSIK, Bear Grillz, Monxx - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)

Oct 30 (Mon) - You're Welcome Rev -Boblovesmusic - A Terrible House (Winthrop, MA)

Oct 30 (Mon) - Graviton, The Beast Of Nod, Vivisepulture, Pathogenic - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)

Nov 2 (Thu) - IMMOLATION (Exclusive New England Performance), Outer Heaven, Desolate, Summoning Hate - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Nov 4 (Sat) - Black Tomb, Fuming Mouth, Mourned, Heavens Die, & Death Metal Pope - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Nov 5 (Sun) - MENTORS....PSYCHO....NICK BARBARIAN...STEP 13.....U.D.D. - Jewel (Manchester , NH)

Nov 7 (Tue) - Belphegor,Cryptopsy,HATE,Solium Fatalis & Ashen Wings - Jewel (Manchester , NH)

Nov 11 (Sat) - ATTACKER (NJ First New England show in 32 years), Seax, I Destroyer, Graviton, & Iron Will - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Nov 12 (Sun) - Demoncy, Crurifragium, Ululatum Tollunt, Witch King - Dusk (Providence, RI)

Nov 17 (Fri) - Noisemageddon the revenge Blurring NY, hallucination realized NY, leash, implosion crusade RI, feed back psychosis RI, UDD, grind of the dead, chronic hypersomnia, pedogore - Bungalow +

Nov 18 (Sat) - Noisemageddon day 2 Malignacy NY, dech charge can, holy cost can, bubblegum octopus, ground NJ, psytoxua NY, street feet NY, psycho, gorepedo, horrible earth, eaten, exposed as rot, intheshit, earthworm von doom, Mary Todd, augrah, iron gag, wilzyx, worst days, gonerea face - Bungalow Manchester NH +

Nov 25 (Sat) - PSYCHO, Cryostasium, Prom Night Dumpster Baby, TBA - UnchArted (Lowell, MA)

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