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"I'm Tired Of Bands Using Copy And Paste 'Occult Imagery' And Regurgitating Second-Rate SLEEP, PENTGRAM And KYUSS Riffs" - An Interview With Legendary Doom Maverick, Lee Dorrian [news article][Views=48][Replies=1]
Sep 22,2017 10:26am by susurrate     last post: Sep 23,2017 11:33pm by Welp
Death Note: Desu nŰto (2006-2007) [tv][Views=48][Replies=2]
Sep 19,2017 10:42pm by the_reverend     last post: Sep 23,2017 8:28pm by the_reverend
RIFFER MADNESS! [Show Listing][Views=30][Replies=2]
Sep 23,2017 11:29am by Burdened     last post: Sep 23,2017 1:55pm by Burdened
September 30th 2017 MT Booking & Codex Obscurum Present: Blood Feast, Ravage, Reckless Force, & Fit To Swing @ Ralph's in Worcester [Show Listing][Views=341][Replies=4]
May 6,2017 5:57pm by KEVORD     last post: Sep 23,2017 11:46am by KEVORD
George Allen "appreciation" thread [Views=59][Replies=1]
Sep 21,2017 6:35am by the_reverend     last post: Sep 23,2017 7:15am by the_reverend
Donít blame Satan for white supremacy. [news article][Views=539][Replies=33]
Aug 23,2017 7:43pm by grandmotherweb     last post: Sep 22,2017 10:35am by Obscure radio host
How come everyone that books shows are mental cases with huge egos [Views=131][Replies=4]
Sep 21,2017 11:15am by Bombfacting     last post: Sep 22,2017 9:25am by Accurate observer
Patriots Predictions 2017 [sports][Views=274][Replies=10]
Aug 25,2017 4:30pm by susurrate     last post: Sep 21,2017 6:26pm by brainbombs
THU SEP 21 - IRON GAG, HAILNOTHING, ZELOSIS, DRIVE-BY BUKKAKE, WOMBEATER - Shaskeen Pub, Manchester, NH, 9pm, 21+, FREE [Show Listing][Views=168][Replies=2]
Aug 11,2017 8:07pm by BrianDBB     last post: Sep 21,2017 4:25pm by susurrate
Tom G Warrior's 13 Favorite LPs [news article][Views=58][Replies=1]
Sep 21,2017 2:56pm by bat meat tacos     last post: Sep 21,2017 3:32pm by susurrate

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