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Who remembers FORMICIDE?

[Jun 10,2006 2:34pm - demondave ""]
Fuckin' Formicide. I sent them money for their demo and never got it. I got a letter back from them about there being a delay. Later I got another one one with a sticker and something else about a delay, and no demo. I was a teen of course and it kinda annoyed me. Luckily I obsessively download on soulseek and I finally - after all these years - got their demos. They're good demos too.

Still a little pissed off ney never sent it to me.
[Jun 10,2006 2:38pm - maslayer  ""]
DrinkHardThrashHard said:I might start with...

Atomicaust "Castle of Insane Minds"
Demise "Winds of Death"
Deslok "Relic of Depression"
Executioner "Eye of the Needle"
Formicide "The Perfect Race"
Only Living Witness "C.O.P."
Wargasm "Bullets & Blades"

and Krucix, Subjugator, etc.

I don't have access to all the demos/songs, that's the only problem. Another thing is I'm not sure how keen the band will be on the idea, I have no idea if they know/listened to any of these bands. I'm sure they'll help but it might take awhile.

That OLW tune is amazing!! "Lowell Police...YOU WILL PAY!!"

[Jun 10,2006 2:44pm - watchmaker666 nli  ""]
the woman in the bed next to me DROOOOOOOLSSSSS
[Jun 10,2006 3:05pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]

Demon, those bastards. Yeah I picked up one of their demos at the Dracut High school gig with Atomicaust, Blatant Disregard, and Hearing Impaired. I had a 2nd that I got at Rocket Records when that Mecca for Metal existed across from the Pheasant Lane Mall. And I know there was a third demo, that I never had at all.
[Jun 10,2006 5:16pm - maslayer  ""]
Hey Scott...I got all 3 on cd...want a copy?? A Fellow metalhead deserves it!
[Jun 10,2006 5:31pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
Formicide demos? Yes!
[Jun 10,2006 8:06pm - Craig  ""]
Skeletal Onslaught!
[Jun 10,2006 8:07pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
Dude, I TOTALLY remember Skeletal Onslaught....

Wasn't there a band around here called Spectral Incursions?

Those were both the best names ever....too bad they disappeared.
[Jun 10,2006 8:14pm - Craig  ""]
Also, Slaughter Shack were one of my favorites back then. I used to go see Cardinal Sin, Atomicaust, Subjugator, Deslok, Wargasm, Bad Karma, Poseidon, Meliah Rage, Temporary Insanity, Experiments in Fear, Demise and so many others back then. Oh the days of being a teenager.
[Jun 10,2006 8:16pm - Craig  ""]
One of my best friends as a teenager played bass in Skeletal Onsalught. I have no memory of Spectral Incursions though.
[Jun 10,2006 8:25pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
I remember Slaughter Shack, Poseidon, Temporary Insanity, etc.

Wasn't Experiments in Fear just Demise with a new name?
[Jun 10,2006 8:45pm - Craig  ""]
I honestly cannot remember.

I have a Slaughter Shack demo tape and a Poseidon tape. I need to get some T.I. shit and all the other old Boston area metal bands as I lost almost all my tapes and zines in 1992.
[Jun 10,2006 9:09pm - maslayer  ""]
Experiments in Fear =Demise...it was a bad idea for us to change our name and the reasoning was silly too but hind site is 20/20,,,I ALWAYS refer to us as Demise.

Spectral Incurion actually had an album...vibrations of doom has it online!
[Jun 11,2006 3:38pm - anonymous  ""]
did you guys forget about bands such as Temporary Insanity, Necromancer, Bad Karma, shattered innocence(1989) and Auditory Imagery..... just some of the local southshore metal acts. Seth/Hekseri
[Jun 11,2006 3:40pm - Craig  ""]
Is this the Seth that I went to school with in the 80's in Randolph?
[Jun 11,2006 3:46pm - anonymous  ""]
Yes, it is.....
[Jun 11,2006 3:56pm - anonymous  ""]
Also the band damager from Everrett
[Jun 11,2006 4:17pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
Seth, I remember some of those.

Auditory Imagery, they were more of a prog style thing right, before Dream Theater took off?

Temporary Insanity ruled, and I remember Shattered Innocence and Damager also.
[Jun 11,2006 5:01pm - maslayer  ""]
Temporary Insanity was great! "Sitting here in my room...waiting on impending doom!"

Auditiry Imagrey - definately progressive. The only standout song I remember was "Into the Abbatoir"

And Bad Karma had the one armed guitar player...ballsy!!
[Jun 11,2006 5:55pm - Craig ""]
The few times I saw them he had his right arm in some sort of sling and just played the fret board with his left hand.. Also he lived up the street from me.
[Jun 11,2006 5:56pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
I'm not sure I remember that band. It's the one name mentioned that does not ring a bell with me, so I have not seen the fabled one-armed thrashing guitar player :(

The fact that there have probably been 15,000 bands called Bad Karma is not helping either :(
[Jun 11,2006 6:06pm - Craig ""]
I can tell you that the drummers brother was in Meliah Rage!!
[Jun 11,2006 6:12pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
The very band I need to put together my new & old thrash show.
[Jun 11,2006 7:37pm - Craig ""]
no actually it was the guitarists brother that was in Meliah Rage.

[Jun 11,2006 8:10pm - anonymous  ""]
yes, it brings back some old memories of seing these band at the channel, Paradise and deringers in Brockton.... Yes, Auditory Imagery was PRog, but it was some cool shit, even before Dream theather ...etc... Seth/Hekseri
[Jun 11,2006 9:46pm - maslayer  ""]
Hey Scott...you were in Krucix?
[Jun 14,2006 10:01pm - Greg from Krucix  ""]
Skeletal Onslaught - wicked cool guys, used to love playing with those guys ... specifically remember the singer and guitarist ... awesome guys.

Spectral Incursion ... steve lytle, jim maz (old csdo) ... they were like ... mid to late 80's i think ... i remember being floored with the music .. it wasn't thrash ... it was heavy (in those days) but had this really bizarre quirk ... it ruled.

remember youth with bats? i remember playing with them liek, all the time, they palyed every show that would let them, and was always amazed how they would smash their gear ... every night! then i played with them and my mint rocket roll ibanez v was stolen ... then i understood how they did it.
[Jun 14,2006 11:21pm - Craig ""]
You can't mention Youth With Bats without mentioning Blazing Anus.

Yes the kings of Salisbury Beach, Blazing Anus.
[Jun 14,2006 11:23pm - Craig ""]
ps. is there anyone that can tape/burn me shit by all these old bands. i had most of the demos but I lost a box of tapes in 1992 with all my local tapes and almost all the demos I got in the late 80's and up to 92'.
[Jun 14,2006 11:50pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
I was not in Krucix, no.

I remember Youth With Bats and does anyone remember Homicide?
[Jun 15,2006 12:15am - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
I second Craig's request.

My demos of Deslok, Demise, Atomicaust, Subjugator and many others are long gone to where no pathway goes.

I've got some of the Krucix demos that Greg was cool to make available, and Rich has all the Formicide demos on a CD, which I must have...
[Jun 15,2006 1:30am - Craig ""]
I have a Poseiden tape, a Subjugator tape (no cover or track listing), a Slaughter Shack tape (4 song demo).

Also the first Sam Black Church demo (no cover or track listing). I think this tape is sick!

I will tape that shit for anyone in trade for some other old local shit.
[Jun 15,2006 1:35am - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
Sam Black Church was awesome. I used to follow that band around. The new band Jetfuel is pretty cool too but they don't do anything with it.
[Jun 15,2006 1:39am - Craig ""]
Jetfuel? I have never heard of them.

I am interested in this band Raw Radar War. I am planning on going to see them next Friday at the Reel Bar.
[Jun 15,2006 1:43am - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
Look them up (Jetfuel).

Basically SBC with better production and a little more straight-up metal. The tunes are pretty good.
[Jun 15,2006 1:45am - Craig ""]
Ok. I will.
[Jun 15,2006 1:53am - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
We actually tried to get them to play with ExAgenda at one of our previous gigs, but they weren't doing shows at that time.
[Jun 15,2006 2:16pm - duff138  ""]
RAWRADARWAR are fucking real good. Jonah Jenkins on vocals (Blind Surgeon, Only Living Witness!!!!!).


either give me your email here or I can get it from your band's site. You're the singer, right? I'll get your mailing adress from you and I'll send you the formicide demos on disc.
[Jun 15,2006 2:23pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
That would be absolutely killer! My email is: iconslaughter@gmail.com

I'm the hetfield (singer/guitar) of ExAgenda.
[Jun 20,2006 6:41pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
I got those demos from Sean.

Holy mother of fuck, I had forgotten how awesome Formicide was.
[Jun 20,2006 6:54pm - maslayer  ""]
dude I got Atomicaust, Deslok, my demos, and know i can get others...let me know
[Jun 20,2006 6:55pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
I want them all. Let me know what I can trade.
[Jun 20,2006 9:08pm - maslayer  ""]
email me at mtlbysel@aol.com...we'll try to hook up...i live right near you
[Jun 20,2006 9:16pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
AOL!?!!? My gods man!
[Jun 22,2006 7:28am - maslayer  ""]
it works for me
[Jun 24,2006 11:18pm - curbsplitter ""]
sup all, steve here, singer from Formicide, we are currently in the process of having all 3 demos released on a cd from a record company in new york. 6-24-06 i am not sure of the amount of cd;s that will be produced, but my thinking is that they will be available for retail . when they are i will let you know. i am really stunned by this happening, 20 years after we have started this band.
[Jun 24,2006 11:26pm - curbsplitter ""]
also, if there is anyone who actually did send money for a demo and you never recieved it please email me at curbsplitter@yahoo.com, i think we still have records of the names of people who didnt get one... and you will be rewarded with a gift... sorry things got really messed up back then and we ran out of tapes. just send your name and address. thanks for your support thru all that time and , i am a bit taken back that you guys still enjoy the music we played. thanks alot, really amazing
[Jun 24,2006 11:55pm - curbsplitter ""]
jealousy is quite the amazing thing.. never saw you up on stage before... maybe just a bit too busy with your hairspray? lol blowin chunks, thats not the only thing you are blowin....come see me please we can have a little talk anytime . i know its an old post guys but, cant let these posers ruin the boards hahaha
[Jun 25,2006 2:00am - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
Steve you are a legend and your Dracut High performance was a prime contributor to my future delinquency.

Let us know when you have the official demo print. Also, re-unite and play with my band.
[Jun 25,2006 11:22am - curbsplitter ""]
well the music is going to be re-mastered so, it will sound better, and it will be a 15 song cd. i will let post more info soon as eric gets back from the studio.

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