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Who remembers FORMICIDE?

[Jun 25,2006 7:15pm - maslayer  ""]
OMG...WHat's up Mr Repucci?? Rich from Demise/Lost Disciple Records/Stephanie's cousin---I am soooooooooooo excited this will be an official release!! How's your boy? I hear he's playing football now if I'm not mistaken. What are you up to now??
[Jun 25,2006 7:56pm - curbsplitter ""]
Whats up Rich... good to hear from ya.The kid is doin great, but not sure about the football part. He did lacrosse last year, but i dont think he will play football. He is into computers too much, i think maybe game designing ect. Yea we all are excited about the cd being released. I personally feel its like icing on the cake after a long musical career. I am just happy to see that people still enjoy our music.
[Jun 26,2006 10:07pm - maslayer  ""]
that's right...lacrosse...charlie told me that a few months ago...dude I am waving the Formicide banner high...dammit do the reunion!!
[Jun 29,2006 4:30pm - missdevilred  ""]
It's so awesome to hear that lots of people remember all of these bands and that so many folks want to hear CDs or see reunion shows!
[Jun 29,2006 9:05pm - curbsplitter ""]
yea metal never dies, its just back to where i like it, more underground sorta like the old days, more of a hidden community flying under tipper gore's radar lol
[Jul 1,2006 10:04am - maslayer  ""]
so steve...any chance of reunion??
[Jul 1,2006 5:01pm - curbsplitter ""]
hmmm, that i couldn't tell you right now. i dont know of any talk about this yet. i am sure it will come up in a converstaion eventually when we all get together. i will keep you posted about any possible reunion
[Jul 2,2006 9:16am - maslayer  ""]
sweet...*fingers crossed*
[Jul 5,2006 2:07pm - Kevin Mead  ""]
I used to be in Blind Surgeon I think back in 1987.
I was also in Decrepit Mind. My brother was in Knightmare.
Weird hearing about all these bands 19 years later.

[Sep 1,2006 4:33pm - anonymous  ""]
speaking of subjugator...

[Sep 1,2006 8:08pm - curbspliter  ""]
i loved knightmare.. was that the band from new hampshire with the great comic insert? i remember something about madonna, tipper gore... oh man if i am thinking about he right band, i loved that album. i also loved the comic hahaha
[Sep 1,2006 8:40pm - duff138  ""]
Knightmare "Up yours"
[Sep 1,2006 8:43pm - duff138  ""]
Kevin just took a look at your site. Wow! listening to Blind Surgeon right now. I never had the 1st demo. Had the others, even the last one with Jonah Jenkins on vocals
[Sep 1,2006 9:02pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
Dude, a subjugator site...very nice...
[Sep 2,2006 2:44pm - maslayer  ""]
someone suggested i do one for demise on myspace...thoughts?
[Sep 3,2006 12:09am - curbspliter  ""]
do it, that would be cool. a site for all the good old bands would be cool.
[Sep 3,2006 12:13am - the_reverend ""]
[Sep 4,2006 11:26pm - The Riddler  ""]
I remember Cardinal Sin. I saw them at Green St. Station in Boston backing up Democracyde. They kicked ass. I had there demo but lost it. I remember songs like R.G.S.O.T. I thought for sure they would make it into the mainstream. I also remember Eric from Deslock.

All this brings back good times from the good music days.


If you can hook me up with the CS disc that would be great. I will find something to trade in return. Email- nekf@verizon.net


Jeff from Winthrop MA

[Sep 5,2006 8:07pm - maslayer  ""]
just emailed you
[Sep 19,2006 2:03pm - Terrah  ""]
Hi people.. (Dave from Terrahsphere here)..

2 of us were from Methuen, Frank was from Nashua, and Kevin is from Salem, NH.. I still see Glenn and Kev, Frank moved to Colorado I believe a few years ago..


[Sep 19,2006 2:13pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
We were looking for you...

Burn us CDs.
[Sep 20,2006 12:13pm - Terrah  ""]
How many ?

[Sep 21,2006 12:53pm - anonymous  ""]
spectral incursion ........ http://home.earthlink.net/~spectralincursion/ check out the link
[Sep 22,2006 6:12am - Terrah  ""]

Email me at:


Ill send you a CD and you can burn for others if you want..

[Sep 22,2006 8:57am - anonymous  ""]
[Nov 6,2006 3:52pm - Peter from Deslok  ""]
Did you guys forget about Temporary Insanity??? They were one of the best thrash bands in Boston in the late 80's.

Peter - Deslok
[Nov 6,2006 4:03pm - Peter from Deslok  ""]
I Played guitar in Deslok for a couple years (1988 to 1990), somewhere about that time. Those were some of the best times for Metal in Boston. The Channel, Bunraties, Green Street Station, Club Surrender, The Rat, The Paradise, Sneakers (in NH on Sailsberry Beach). Those were the days!!!

I got my own things going on now; Bloodsoaked. http://www.myspace.com/bloodsoakedband CHeck is out and let me know what you think.

I have not been involved in the Boston Scene for a while since I moved but if there is anyone reading this that remembers me reply here.

Peter - Delsok

[Nov 6,2006 4:06pm - CLINICALLY DEAD  ""]
I had a Deslok tape, got it at Rockit Recahhhds in Nashua awhile ago. I remember it being pretty decent death/thrash style stuff.
[Nov 6,2006 4:18pm - Peter from Deslok  ""]
Yeah, Rockit Recahhhds used to be in Sagus, MA at one time as well. I have no idea if it is still there.

[Nov 6,2006 5:15pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
[Nov 6,2006 9:58pm - maslayer  ""]
stop promoting yourself you FAG!!! DIE!! HAHAHAHAHA!! What;s up Pete!??!? Guess what I found?? email me!
[Nov 7,2006 9:40am - watchmaker666 ""]
Man Man
[Nov 8,2006 11:16pm - Peter from Deslok  ""]
Hey maslayer (rich) you fucken looser!!! What is up? So I guess you found the Third Degree Burns tape? Make me a copy or my some MP3's.

[Nov 8,2006 11:17pm - Peter from Deslok  ""]
Hey watchmaker666 (this has got to be Paul Vaughn), for the love of God did I used to say "Man" all the time or what?

[Nov 9,2006 7:17am - maslayer  ""]
Peter from Deslok said:Hey watchmaker666 (this has got to be Paul Vaughn), for the love of God did I used to say "Man" all the time or what?


you still do fuckface! :spineyes:
when are you back in Boston?
[Nov 9,2006 11:14pm - anonymous  ""]
[Nov 11,2006 10:08am - Peter from Deslok  ""]
Hey Rich, I will be back in Boston around April or May. I will let you know so we can all get together Man!!!

Did you send the TDB demo yet?
[Nov 19,2006 4:04pm - maslayer  ""]
not yet...should be by wed
[Nov 26,2006 6:01pm - Peter from Deslok  ""]
Mail it???????
[Dec 24,2006 4:54am - narkybark ""]
DrinkHardThrashHard said:I remember Blind Surgeon. Do you remember the band Deslok? Cardinal Syn who was around here for awhile? Peanut Butter Anarchy? Subjugator? Demise, who had a silly song 'Pizza Guy'?

I can't believe I saw this, after all this time. I've been lurking here for about a month or so but I had to break down and register.

I had started Peanut Butter Anarchy (I'm Damon, guitar). For the life of me I wouldn't have expected anyone to remember pba!

Also strangely, I think I'm the only one left in that crew who is still into metal. I've been out of the scene for quite a while but I'm back into it again, I just joined a new band, still too new to really push it yet.
[Dec 30,2006 10:22am - curbsplitter ""]
Hey all, Happy New Year!! I just wanted to stop by and drop a few links. Our cd was finally released and here is the link for the review and the purchase link also. Hope you all had a good holiday season.http://metalinjection.net/blog/2006/12/07/cd-review-formicide-self-titled/ http://www.aversionline.com/dueprocess/
[Dec 30,2006 8:51pm - maslayer  ""]
I couldn't agree more with that review
[Dec 31,2006 2:25pm - Opie‘s Freckled Anal Area  ""]
LADY BUG SMASHERS-GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[Dec 31,2006 3:18pm - maslayer  ""]
[Feb 12,2007 10:47pm - anonymous  ""]
Another old metal fart from NH wants to see Formicide again! I just ordered two copies of the re-release. I saw Meliah Rage and Metal Church last week and it felt like I stepped back in time (to the good old days). Also would like to see another 12 band show happen with Deslok, Bad Karma, Nervewomb, C.S.D.O., Wargasm, SamBlackChurch etc.
[Feb 26,2007 8:41pm - animalia  ""]
This is so weird, I used to go to so many metals shows and I've been away from the seen for more than a decade and a half. I used to play in Skeletal Onslaught, I never thought I would come across those words again. Is it possible to find the channel t-shirts anywhere? This sight has brought up so many great memories...
[Feb 26,2007 8:58pm - animalia  ""]
Yeah man, Subjugator, Scarecin, Toxic narcotic, Sam Black Church, witness, Wargasm, so many good bands. I remember Peanut Butter and Anarchy, we played some Shows together, I think we played in someones back yard together too.
[Mar 1,2007 3:18am - narkybark ""]
Oh yeah, I vaguely remember that. In fact, the only thing I remember about it was it was someone's birthday who got hammered, and proceeded to vomit while screaming.
[Nov 2,2007 3:46pm - robr  ""]
Heya steve, I don't think I've talked to you since I ran into you and Jen (Autumn) T. at that freak club in Boston a decade ago! Congrats on the re-release! Please say yo to kevin and roy for me if you still talk to them. i hope kevin is well, i read about his health issues a while back. BTW, if you're interested I recently dumped an Eleven band practice to DVD, it's pretty amusing to watch after all these years .

Cheers, Rob R.
[Feb 11,2008 5:40pm - TriumphDan ""]
Hey lets revisit this reunion fest!!!!!
Great Fuckin Idea!!! Most of you old thrashers probably look like me now -Skin head looking vs. Long hair (mainly do to the fact that id rather be bald then balding) but im fuckin game if anyone else is.
Dan from Blind Surgeon

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