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Who remembers FORMICIDE?

[Feb 11,2008 9:57pm - MASlayer  ""]
I don't think I could play half of what we wrote back then...at least not without SERIOUS practice which I have no time for
[Feb 12,2008 9:22am - Antman  ""]
Yes Rob i got the DVD's and the ywere great. Hard to believe thats how Formicide actually started. Who would have thought? Great memories. Great songs and a little comedy show between songs. The good old days. I talk to Eric alot but rarely see or speak with Kevin. I will pass on you regards. Me? Right now i am on the other side of the planet in Thailand, so i don't miss the cold!!! Good to hear from you bro!!
[Oct 10,2008 10:14pm - anonymous  ""]
Boston Thrash Seen! Brings back memories.......enjoying the new metallica.....about time.
[Feb 24,2009 9:47am - anonymous  ""]
I do. I formed the band with Peter Picone.
[Feb 24,2009 9:50am - reimroc ""]
NE's thrash scene is still going strong and its awesome
[Apr 11,2011 10:05pm - anonymous  ""]
damn, talk about memories, i have a four song tape of formicide i actually got from Glen Ford. I worked with that fucker lol
[Nov 15,2011 12:34am - Rondeau  ""]
Found this online by accident. Fun to read, better to have been there...
[Nov 15,2011 1:02am - BSV  ""]
pretty awesome thread....i ignored it in 06 but am happy i just scrolled through. nice lil history lesson.
[Nov 15,2011 1:57am - Randy_Marsh ""]
kid (kind sir)....i ignored your dad in 06.
[Jan 4,2015 3:15am - Masscosca  ""]
I recently started looking for old demos from bands of our awesome scene back in the day, will pay if they are decent quality. Bands interested in are:
Cardinal Sin
Hearing Impaired
Blind Surgeon
Toxic Narcotic
Candy Striper Death Orgy
I do have about 10 Demos and 7 Only Living Witness and Sam Black albums to trade with too.
Thank you, great memories
[Jan 4,2015 7:29pm - MASlayer  ""]
I have Demise, Cardinal Sin,Infestation's 2nd demo, Scarcin...would be willing to trade
[Jul 23,2015 12:20pm - anonymous  ""]
Yes some were from Methuen....I'm working on a release in vinyl and CD with pumped up sound....facebook page here: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=338119689556513
[May 15,2018 10:22pm - anonymous  ""]
I know this has been dead for some time now, but does anyone have the Poseidon demo?
[May 17,2018 12:08am - Buttseksdoe  ""]
""I do have about 10 Demos and 7 Only Living Witness and Sam Black albums to trade with too. ""

I want them all, deep inside me.
[Oct 12,2020 4:37am - lastuzio / Masscosca  ""]
I got a number of boston thrash demo's on MP3 with some sort or art work and close to or exactly the same to original form (songs in order, song names, some art work, etc). Ill send them to whoever if there is a way. I used to email complete albums to people before Google did this last upgrade of theirs. It hasn't worked since then. I am more interested in physical copies but would accept MP3, I have most of what I want. Formicide, Deslok and Temporaty Insanity have released all their demo's on CD now and I wish Infestation (Infestation might )and Subjugator would do the same but I would even pay for tapes of those bands at this point, Scarcin too. Wargasm why play around is out on a different label (Dark Symphonies label) I got one of 1000 with obi, sticker and poster from Bob Mayo, awesome shit.
[Oct 12,2020 4:50am - lastuzio / Masscosca  ""]
MASlayer leave your email I can get in touch with if still looking for bands. I got some stuff, not a ton. Im also looking to buy old demo tapes etc leave an email i can get in tough. This thread is probably dead at this point

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