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Attn REV feature

[Jan 20,2007 12:58am - sxealex ""]
since u love adding features.... there should be a feature that shows all the threads from people in your band if your listed in a band such as "myThreads" "myBandsThreads"... even further and more annoying for people in mutiple bands there could be a collapsable hiearchy for each of their bands' threads as a result
[Jan 20,2007 1:00am - the_reverend ""]
should be wicked easy.
let me think on it.
[Jan 20,2007 1:01am - sxealex ""]
[Jan 20,2007 1:09am - sxealex ""]
hell why not add a php script that controls css transparancy for the discussion boxes...
[Jan 20,2007 5:56am - powerkok ""]
counter strike source??
[Jan 20,2007 8:17am - sinistas ""]
cascading style sheets
[Jan 20,2007 8:41am - RichHorror ""]
800 thread count egyptian cotton sheets.
[Jan 20,2007 9:48am - Cecchini ""]
add a php script that gives you a bj and makes you a sandwich afterwards.
[Jan 20,2007 10:05am - the_reverend ""]
I know all the words in alex's post about transparancies... just not in that order.
[Jan 20,2007 11:28am - sxealex ""]
[Jan 20,2007 4:26pm - the_reverend ""]
iow, I have no idea what you are talking about. I use css's all over the place. I don't, how ever, use any transparancies.
[Jan 20,2007 7:18pm - the_reverend ""]
there you are sir. you have your members threads. just go to your band's page.
[Jan 20,2007 8:00pm - the_reverend ""]
oh, I'm putting AJAX into everything I can now. restructuring my entire site enternally to do it too.

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