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Iron Sky

[Aug 30,2011 11:07am - FuckIsMySignature ""]



[Aug 30,2011 11:11am - hauptpflucker ""]
Nazi UFOs.... hmm... could be cool...
[Aug 30,2011 11:13am - KEVORD ""]
Based on a true story.
[Aug 30,2011 11:15am - Arist nli  ""]
Been waiting for this movie for a long time, heard about it 2 years ago or whenever the trailer first got posted. Based on the company's first movie i'm not sure if it will be good, but i'm hoping the trailer is -exactly- what it will be like or i'm pissed!
[Aug 30,2011 11:31am - Bloblovesmusic  ""]
The filmmakers did a series of star trek parodies back in the day.
[Aug 30,2011 12:14pm - the_reverend ""]
no jews for you!
[Dec 1,2019 9:40pm - the_reverend ""]
I'm watching this on netflix.
[Dec 1,2019 10:48pm - the_reverend ""]
This movie is so much more crazy than I could have ever thought.

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