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ITT: Everyone point and laugh at "Still Well Angel" pay-to-playing an "audition for Warner Bros. Records"

[Jan 2,2015 10:56am - Robb's AWOL Left Nut  ""]

Cancer%20Benefit%20Victim said:https://www.facebook.com/robbwellsbass/photos/a.172053852997861.1073741833.134837596719487/172053876331192/?type=3&theater

He calls himself...and the guitarist with no personality...

"The Toxic Twins"

No drugs...No alcohol...but yet right on par with Sixx/Lee and Perry/Tyler
Die in a boat fire, Robb.

Well they are toxic. They're almost-cancer to real music.
[Jan 2,2015 1:44pm - xmikex ""]
RE: Chris Farley "Dead Season" (lol) guy...

Did those guys attend the "Legitimizing your worthless merch through framing it" seminar by Graveside Service? GROWN MEN OF THE WORLD: GIVE UP ON YOUR NU-METAL BANDS!!!
[Jan 2,2015 1:52pm - Reggie needs your help  ""]
[Jan 2,2015 1:55pm - Alx_Casket ""]
[Jan 2,2015 2:20pm - Three cheers for Reggie  ""]
Reggie really does deserve some sort of award. If only he can manage to book a show with Dumpster Fire headlining over SWA.
[Jan 2,2015 2:25pm - Sacreligion ""]
Booking it is easy. Whether or not they would show is another matter.
[Jan 2,2015 2:26pm - Can I borrow $10,000?  ""]

For $10,000
"I will go to an SWA show and literally take a dump in the middle of the stage."

[Jan 2,2015 2:28pm - Sacreligion ""]
Start a GoFundMe for $10000 to donate to Reggie's.

Also, this is a trollworthy event:

[Jan 2,2015 2:35pm - Sacreligion ""]
[Jan 2,2015 2:48pm - Yeti ""]
A Linkin Park tribute in Dudley MA? pump the brakes, party animals.
[Jan 2,2015 2:50pm - Yeti ""]

narkybark said:I can't hate that guy just because of the bad Chris Farley impersonation

the struggle to breathe properly was too much for me.
[Jan 2,2015 2:57pm - Sacreligion ""]
I am amazed no one has noticed the link I posted to their show in France with Satyricon.
[Jan 2,2015 2:58pm - pissing blazers  ""]

Sacreligion said:Start a GoFundMe for $10000 to donate to Reggie's.

Also, this is a trollworthy event:


this event was from last year it seems. still lolz worth considering 1K were invited and 8 attended.
[Jan 2,2015 3:03pm - Sacreligion ""]

pissing%20blazers said:
Sacreligion said:Start a GoFundMe for $10000 to donate to Reggie's.

Also, this is a trollworthy event:


this event was from last year it seems. still lolz worth considering 1K were invited and 8 attended.

[Jan 2,2015 3:06pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Any Boston dates announced for their megatour yet?
[Jan 2,2015 3:14pm - pissing blazers  ""]
original hilarious tour schedule has since been redacted. pretty sure they are still playing drafters in dudley this spring though. so far this is how their worldwide east cost mega khaos tour is shaping up.

Friday, April 3- Maine
Saturday, April 4- Maine
Wednesday, April 8- Maine

Friday, April 10- Vermont
Saturday, April 11- Vermont

Wednesday, April 15th - New Hampshire
Friday, April 17- New Hampshire
Saturday, April 18- New Hampshire

Thurs, April 23rd-Massachusetts
Friday, April 24- Massachusetts
Saturday, April 25- Massachusetts

Friday, May 1- Rhode Island
Saturday, May 2- Rhode Island

Friday, May 8- Connecticut
Saturday, May 9- Connecticut
Thurs, May 14th- Connecticut

Friday, May 15- New Jersey
Saturday, May 16- New Jersey

Friday, May 22- (Upper) New York
Saturday, May 23- (Mid) New York
Sunday, May 24- (Lower) New York

Friday, June 12th- Pennsylvania
Saturday, June 13- Pennsylvania

Thurs ,June 18th- Maryland
Friday, June 19th- Maryland

Sat, June 20th -Washington, D.C.

Sun, June 21st- Richmond, Virginia
Tues, June 23rd- Virginia Beach, Virginia
Weds, June 24th- Virginia

Thurs, June 25th- North Carolina
Fri, June 26th- North Carolina
Sat, June 27th- North Carolina

Fri, July 17th- South Carolina
Saturday, July 18th- South Carolina

Sunday, July 19th- Georgia
Tues, July 21st- Georgia

Weds, July 22nd- Alabama
Thurs, July 23rd- Alabama

Friday, July 24th- Florida
Saturday, July 25th- Florida
Sunday, July 26th- Florida
[Jan 2,2015 3:25pm - Sacreligion ""]
I wish I had the knowledge and foresight in the biz to book the last dates of my tour half a country away and not play any shows on the way back.
[Jan 2,2015 3:29pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Due to their advanced age, Florida may actually be their final resting ground.
[Jan 2,2015 4:51pm - Robb‘s AWOL Left Nut  ""]
I have to laugh at them thinking there'll be two venues in Rhode Island looking to book them on back to back nights.

This tour itinerary looks like it was drafted by a retarded 13 year old with a crayon. "I WANNA GO TO FLORDA!"
[Jan 2,2015 9:19pm - Rob Wells needs xanex badly  ""]
Those pictures from the American Legion Birthday party/show.........(practice)?!??!?! oh my. SWA cake????
[Jan 2,2015 10:27pm - Robbs Navy buddy  ""]
Hello friends and welcome to my world! Here we will ban together as we strive for world domination!
Are you ready?
Well, I'll start off with my arrival back into New England, Manchester, NH to be exact where I joined the metal band THYK (pronounced thick). We did good for a band of four years (me playing the fifth and last). Got record label interest but due to some "personal issues" the band fell apart never to re-form again.
After THAT happened, rhythm guitarist and I went on to form a new project enlisting a young lead guitarist and drummer to form (what would later be known as State Of Corrections) Pro-Deth (after a month it became Face Plant then Hidden Agenda), a thrash metal band. Never finding the right drummer the band split off to do other things. Rhythm guitarist went BACK to THYK lead singer/rhythm guitarist and formed a new band. Lead guitarist and I went on to join Anger Rising (on Screaming Ferret Wreckords).
With Anger Rising fast climbing the local charts, they too caught the interest of record companies. And guess what? Yup, similar story as the first one. Get a little success and it goes to some heads.
With Anger Rising now done I felt more motivated to pick up where rhythm guitarist and I left off prior to A.R., fixing Hidden Agenda by getting the best drummer possible.
Well, January 1st of 2010 we brought on Rique, changed the name to State Of Corrections and wrecked shop!
S.O.C. went on to play with many nationals/internationals on some of the biggest stages on the East Coast. Massive fan base. Took over the charts on Reverb Nations and got an offer, 9 MONTHS into being a band, to sign with Decca Records in 2011. Unfortunately, we had to turn it down due to untimely passing of Rique, our drummer.
Determined not to quit I press forward with hopes of finding the right friends/brothers (or sister) to take over the world with.

Well, to continue the journeys tale, after playing a mini tour, down South, with the band Still Well Angel. After having a couple of months separate us, afterwards, as "things got done", I returned, full time, to kick the ass of EVERYONE who hears/sees us... and we'll do it with love!

Here's to ANOTHER chapter in the journey (and quest for world domination) of...Robb Wells.
I'm "THAT" dude who likes to melt face with his bass! Ayup. I love what I do and I do what I love. Everything in between is time killer.
Band Interests
Making friends while dominating the world!
Artists We Also Like
Metallica, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Poison, Slayer, Dangerous Toys, Beethoven, Billy Joel, Elton John, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, L.A. Guns, fuck it! This list can keep going on and on and on and on...
[Jan 2,2015 10:40pm - whaaaat thhhheee fuuuu  ""]
[Jan 2,2015 11:10pm - Sacreligion ""]
Almost cancer, almost killed his wife, and almost label interest. Is there anything he almost can't do?
[Jan 2,2015 11:16pm - Cliff notes  ""]
It should have just said "I'm "THAT" dude"
[Jan 2,2015 11:18pm - 1-877-Kars-4-Kids  ""]
Hey, Still Well Angel! Will you do a version of our jingle for us?!?
[Jan 3,2015 12:26am - Grim Kim Riley  ""]
[Jan 3,2015 2:31am - Sully Paul Sullivan  ""]
I agree with that internet fight meme fully, and I don't usually get involved in such things, but this shit is funny and well deserved
[Jan 3,2015 11:04am - Sacreligion ""]
Reggie Farnsworth has been blocked and reported to Facebook. No longer allowed to post on any groups or pages. It is a sad day for America, and therefore, the world. :(
[Jan 3,2015 11:33am - xmikex ""]
In other news Tommy Dice is now actively pretending that he doesn't live with his parents.
[Jan 3,2015 11:53am - Snowden ""]

Sacreligion said:I wish I had the knowledge and foresight in the biz to book the last dates of my tour half a country away and not play any shows on the way back.

A 4-month one-way tour down the East Coast, so good. At that rate it would take them an entire year to cover the U.S. (ending up in Seattle presumably).
[Jan 3,2015 12:03pm - pissing blazers  ""]
[Jan 3,2015 12:54pm - narkybark ""]
Almost a fan.
[Jan 6,2015 11:05am - Reggie Farnsworth  ""]

[Jan 6,2015 11:05am - Reggie Farnsworth  ""]
Them Vocals Kidd!!
[Jan 6,2015 11:10am - Sacreligion ""]
Did they record every song off of this album at different times in entirely different studios? None of the production sounds remotely the same. Sweet Murica though.
[Jan 6,2015 11:11am - Yeti ""]
theyr keerp orn cerming!
[Jan 6,2015 11:12am - Sacreligion ""]
ITT: Sean Chicarello once tasted feet.
[Jan 6,2015 11:25am - Alx_Casket ""]
Sean fucks up his own lyrics at 4:07 when he rhymes "drums they beat" with "hearts they beat" and realizes that he shouldn't have let Robb write the lyrics. Definitely doesn't say "hearts they beat."
[Jan 6,2015 11:33am - Alx_Casket ""]
Now I'm thinking Robbtard Wellz made the video.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

-lyrics clearly say "flairgs in ay-eah!"
[Jan 6,2015 11:36am - Reggie Farnsworth  ""]
If any of these songs have anything in common it is that they Jason Newsted'd the fuck out of Robb's bass!!!
[Jan 6,2015 11:41am - Sacreligion ""]
That sweet editing job at 3:15 though.
[Jan 6,2015 11:53am - Stock in Kool-aid is rising  ""]
Wait... No Halo Production?!?! I thought they were on WB?
[Jan 6,2015 11:54am - Reggie Farnsworth  ""]
[Jan 6,2015 11:55am - Reggie Farnsworth  ""]
Drummer's job is video editing! He is showing of some skills!
[Jan 6,2015 12:33pm - xmikex ""]
Nothing screams PROFESSIONAL BAND like a giant Historical Film Archive watermark all over your serious metal video.

Also, dying laughing over "Flag the Air." Trying to land that sweet Godsmack National Guard endorsement cash $$$
[Jan 6,2015 12:39pm - mind goat  ""]
it is worse when you can actually read the text... it is like the worst bolt thrower lyrics mangled with disturbed riffs and iron maiden thrown in for good measure.


[Jan 6,2015 12:58pm - 1-800-MATTRESS  ""]

1-877-Kars-4-Kids said:Hey, Still Well Angel! Will you do a version of our jingle for us?!?

We have first dibs on a SWA jingle!
[Jan 6,2015 1:39pm - No Halo Productions  ""]
It sounds like Iced Earth if everyone had downs syndrome
[Jan 6,2015 2:34pm - Robb‘s Cancer Victim-Victim  ""]
One on one
They keep on coming
Head for the (ir??) Hills
They keep on running
Clenching their fists
With all of their might
Making their way
They won't stop
They won't stop to fight

Song is..."No Retreat"

*Head bashes desk*

Sounds like 'their hills' because of the retarded inflection he uses...
And when he's rambling about "It makes you feel numb", he clearly says "dumb" both times.
If this turns out to be a Spinal Tap-like parody, their comedic level is infinite...
[Jan 6,2015 2:42pm - Sacreligion ""]
To be honest, the more I see and interact with them the more I think the only acceptable reality is that these guys are actually god-tier trolls.

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