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ITT: Everyone point and laugh at "Still Well Angel" pay-to-playing an "audition for Warner Bros. Records"

[Jan 16,2015 5:52pm - bratty kid  ""]
Hrmm.. you would think the record company would cover an expense like that.
[Jan 16,2015 6:05pm - Sacreligion ""]
[Jan 16,2015 6:06pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Arthur Farnswortharelli LMAO
[Jan 16,2015 7:12pm - Sacreligion ""]
It's a small price to pay, but if you donate you can say whatever the fuck you want and they can't delete it. Worth it in my opinion.
[Jan 16,2015 9:03pm - This Khaos Has Taking Me  ""]
Let me get this straight, they're asking their fans to give them money to buy the merchandise that they will then sell back to those same fans?

I don't know how, but the level of stupidity and pure greed continues to amaze me
[Jan 16,2015 9:30pm - SWA's only groupie = Robbs mom  ""]
"ALL new merch, as well, including T-shirts, CD's, Stickers, Buttons, Hoodies, and Thongs"
Cant forget the all important thongs. Imagine the ghoulish looking beastly Halloween decoration of a "woman" that would actually purchase one of those. It chills me deeply.
Fuck this band, and Rob Wellz needs to shut his fucking mouth NO ONE is jealous of your lame band that is going no where and your stupid fucking FAKE music award ceremony. NONE of those bands are metal. Id go to to that award box social only to attempt to get a blowie from that bitch in a simple complex. SWA needs to focus on patching holes in Mr Wells moms roof, and give up on trying to play nu metal. pure shit
[Jan 17,2015 9:59am - That Roof Ain't Gonna Patch Itself  ""]
Raw'hb also once claimed to be an electrical engineer that would be making over 200k a year if he was working full time instead of focusing on the band.

He also once likened his stage show to Lord of the Rings while looking for people to invest in Stillwell.
[Jan 17,2015 12:03pm - Sacreligion ""]
[Jan 18,2015 12:19am - paulgreeley  ""]
Emotiobs bundled durrrrrrrrrp.Even rock stars need a break from playing hot topic to settle down and get hitched..

[Jan 18,2015 1:48am - Longdeadgod_nli  ""]
I lol'd hard at the farnsworth donation, woke my wife up, she's pissed
[Jan 18,2015 3:07pm - The Real Robb Wells  ""]
Cool gig bro

[Jan 18,2015 6:48pm - paulgreeley  ""]
Aww bummer they finally deleted Reggie's comment on the gofundme page.Took them long enough haha
[Jan 19,2015 2:11am - Sacreligion ""]
We were not aware they could delete the comments made from donors. Going to have to look into retracting said donations as a possibility.
[Jan 19,2015 2:16am - Sacreligion ""]
It is still god damn hilarious that the only $10 they have is from members of Dumpster Fire.
[Jan 19,2015 7:43pm - Sacreligion ""]

Sweet review bro.
[Jan 20,2015 1:52am - MTV CONNECTION  ""]
[Jan 20,2015 9:48am - pissingblazers  ""]

Sacreligion said:http://www.beautyrockfusion.com/#!Still-Well-Angel-Korner-of-Kaos-Review/cmbz/4C854E86-1F26-49DA-B63A-96DDA6D48838

Sweet review bro.

"seriuosly recommend"

"Music is their life; they dream it, eat it, and they put their hearts into every song they write and every performance they give."

i'm pretty sure that SWA guys wrote this review themselves and had a connection at what ever site this is to just have them put it up for them.

[Jan 20,2015 10:03am - Alx_Casket ""]
Yeah, it reads like an Amazon review where it's obviously someone from the company giving a 5 star rating.
[Jan 20,2015 10:05am - xmikex ""]
$3,000 goal. A week later the only 2 donations are from RTTP.
[Jan 20,2015 10:20am - Alx_Casket ""]

Dumpster Fire needs to sample the ending "yeaarh, babeyah!" in the next musick video.
[Jan 20,2015 12:00pm - narkybark ""]
Well... solved that one pretty easily!

[Jan 21,2015 11:59am - Sacreligion ""]

Well we just can't let this thread sink to the bottom when this gem exists.
[Jan 21,2015 12:12pm - LongDeadGod_nli  ""]
Are they officially on the show, or are they just thinking that if they commit to enough ticket sales they'll be allowed on?
[Jan 21,2015 12:29pm - Sacreligion ""]
Definitely fishing for sales beforehand because they can't afford to not sell any once they agree to be on the show.
[Jan 21,2015 12:35pm - kerry king's hair  ""]
oh man. come on, this can't be real. pay to play with alien fuckin ant farm? hed pe?
[Jan 21,2015 2:19pm - BroFundMe  ""]
They must have been asked to be on that, we all know they don't do pay to play shows. I'm honestly a little shocked Rawb-a-dub-dub didn't say Hed PE and Alient Ant Farm were opening up for SWA...
[Jan 21,2015 10:58pm - xgodzillax ""]
save this thread from the second page
[Jan 22,2015 12:02am - Timriley ""]
this thread trumped serenade II darkness in about 2 posts. good job, boys.
[Jan 22,2015 12:43am - The Real Robb Wells  ""]
Signing autographs for the biggest fan

[Jan 22,2015 12:56am - The Real Robb Wells  ""]
Disturbingly festive pre-robb wells video

[Jan 22,2015 11:13am - bottom hat  ""]
oh lord yes
[Jan 22,2015 11:38am - Grim Kim Riley  ""]
god these guys are such losers
[Jan 22,2015 11:58am - Yeti ""]
that Xmas video looked and sounded better than their original work.
[Jan 22,2015 2:49pm - Yeti ""]
[Jan 22,2015 3:13pm - tottom bat  ""]
[Jan 22,2015 3:14pm - Mega Posting  ""]
Why so silent lately? At least we all know all 10 fans want to see them with Alien Ant Farm...
[Jan 22,2015 5:04pm - Yeti ""]
SWAck to the front
[Jan 22,2015 10:42pm - Puzzle piece numbah three  ""]
Those fucking gay puzzle pieces. Look at the terrible art that they paid way too much money for
[Jan 23,2015 8:03am - DYA is LEGAL LENS TWILL  ""]

Puzzle%20piece%20numbah%20three said:Those fucking gay puzzle pieces. Look at the terrible art that WE, THE ARMIES OF SWA FANS paid way too much money for

[Jan 23,2015 9:38am - Alx_Casket ""]
Wednesday, January 28, 2015@4:30pm-9:00pm in Lowell, Ma., Still Well Angel will be shooting an UN-official video for our next single No Friend Of Mine, an anti bullying/hate song.

We are having an OPEN CALL to all kids 10+, parents, military personnel (all branches, in uniform), law enforcement (sheriffs, local/non-local police, state police, etc.) BANDS (SHOW THAT MUSIC CARES) and anyone wanting to show support. PM me for ALL the details

Someone get the details so we can show support.
[Jan 23,2015 9:55am - wat  ""]
[Jan 23,2015 10:21am - Yeti ""]
an anti-bullying song? you have big shoes to fill if you think you are going to outshine the majesty of "To A Hell".
[Jan 23,2015 11:27am - LongDeadGod_nli  ""]
Is the RTTP forum going to be featured as the bully in the video?
[Jan 23,2015 2:30pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Yes, along with cancer victims, dumpster fire, and the still well damaged roof that robb is too busy with painting fingernails to fix himself.
[Jan 23,2015 2:39pm - NH Brufaggotry  ""]
Robb Wells owes me $18!!! If he doesn't bring it to me at the Gates of Chinatown by midnight tonight, I'll send Megatron to kill him!
[Jan 23,2015 2:44pm - SWAgallos  ""]
[Jan 23,2015 2:54pm - Grave Side DeVito  ""]
If every fan donated a buck then they'd have $750,000! Why isn't it happening??
[Jan 23,2015 4:24pm - Borderline Trogolodyte  ""]
How do you shoot your own unofficial video?
[Jan 23,2015 4:56pm - Yeti ""]
I do a lot of things for people, so fix my mom's roof.
[Jan 23,2015 5:34pm - Alx_Casket ""]
Robb Wells = King Gofundmestool

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