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i challenge the Satanic Temple to a trolling war: i demand satisfaction!

[Jun 20,2017 3:46pm - RTTP DEPT OF TRUE  ""]

grandmotherweb said:i did, in fact, brandish a metal pole at that couch-jumping guy, though, to his credit, he did not make me use it.

just to let him know that his antics were unwelcome at this particular 10-person show that got moved to my space at the last minute because another DIY venue got shut down by cops.


So you were gonna hit this person with a metal pole because he was "moshing" at a 10 person show?

Regardless if it's "your" space or not, I am willing to bet you do not physically own or never owned that space, most likely rented. So let's say you hit that guy because he was moshing and not effecting anyone, you just hit him because as stated (by you) that his antics "were unwelcomed" at this event.

To me that sounds like 1st degree A&B with a dangerous weapon. You would of lost your "space", been arrested, thrown in jail or heavily fined. It's a good thing you didn't do that huh.

[Jun 20,2017 6:59pm - grandmotherweb ""]
for your information, every time this guy took a flying leap at that couch, which i placed there specifically for the purposes of preventing injuries from moshing,
he pushed it about a foot closer to a giant mirror mounted on the wall, which could have shattered and lacerated all 10 of the show's attendees.

so yes, i was fully prepared to break one dude's collarbone if necessary to prevent that from happening.
fortunately, he could see from my threatening posture that i was not fucking around, amended his behavior accordingly, and later apologized.

sadly, due to the generally aggro nature of Dysentery's mosh pit that night, they were never again invited back to the Dragon's Den... (they continue to play live despite this overwhelming setback, however.)
[Jun 21,2017 2:33am - DEPT OF SERIOUS AGRO MOSH  ""]
That sick ass 10 person mosh pit though.

Thread complete, aggro mosh spotted lolololllll.
[Jun 21,2017 3:53pm - grandmotherweb ""]
speaking of aggro, i'm sure that ritual abuse victims worldwide appreciate TST's free advertising for Ellen Lacter's important website: endritualabuse.org,
which was blacklisted from Wikipedia, along with 3 similar websites, BECAUSE SATANIC CULTS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW...


meanwhile, the Ghey Fraction's allies at "MuckRock.com" burn their bridges at various departments of public health, chasing records of therapists that resigned 30 years ago:

"I am responding to your company's repeated, harassing faxes requesting a response to your 4/30/17 Freedom of Information Act request for copies of all complaints against Frank Putnam, MD.
The Department of Public Health mailed you a response on 5/2/17 which indicated that Dr. Putnam's license expired in 1988, and his original file was destroyed in accordance with the Department's records retention policy.
We also sent along with this letter the documents we still had that were responsive to your request.

I suggest you check your mailroom or your records for our response. In the meantime, please cease and desist sending faxes requesting the response that you have already been given.
Since you sent your initial request on 4/30/17, our office has received a fax from your company every four days starting on 5/4/17 asking for a response. If we continue to receive these faxes,
we will consult with our counsel as to the legality of blocking your fax and email addresses."
[Jun 21,2017 6:30pm - GREY GAY FACT SHUN  ""]

Also because they don't want you to know how incredibly lame they are.

Satan isn't real and neither is god. You a subhuman if you believe in either, gtfo.
[Jun 22,2017 3:52pm - grandmotherweb ""]
#DIDIsRealLikeAustralia #ReadTheDSM #FalseMemorySyndromeDoesNotExist

grandmotherweb said:

where's your lawyer now, bitch?

where is your lawyer now? has he abandoned you? is he such a worldly lawyer that he must play at politics and the filth of conspiracy?

i'm a patient multiple..

[Jun 22,2017 6:27pm - Who are you typing too  ""]
Who are you typing too?
[Jun 23,2017 3:00pm - grandmotherweb ""]
the guy at the beginning of the video, who apparently lugs a half-empty bottle of booze around with him everywhere he goes.

cheers, bro.
[Jun 23,2017 8:06pm - wow nice  ""]
He isn't present or represented in this thread, nor is his group. So therefor you are actually typing to no one as the other contributors clearly don't give any fucks.

You are normal like everyone else, nothing special is special about you nor is any illness.

[Jun 24,2017 3:35pm - grandmotherweb ""]
glad to hear it, bro.

[Jun 24,2017 4:14pm - grandmotherweb ""]
SNOPES.COM DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW...!! http://www.snopes.com/2017/06/23/satanic-panic/


[Jun 26,2017 2:04pm - grandmotherweb ""]
please enjoy these immaculate Powerpoint slides on 'Queer Satanism: Monocultural Anathema,' courtesy of TST Salem:


also: Lucien Craven Coward just shared my meme from the post above this one! OMG, my internet fame is real - JUST LIKE AUSTRALIA!!

[Jun 26,2017 2:27pm - LOOK HOW EVIL WE ARE  ""]
Check out that chick she is totally a sub, DUH she has a collar on. Clearly evil, dark lipstick and heavy eyeshadow, evil.

You could of memed that photo better charolette, I am disappointed.

Oh also to be fair, he has a larger platform than you, perhaps you should look into a better way to infiltrate and then infuriate the TST.

Cuz being overly evil is totally faggy and try hard.
[Jun 26,2017 2:35pm - susurrate ""]

grandmotherweb said:Monocultural Anathema,'

I prefer The Silent Enigma.

LOOK%20HOW%20EVIL%20WE%20ARE said:Check out that chick she is totally a sub, DUH she has a collar on. Clearly evil, dark lipstick and heavy eyeshadow, evil.

He probably puts her on loan regularly.
[Jun 26,2017 2:43pm - grandmotherweb ""]

LOOK%20HOW%20EVIL%20WE%20ARE said:You could of memed that photo better charolette, I am disappointed.

i aim to please.

(edit: or make your own, since you care so much, i'm sure. https://imgflip.com/memegenerator/106733542/satanic-temple )
[Jun 26,2017 3:37pm - grandmotherweb ""]

[Jun 28,2017 3:02pm - grandmotherweb ""]
treat yourself to this Tl;DR version of the whole "Church of Satan vs. the Satanic Temple" debate (which never fucking ends, apparently...):


[Jul 1,2017 3:36pm - grandmotherweb ""]
"I'm willing to subject myself to a third party psychiatric evaluation if senator @jasonrapert will do the same for transparent scrutiny." - Lucien Craven Coward

hurry up then..

[Jul 5,2017 2:42pm - grandmotherweb ""]
TST succeeded in getting me blocked from FB for all of 3 days, for telling them repeatedly to kill themselves.

this is funny because:
1) i am going camping this week anyway,
2) their Ghey Fraction blog is trolling people with multiple personalities to suicide right now, by claiming that DID doesn't exist, and no one seems to mind, and
3) trolling people to suicide is, like, basic housecleaning in the metal community, isn't it? #RayMissed
[Jul 5,2017 8:42pm - RTTP DEP ARM ENT OF DEPARMS  ""]
I am here posting to give the small amount of attention that you seek from this thread, in fact you probably scroll down in anticipation of something saucy happening in this thread. Yet to no avail there is no sauce and you were forced by your own delinquency and confusion.

Although it seems an entire population of people succumb to being weak minded and fall into this "oh they are saying shit about me, afk to die irl" scenario. It is highly amusing to see yourself along with the unbelievably stupid notion of satan or god used in their excuses to why life is how it is.

Nothing exists and you are a shutupfaggot.
[Jul 11,2017 3:51pm - grandmotherweb ""]
this thread is where i stash memes and links for later use on other forums. i'm basically just here for the bandcamp trolls, at this point..
[Jul 14,2017 4:17pm - grandmotherweb ""]

TST has a circle-jerk with their friendly neighborhood bloggers about how their anti-DID campaign is going absolutely nowhere..

[Jul 14,2017 4:35pm - grandmotherweb ""]
also, Doug Mesner may or may not work for the CIA.


[Jul 14,2017 8:48pm - Dept of Heavied Metal PEnis  ""]
Nice bro, can we see more of your tits tho if you have any.
[Jul 15,2017 3:34pm - grandmotherweb ""]
i don't always show my tits, but when i do, they're usually on fire.


my lovely assistant, on the other hand...


[Jul 20,2017 12:48pm - grandmotherweb ""]
here's some more drama to add to the trash heap.

apparently TST aren't the only ones ripping off the Church of Satan: you can't very well call yourself the "First Church of Satan" if you're not the first, now, can you?

[Jul 20,2017 9:58pm - The Kitchen Hutch of Satanski  ""]
Fire eating isn't metal or evil or edgy at all. I've seen videos of guys fire eating outside ladyboy bars in Thailand, there is no black metal being played.

Not sure what the big deal is about mixing those 2, like some mystical faggot beast from the faggot realm is gonna come out and rape all the non cool people who toss shade on fire eating during black metal sets.

Also why not lit yourself on fire that would be metal as fuck.
[Jul 21,2017 12:05am - Grandmotherweb ""]
Russian psychics may or may not work for the CIA.

[Jul 21,2017 1:12pm - grandmotherweb ""]


"try that in downtown Birmingham, Alabama" -- that's where i'm from!!

"i'm not going to take seriously something that's obviously not serious.." -- good for you!!
[Jul 21,2017 2:44pm - Are you confused  ""]
Tucker Carlson is a douchebag, Lucien is a douchebag, Grandmotherweb is a douchebag.

All 3 of you are the same person complaining about issues noone cares about.
[Aug 7,2017 4:41pm - grandmotherweb ""]
speaking of "issues noone cares about"...


"This is a request for Ms. Hovenden to reconsider her denial of our request.

I filed this request on behalf of Grey Faction, a collective dedicated to combating irrational conspiracy theory-based moral panics, modern witch-hunts, and the discredited therapeutic practices that still
haunt us from beyond the formally recognized Satanic Panic era. The reason we seek the requested records is because Kimber Olson LCSW believes in the conspiracy theory that some people are the
victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control at the hands of a network of powerful people, including government officials. Because we do not expect you to take such an extraordinary claim
at face value, the following is the title and description of a presentation that Ms. Olson is scheduled to give at this year's Survivorship ("one of the oldest and most respected organizations
supporting survivors of extreme child abuse, including sadistic sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, mind control, and torture," according to their website at Survivorship.org) conference taking place later this month:

"The Reversal of Words: Navigating the Complex Therapeutic Relationship
This presentation will address the complexities of the relationship between the RA/MC [Ritual Abuse/Mind Control]
client and their therapist. What to look for in a competent therapist, how to understand the words used by your therapist which have been previously twisted by the perpetrator groups, and how to navigate and
understand the complex boundaries of a less-traditional therapy while still respecting the professional boundaries of the relationship will be addressed. Many individuals with DID and who have experienced
RA/MC have struggled through more traditional "talk" therapies and have expectations for their therapist that should be expanded upon by the learned RA/MC therapist. This workshop will begin with
an understanding of the brain and it's capacities for survival and healing, then move into the holding environment of the therapy relationship. The complex ethics of complex trauma can challenge the most
qualified and experienced therapist and confuse the most traumatized and distrusting survivor."
[Aug 7,2017 4:45pm - grandmotherweb ""]

full-length videos of all the conference's lectures are available here. ^

so, you see? there is no need for TST to send their goons to infiltrate such events with hidden cameras and agendas...

is there, now?
[Aug 17,2017 5:36pm - grandmotherweb ""]
the Satanic Temple deletes my comments, because they're too triggering...


[Aug 18,2017 3:37pm - grandmotherweb ""]

[Aug 19,2017 3:08pm - grandmotherweb ""]
the Satanic Temple is actually pissed that someone dared to record them without consent!


[Dec 7,2017 4:10pm - grandmotherweb ""]

[Dec 7,2017 6:22pm - TST  ""]
Outsmarted again. Glad you posted this here. It shows your desperate cries for attention. Look at me! Look at me! I'm special! I have a fake illness! Where's your tin foil hat!? I am being controlled by the Illuminati! Can anyone say "early onset dementia"?
[Dec 7,2017 10:26pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I never said I was an Illuminati victim. your idiot spokesman has me confused with Wendy Hoffman.
[Dec 8,2017 8:52am - Some dude  ""]
cool tin foil hat, bro
[Dec 11,2017 12:58pm - TURTLEBOY RKT BOIISSs  ""]

Some%20dude said:cool tin foil hat, bro

People who think illuminati is a real entity that is controlling the world, need to get alex jones right out their asshole...like litterly remove his penis out of your anal cavity just a second....

You do realize that the conspircy theory culture rakes in 10s of millions of dollars...for what...better studios and more expensive cameras to up the production value..

You blind fucks paying mind to secret societies while BEING IN ONE YOURSELF...the whole subculture of underground influence music gneres and groups. Would you let some d bag who has never 1 second been into anything you're into just hang out and be one of "you"....no because your the same as them except they have more money....and you are poor.

LOL illuminati...get fucked retards.
[Dec 13,2017 7:48am - grandm0therweb  ""]
<3 that knot. <3 Rex. Sorry that my alter is lying about TST everybody, she's hard to control!
[Dec 13,2017 11:28am - cant be same guy  ""]
TST isn't real and therfor any temple created for said entity is fake..

In fact the TST is SOOOOOO fucking poor that they can't even ERECT their own building for worship.
What a sad group of poor, low intellect, terrible artists which collectively make up the santanic temple.

[Dec 13,2017 11:39am - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:https://twitter.com/LucienGreaves/status/880871682919059456
"I'm willing to subject myself to a third party psychiatric evaluation if senator @jasonrapert will do the same for transparent scrutiny." - Lucien Craven Coward

hurry up then..


Ash Astaroth admits to being multi:

"For clarity I have to state that though I think of myself as a collection of identities or archetypes I view these as multiple (consciously selected and integrated) identities as opposed to multiple “personalities” or “dissociated” ones.
I do not believe dissociative identity disorder should be a diagnosis.
However, I do speculate that how I contextualize myself as a collection of identities to cope with life may be precisely why the idea of “multiple personalities” or “dissociated identities” may be so fascinating to people.
I doubt that this coping technique, which I consider to be related to the creative mind and therefore also related to feelings of a religious type of conviction, is uncommon."

translation: "Don't put your labels on me, man! I'm not mentally ill, you're mentally ill!!!"

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