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i challenge TurtleBoy to a trolling wa-- ...oh, who the hell cares?

[Dec 5,2017 12:54pm - TST  ""]
She is just an attention seeker; no reason to be angry. She will relate her attention seeking problems to some kind of faux trauma, when in reality, she is nothing more than an actor. She blows fire for attention, and trolls the internet for attention. She may have a mental illness, but it sure isn't fake DID. I think that she's just bored with no job. Idle hands...
[Dec 5,2017 1:34pm - grandmotherweb ""]
there's nothing "fake" about DID, you mindless, worthless retards.


"Journalist Debbie Nathan's assertion in Sybil Exposed that Dissociative Identity Disorder symptoms - including amnesia and fugues caused by pernicious anaemia (which is caused by vitamin deficiency) are absurd. Psychiatrist and medical doctor Colin Ross refers to her pernicious anaemia theory as "medically implausible", and "self-contradictory", noting that the dates of Sybil's documented dissociative symptoms and improvements do not correlate with either anaemia or her psychiatrist "iatrogenically" creating Sybil's multiple personalities (Ross, 2012). Does Debbie Nathan find a medical doctor or psychiatrist who does agree with her "pernicious anaemia" theory as the cause of Sybil's symptoms? No, she does not, and nor does she include in Sybil Exposed the opinion of Herbert Sybil on Sybil's diagnosis in her account of her interviews with him; Spiegel knew Sybil and she participated in research and clinical demonstrations with him for 3 years, and he was also consulted by Connie Wilbur on the case. Spiegel's view was that Sybil had a Dissociative Disorder (DDNOS), which he stated in his book Trance and Treatment (2008) - which also includes his detailed account of Sybil's case. He also called her a "grade 5 hysteric", which isn't a psychiatric diagnosis but his own term, the highly stigmatized term "hysteric" actually refers to someone with hysteria, which was later renamed to Dissociative Disorders - another fact Debbie Nathan does not mention."
[Dec 5,2017 2:33pm - grandmotherweb ""]
doesn't WordPress have some terms of service you should be worried about?

Grandmotherweb said:https://www.fastcompany.com/40454089/wordpress-bans-website-of-fascist-group-linked-to-alleged-charlottesville-killer

"WordPress hasn’t explained the shift in its approach to the group’s website: the company’s user agreement and terms of service have not changed since Charlottesville. Similarly, Facebook, Google, and other platforms that have recently sought to block similar content have done so even as their policies have remained the same.

The website’s content—including posters, articles, and a manifesto—may fall into the “directly threatening material” forbidden by the WordPress user agreement. But the agreement also notes, “These are just guidelines—interpretations are solely up to us.” WordPress has not yet responded to a request for comment."

how bow dah gang rape scenario involving a 13yo girl, eh?

[Dec 5,2017 5:48pm - TST  ""]
Blah, blah, blah, blah....more diarrhea of he mouh.
[Dec 5,2017 9:56pm - grandmotherweb ""]
it's really quite a shame how you trolls are too lazy and stupid to do any research on a topic you claim to care so much about.
[Dec 5,2017 10:20pm - grandmotherweb ""]

[Dec 5,2017 10:49pm - turtlefag fags  ""]
hahahah get fucking rkt turtletry hards...

hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah ahahha turtleboy ARMY = trash. BRING IT FUCKWADS
[Dec 5,2017 11:13pm - grandmotherweb ""]

'Of course, the blog, which is owned by Holden man Aidan Kearney, has since said the unpublishing is the work of one person they wrote about recently, who summoned her own troll army to mass report Turtleboy. In retaliation, he is trying to sic his own troll army against her and other people who reported the blog, while simultaneously mocking them in a post. Isn’t that funny? “We don’t bully people. This is outrageous. Now, my followers, look at this hogbeast, and do what you’ve done for years. Go out there and harass this woman on Facebook.” This is all to say: The internet was a mistake, and Turtleboy Sports is Exhibit A.'
[Dec 6,2017 9:11am - sad and pathetic  ""]
this grandma chick is sad and pathetic. if she can type on blogs all day she can get a job doing data entry instead of sucking the life out of the social security system where there are people that truly need it!
[Dec 6,2017 11:39am - grandmotherweb ""]
kill yourself, retard. what's so goddamn valuable in your life that's worth protecting, anyway?

SSDI for post-traumatic flashbacks, mental illness, and chronic pain is the only pension I'm ever likely to receive from my government for my service to my country, making missile targeting systems and surveillance drones for the military.

what's your job, exactly? trolling mentally ill people for lulz? write a colorful blog post about it, why doncha?
[Dec 6,2017 12:54pm - grandm0therweb  ""]
My job is actually prostituting myself at Firefly and other Burner events. That off the books money is awesome.
[Dec 6,2017 1:03pm - grandmotherweb ""]
never happened, LOL.
[Dec 6,2017 1:28pm - AIDAN FAGDAN  ""]

any turtleboy sub (missive bitches) that see this DONT EVEN have the balls to come at the queen GRANDMOTHERWEB....you can fuck with her. LOSERS

[Dec 6,2017 1:35pm - grandmotherweb ""]

Aidan Kearney is a pedophile and a rapist, BTW.
[Dec 6,2017 1:37pm - grandmotherweb ""]
TurtleBoy is afraid of me, LOL.

grandmotherweb said:TurtleBoy deleted my post, because it was too triggering... and then their fans accused me of deleting it myself, "just to play the victim."



[Dec 6,2017 5:49pm - sad and pathetic  ""]
everyone hates you. everyone. please go away. and no you are not a babadook, just an attention seeking try hard.
[Dec 6,2017 7:26pm - grandmotherweb ""]
hello, the Satanic Temple. enjoy the attention that you so desperately crave.
[Dec 6,2017 7:32pm - grandmotherweb ""]
P.S. the Grey Faction's blog will soon go the way of TurtleBoy. #NEXT
[Dec 7,2017 8:45am - grandm0therweb  ""]
God, my gash aches when I think about Lucien. And Ash. All of them. I'll take a whole train. Every member of TST line up and pound me.
[Dec 7,2017 10:37am - grandmotherweb ""]
kill yourself, retard.
[Dec 7,2017 10:45am - grandmotherweb ""]
P.S. Ash is gay, in case you could not tell, and occasionally fucks his boss, Lucien Craven Coward.
[Dec 7,2017 12:31pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Aidan Kearney and his groupies are all child molesters. I don't know where they get off slinging mud at other people.

Grandmotherweb said:

since when does "free speech" mean "pedophiles can gang-stalk 15-year-olds with no consequences"?

P.S. Brett Kill-a-man over here has an arrest record for armed robbery. Surprise!


[Dec 8,2017 8:58am - bumbumbum  ""]
are you seriously a retard whats wrong with you? all you do is post attachments from other places and be so stupid that my eyes water. maybe you should just go somewhere and give people pictures of your grandparents or kill another cat like alix for your cult.
[Dec 8,2017 9:42am - grandm0therweb  ""]

grandmotherweb said:P.S. Ash is gay.

Well yeah but I'm pretty mannish so I mean I can see where a gay dude gets it up for me.

In case you can't tell, I'm one of your alters.
[Dec 9,2017 8:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]
thought y'all didn't believe in alters and stuff...?
[Dec 9,2017 8:16pm - grandmotherweb ""]
P.S. I've never killed a cat in my life. is that what you're into?
[Dec 9,2017 9:28pm - grandmotherweb ""]
look at these butthurt "patriots" over here:

[Dec 10,2017 7:41am - grandm0ther weeb  ""]
Of course I beleiev in alters. You are one of my alters.

I may not have killed a cat, but I definitely enjoyed time with a dog and some peanut butter once.

[Dec 10,2017 9:43am - bumbumbum  ""]
bull crap you didn't kill a cat you killed Alix to show that lucien guy that you were fit for his cult and you also gave him heritage pics of your grandparents to prove you are of europe descent. I hear all of the stories and you are a pretty sick twat.
[Dec 10,2017 1:49pm - grandmotherweb ""]
none of those things ever happened, LOL.
[Dec 10,2017 10:05pm - grandm0ther weeb  ""]
Stop pretending you don’t remember. We all remember and enjoy that time with Rex. The knot was amazing.
[Dec 10,2017 10:31pm - get RKTDD BROD  ""]
wow turtleboysparts get rkt hard 2017. biggest rkt of 2017.
[Dec 10,2017 11:09pm - grandmotherweb ""]

grandm0ther%20weeb said:Stop pretending you don’t remember. We all remember and enjoy that time with Rex. The knot was amazing.

no idea WTF you're taking about.
[Dec 11,2017 10:19am - Wicked Rad Dude  ""]
ya she also put her nasty dirty underwear in some dudes bag too..so fucking gross
[Dec 11,2017 11:22am - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:none of those things ever happened, LOL.
[Dec 11,2017 11:48am - grandmotherweb ""]
"some dude" clearly likes making up bullshit stories for attention.
[Dec 11,2017 12:44pm - TURTLEBOY RKT BOIISSs  ""]

Wicked%20Rad%20Dude said:ya she also put her nasty dirty underwear in some dudes bag too..so fucking gross

Just mad cuz he didn't get to cop another pair of womens panties for his collection to wear when noone is around.


The entire subscription roster for TRUTLEboys is full of sheetrock carrying meatheads who love k0rn and big truck..white trash faggots / hetros.
[Dec 13,2017 2:46pm - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:

when confronted about the obvious pedophilia indicated in the above post, TB responded with, "really? THAT'S who you're defending? the "cash me ousside" girl?"

yes, dude.

[Dec 13,2017 7:29pm - RKING TURTLEBOIS  ""]
What a bunch of losers losing...Democrats coming hard strong bout to swamp that drain.
[Dec 13,2017 11:59pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Bye-bye, LOL!


hint, hint...
[Dec 14,2017 3:03pm - grandm0ther weeb  ""]
Holy fucking shit I miss banging dogs.
[Dec 14,2017 3:11pm - grandmotherweb ""]
figures, that's the only kind of ass you're ever going to get.
[Dec 14,2017 4:40pm - grandmother weeb  ""]
Right? I mean it's not like people are lining up to get a crack at our disease-ridden snatch.
[Dec 14,2017 4:56pm - grandmotherweb ""]
i don't bother to refute such rumors, as they help keep the unruly rapists away.
[Dec 14,2017 5:21pm - Some other dude  ""]
Yeah, dirty underwear in people's bags, killing your own cat to show allegiance to TST (Alix), providing a cult a picture of your grandparents to make your white heritage somehow valid, coming on to Lucien every chance you get (by tossing your filthy skivvies into his bag...who does that?) Yeah, I can definitely see your nutty ass keeping any sane person from wanting to be anywhere near you. I heard these rumors in Allston and Brighton BTW, then only saw them here after. Confirmed rumors are confirmed.
[Dec 14,2017 5:22pm - Some other dude  ""]
So disgusting.
[Dec 14,2017 9:23pm - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:none of those things ever happened, LOL.

[Dec 14,2017 9:25pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Adam Ostrofsky gets around, apparently.
[Dec 15,2017 5:03pm - Some other dude  ""]

grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:none of those things ever happened, LOL.

The ALL happened. Nice try at diverting though. 2 of us were there for at least 3 of those allegations.
[Dec 15,2017 5:03pm - Some other dude  ""]
Oh, I forgot the "LOL".

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