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Don’t blame Satan for white supremacy.

[Aug 23,2017 7:43pm - grandmotherweb ""]

"It is axiomatic within Satanism that individuals must be judged for their own actions and for their own merits. To unfavorably relegate individuals into arbitrary categories, or to take credit for the achievements of another based upon a shared classification, is to defy the very foundational principles of our ethics."

says the guy who calls everyone with multiple personalities or recovered memories a liar...

[Aug 23,2017 8:56pm - ANTIFA NEW ENGLAND  ""]
[Aug 24,2017 1:57pm - grandmotherweb ""]


grandmotherweb said:TST has been trying to troll me to suicide since this all began.

it's funny, because they don't believe i really have multiple personalities, yet they think they can troll me for having multiple personalities, and try to interfere with my SSDI in any way..

[Aug 24,2017 2:54pm - grandmotherweb ""]
also, Lucien Craven Coward deletes my comments, because they're too triggering...

grandmotherweb said:https://greyfaction.org/wendy-hoffman/

i'm sure that Wendy Hoffman appreciates the free advertising for her memoirs, and her book sales are doing just fine, thanks.

[Aug 28,2017 5:49pm - grandmotherweb ""]

re-issue of the same article, with more thorough moderation of the comments section.

[Aug 30,2017 2:49pm - Grandmotherweb ""]
Richard Dawkins' moderators suspended my account, because my comments were too triggering.

[Aug 30,2017 5:39pm - Grandmotherweb ""]
the post that broke the camel's back, when asked if my abuse was at the hands of the Satanic Temple's fine organization or not:

"Like you care. My abuse was at the hands of my parents, and their cult leaders in Alabama. Go stalk and harass them, since that's apparently all you people are good for."
[Sep 12,2017 4:01pm - grandmotherweb ""]
another day, another 30-day Facebook ban...

[Sep 13,2017 12:35pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Stu de Haan can be reached at 520.358.4089.

D.I.D. is not a "conspiracy of quack therapists." Snap out of that autism of yours, why doncha.
[Sep 13,2017 1:30pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Stu de Haan isn't laughing anymore.

He should not have been laughing to begin with.
[Sep 13,2017 2:56pm - susurrate ""]
all I know is that people have been sending me screenshots of stuff they posted on Facebook and how it gets removed cause community standards and they get banned for 30 days.

social media is great for networking for promoting shows and whatnot, but other than that, it's a sociological disease. get out while you still can. best thing I ever did.
[Sep 13,2017 5:30pm - grandmotherweb ""]
it is a straight-up crack addiction. honestly, being able to see posts but not comment on them is oddly refreshing.
[Sep 14,2017 3:20pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Attn: TST

The calls will continue, to both you and your lawyer, all day, every day, until your grasp of reality improves.

Is autism a "conspiracy of quack therapists," too? Let's ask some Christian Truthers what they think...
[Sep 14,2017 4:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]


[Sep 15,2017 6:52pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Paid a visit to the Salem Police Department today. They remembered me from my One-Person Peaceful Protest a year ago.

The next time TST feels like filming anyone without consent, particularly the organizer of a rape survivors' conference, they will be arrested.
[Sep 16,2017 7:43pm - grandmotherweb ""]


Do you know what they do in Chechnya, with gay people, who don't exist? "Cleanse your family's honor with blood!"

[Sep 19,2017 2:49pm - Dioside  ""]
Considering Satan is fake this entire thread is pointless.

Worshiping Satan is about as "REAL bro" as worshiping greek yogurt. Also without Jesus or a christian god...your Satan that you (the reader) think is boss, wouldn't even exist.

The sad part is these morons think they are fighting some worthwhile cause..

TST = Satan is real!!! Worship him or feel the wrath of this forced society we live in.

Antiwhatevers = You can't say that, you can't do that, stop that it's against my rights for you to do what you are giving for rights so stop abusing my rights while doing something that is in the right.

Christians = Hey don't worship satan worship god

Muslims = If you talk shit about our religion we beat you up/murder you because we have no reasonings.

Asians = We are asians let us make cheap product for you.
[Sep 19,2017 5:46pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Nowadays TST = Satan is metaphors! Psychics are fake! DID is the same as demonic possession which is also fake! Worship spokesman's testicles or be teabagged!
[Sep 19,2017 5:52pm - susurrate ""]
I've heard a pretty convincing "spiritualist"/psychic before. Well, two.

We had one woman come in to my work and all of her readings were vague as fuck so I assumed it was one of those "throw out generic shit until the person receiving the reading finds something that makes sense and then the psychic runs with it as the individual feeds them more subtle information to build a narrative.

However- This woman did tell my coworker that she had something following her that was always with her. What was following her appeared to be a short woman of asian descent doing something with her hands around the area of her chest. I called bullshit.

a year later, another individual came in. a guy who had no affiliation with anything besides a spiritualist church and didn't do personal readings. not from the local area like the other woman from before. this dude is in his 70's. big ass Irish dude who looks kinda like John Wayne with white hair. My coworker walks in and he does an epic double take. I think nothing of it. Later on in the day, he says to her... "you know... you have something that follows you. it's a dark mass but appears to be a small woman of asian descent and she is constantly clutching her heart behind you".

I freaked. So yeah, I have a bit of belief in *a small handful of* psychics as a result.

[Sep 20,2017 4:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Oh, wow, gee whiz, lookie here! http://returntothepit.com/view.php?formid=90215

grandmotherweb said:check out my Tumblr, precious: http://grandmotherweb.tumblr.com/post/1550...-government-funded-psychic-research

[Sep 20,2017 7:39pm - Obscure radio host  ""]
Is it me or is this "Grandmotherweb" broad a complete whack job?
[Sep 20,2017 7:58pm - Diamond City Radio  ""]

Obscure%20radio%20host said:Is it me or is this "Grandmotherweb" broad a complete whack job?

[Sep 20,2017 8:09pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I'll stick to ping-pong, thx

[Sep 21,2017 9:01am - Obscure radio host  ""]
yup...nut job. Take your meds.
[Sep 21,2017 10:23am - grandmotherweb ""]
there is no medication for multiplicity.
[Sep 21,2017 1:53pm - Obscure radio host  ""]
That's because it's not a real disease, nut job
[Sep 21,2017 1:55pm - that other guy  ""]

Obscure%20radio%20host said:That's because it's not a real disease, nut job

[Sep 21,2017 2:24pm - Still Well Stupid  ""]
That is nice, to bad satan isn't real and religion will be smashed to pieces upon the arrival of 1 single intelligent life form not from this planet.

Wikipedia can be altered, fake news.
[Sep 21,2017 2:37pm - grandmotherweb ""]
it's only a disorder if you can't control your switching, or you lose time, and it impairs your ability to function. there are non-disordered multiple systems out there. I am a disordered system.

[Sep 21,2017 5:06pm - grandmotherweb ""]

"MYTH: the "personalities" are really demons (Christian view) or earthbound spirits (Spiritualist/New Age view) which need to be exorcised.

Many religions hold different ideas about multiplicity. Some traditional societies regard it as a sacred lifepath, enabling communication with spirits in the afterlife. Some Southwestern Indian people believe it's important for leaders and holy people to have many "spirits inside them" and to meditate in order to find and embody such spirits. The Catholic Church has very strict criteria for determining if a person is possessed by demons, and according to their guidelines, multiple personality is not possession.

In other words, multiplicity is controversial, and in western society with its one-soul-per-body model, so unnerving that it's apt to generate extreme reaction. It may be the hardest thing you've ever done, but if you feel that your multiple friend is possessed by demons or inhabited by discarnates, your best action might be to leave them alone about it.

Some people who are hosting many spirits and do not want to may benefit from a soul retrieval or exorcism of some sort, although perhaps not a Christian one. But too many multiples -- especially children -- have been subjected to exorcisms and lengthy prayer sessions in an effort to drive out supposed demons that are doing no harm. (If you think that having many persons in one body is intrinsically harmful, you need to broaden your mind.)"
[Sep 21,2017 11:15pm - No your wrong  ""]
None of that is even relevant to the discussion you are a painfully broken record. Almost scripted everytime you get triggered.

Religion is based on something that isn't real so concluding that into your argument makes it rather easy to dismiss. Next please.

ALSO.. TST = try hards.
[Sep 21,2017 11:18pm - grandmotherweb ""]

No%20you're%20wrong said:ALSO.. TST = troll hards.

[Sep 22,2017 10:32am - Obscure radio host  ""]

grandmotherweb said:it's only a disorder if you can't control your switching, or you lose time, and it impairs your ability to function. there are non-disordered multiple systems out there. I am a disordered system.


No, you're just fucking nuts.
[Sep 22,2017 10:35am - Obscure radio host  ""]
Grandmotherweb....take your meds and you will be fine. Then you can STFU about your idiotic disorder and seek attention elsewhere.

and I quote from the link that you posted yourself:

"that is amenable to psychotherapeutic intervention."
[Sep 24,2017 9:33pm - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:there is no medication for multiplicity.
[Sep 25,2017 11:01am - Obscure radio host  ""]
Of course there's no medication for a disorder that doesn't even exist. That would be nuts, amiwrite?
[Sep 25,2017 12:59pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I guess all that peer-reviewed, scientific literature on DID is part of the Conspiracy...
[Sep 25,2017 2:02pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Sep 25,2017 4:32pm - FUCK OFF TST  ""]
Those 3 in that picture seem like huge losers to everyone except the people who they are friends with. So those 3 in that picture seem like huge losers to everyone except the people who they are friends with.....so those 3 in that picture....do you get the picture, they only have 3 friends.

Although that is 2 more actual REAL friends than gmommmaaawebby.

[Sep 25,2017 5:08pm - grandmotherweb ""]
from left to right: Ash Astaroth, Cara Jeanne, Doug Mesner AKA Lucien Craven Coward.

not pictured: Sarah Ponto Rivera, Konrad Josefsson, Maris Apis [sic]

That's basically the entire Ghey Fraction. Good thing no one cares about a deranged satanic cult's opinions on mental health...

[Sep 25,2017 7:49pm - pathos  ""]
You're both wrong because god and satan doesn't even exist so who the fuck cares.

[Sep 26,2017 1:09am - Obscure radio host  ""]
Holy shit...who the fuck is grandmotherweb,where did she come from,and how the FUCK can we get rid of her? This broad is a menace. BAN PLZ.

[Sep 26,2017 1:10am - Obscure radio host  ""]
[Sep 26,2017 1:23am - grandmotherweb ""]
you can't get rid of me. I'm like the Babadook.
[Sep 26,2017 11:34am - grandmotherweb ""]
Speaking of menace, the Satanic Temple gang-stalks child abuse survivors, calls them "false accusers" (among other colorful names), and accuses them of faking mental illness for attention.


[Sep 26,2017 2:43pm - grandmotherweb ""]

so I'm not the only one who gets that TST has always been a prank for attention:
[Sep 27,2017 10:52am - pathos  ""]
Oh my god shut th hll up about did/tst o whatever it is. NOBODY CARES
[Sep 27,2017 1:25pm - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:Attn: TST

The calls will continue, to both you and your lawyer, all day, every day, until your grasp of reality improves.

Me: “Hello, this is Charlotte McFarland.”

Ash Astaroth: “Are you going to repeat yourself again?”

Me: “Are you going to tell more mentally ill people that they’re faking their symptoms for attention? Because that’s all you’re good for, apparently.”

Ash Astaroth: *click*
[Sep 28,2017 10:30am - pathos  ""]
so you harass him, now he prolly has a restraining order against you. have fun in jail
[Sep 28,2017 11:16am - grandmotherweb ""]

deal with it.
[Sep 28,2017 12:42pm - Dept of Mental Retardation dept  ""]
you're retarded
[Sep 28,2017 12:52pm - King Thůnderstøol  ""]

[Sep 28,2017 3:24pm - grandmotherweb ""]
eat your fear, little toilet stool.
[Sep 28,2017 7:58pm - susurrate ""]
unrelated but wat

[Sep 28,2017 8:34pm - I AM DOUGED  ""]
The one person campaign against a cult of losers continues. Ultimately since TST in the eyes of the majority of anyone in the western world is that they are try hard douchebags, just makes the person who is trying to discredit them (while most everyone already does) almost as much as a douchebag as TST.
[Sep 29,2017 11:31am - grandmotherweb ""]
I will see each and every one of their cult members exterminated off the face of the planet, by their own hand, no less.
[Sep 29,2017 11:38am - grandmotherweb ""]

susurrate said:unrelated but wat


wonder why most of the comments have been deleted...
[Sep 29,2017 1:40pm - grandmotherweb ""]

Check out this anti-Semitic rant from Doug Mesner, who's clearly drunk as fuck.
[Sep 29,2017 7:30pm - Dept of Mental Retardation dept  ""]
Yo, Mesner...you seein' dis shit? Crazy broad is back at it!
[Sep 29,2017 8:17pm - grandmotherweb ""]
"back at it"? I've been trolling him and his autistic groupies nonstop for over a year now.
[Sep 29,2017 8:29pm - grandmotherweb ""]
speaking of groupies: https://www.facebook.com/ash.astaroth/videos/545340292475758/
[Sep 29,2017 10:19pm - grandmotherweb ""]
"Something to do with an unhappy childhood?" "I think you should crawl back into your hole..."

[Sep 30,2017 11:02am - Yeah  ""]
Tucker resorts to ad hominem attacks and TST guy seems to make valid points and stands by them. Doesn't help your argument to share this.
[Sep 30,2017 4:43pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I just like watching two people whom I dislike being visibly uncomfortable in each other's company.

funny how TST is known for ad hominem attacks against therapists, yet they act all surprised when they get the same treatment...
[Sep 30,2017 5:12pm - grandmotherweb ""]
check out this article that TST commented on about how NOT to be an activist:

"One such activist who is starting to make a name for himself, and achieving real-world results, is Chaz Stevens. I’ll not mince words here and get straight to the point I wish to make, which is that Chaz Stevens is the absolute worst kind of secular activist and it is high-time someone publicly called him out on his bullshit.
For many secular activists, like my friend Brian Conklin, Stevens is simply too much. “What may have started as an effort to introduce plurality into a very one-sided discourse, Mr. Stevens’s methods have since devolved into crass buffoonery,” says Conklin, “I am convinced that his projects are now only intended to gain publicity and irritate Christians.”
In Florida, Stevens’ obnoxious behavior and blatant insincerity have accomplished nothing more than simply shutting down the conversation. The invocations might be a thing of the past, but for entirely the wrong reasons. Stevens is like the obnoxious little brother in the backseat who annoys mom and dad to the point of turning the car around. Thanks, Chaz, now nobody gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese."
[Sep 30,2017 7:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Background on the whole cake-baking question:


"The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission decided in 2015 that Title VII’s ban on sex discrimination does protect gay employees. Under President Barack Obama, the Justice Department took no position on this question. But in late July, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ DOJ unexpectedly filed an amicus brief in Zarda arguing that Title VII does not protect gay people. The 2nd Circuit had not solicited its input, making the brief both puzzling and gratuitous. Its purpose only became apparent in September, when the DOJ filed a similarly uninvited brief asserting that bakers have a free speech right not to serve same-sex couples. Both anti-gay briefs were startlingly incoherent, seemingly the product of political pandering rather than legal reasoning."
[Oct 1,2017 12:51am - fakemothercunt  ""]

grandmotherweb said:I will see each and every one of their cult members exterminated off the face of the planet, by their own hand, no less.

LOL pot meet kettle. You think you are so hard.

I heard you got kicked out of TST for having an STD that you gave to a few members during one of their fake "blood" orgies.

[Oct 1,2017 12:55am - THE GAYTANIC GAYEMBLE GAYOSQUE  ""]
"I am doug from tst and tucker will you rape my asshole so I can feel the mk ultra reptile people bildaberg rothchild illuminated confirmation aids factory fuck hole"

LOL kettle meet pot. You think you are so evil

I heard you got kicked out of your own brain because you think you worship the devil and wearing all black means your deep, special, evil and retarded.
[Oct 1,2017 11:00am - grandmotherweb ""]
I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of TST.

these people cut themselves to Skinny Puppy, for real.
[Oct 2,2017 1:33pm - Salem witch bribery  ""]
Not true, I also have information stating that you were in FACT a TST member and that you in FACT were booted out.
[Oct 2,2017 3:27pm - huge cunt and penis  ""]
satan is fake and so is any god. So this thread is stupid.

get aids.

ANY member of TST reading this or contributing to this thread. read this. YOU ARE A LOSER AND SATAN IS A FAGGOT. GO EAT THE ASSHOLE OF JESUS.
[Oct 2,2017 3:34pm - grandmotherweb ""]

Salem%20witch%20bribery said:Not true, I also have information stating that you were in FACT a TST member and that you in FACT were booted out.

LOL, no you don't. #trufacks
[Oct 2,2017 7:41pm - Salem witch bribery  ""]
wrong again...stop trying to "get back" at your old TST douche bags by posting shit against them here.

[Oct 2,2017 9:18pm - grandmotherweb ""]
bitch, please.
I was lighting my boobs on fire for attention before TST even existed.
[Oct 2,2017 9:58pm - proof of membership required  ""]
I want the person who has the proof to post it...let blow this open like a giant vagina and anus being fucked by a penis or dildo.
[Oct 2,2017 10:29pm - grandmotherweb ""]
there is no proof, because this troll is making it up.
[Oct 3,2017 12:32pm - Dept of Mental Retardation dept  ""]
[Oct 3,2017 2:01pm - grandmotherweb ""]

get a new hobby, besides making shit up for attention.
[Oct 3,2017 2:24pm - Blacktail  ""]

grandmotherweb said:yawn.

get a new hobby, besides making shit up for attention.

You first. Attention from 4 hessian try hards is really glorifying.
[Oct 3,2017 2:35pm - Word Guy  ""]
Word has it that good old fire face had a little fling with Lucien Greaves a some point. Now I get it........
[Oct 3,2017 2:39pm - grandmotherweb ""]
LOLOLOLOLOLOL.... he wishes.

I just want to dominate and humiliate him in public, as I have been doing for over a year already.
[Oct 3,2017 4:15pm - Word Guy  ""]
Word has it that you do it because of a few bad moves that you made on behalf of TST. Then you blamed some fake illness for doing it, which has all now come to a head, leading you to annoy the world because you're butthurt over getting kicked out, and butthurt that Lucien wouldn't succumb to the little crush you had on him and asked you to stop making advances. Just saying...but WORD HAS IT.
[Oct 3,2017 4:47pm - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:LOLOLOLOLOLOL.... he wishes.

I just want to dominate and humiliate him in public, as I have been doing for over a year already.

[Oct 3,2017 4:53pm - grandmotherweb ""]

Word%20Guy said:Word has it that you do it because of a few bad moves that you made on behalf of TST.

like dominating and humiliating their spokesman and his autistic groupies in public, for going around telling mentally ill people that they're faking their symptoms for attention and should just snap out of it?

gee, perish the thought...
[Oct 3,2017 5:38pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Oct 3,2017 9:26pm - beerguts  ""]
[Oct 4,2017 9:04am - Obscure radio host  ""]
This stuff is great. This whacko gets called out and now she's back peddling. We all get the gist of this story. Charlotte is just looking for attention. Too bad you got booted out of TST and lost your dear love, Greaves. I also heard something about you moving to Salem just to be closer to TST. Will you be performing at Haunted Happenings so we can all come heckle you?
[Oct 4,2017 9:16pm - NOT A TST MEMBER  ""]
If you mention that MK ULTRA is fake she will defend that. Lucien has said he was a mk ultra child. Why in the fuck does that make sense for her to defend something that lucien said he was a part of.

I was part of MK ULTRA and DID and all sorts of other experiments but you don't see me using it to cash my check outside hommey 100% disacunt.

How large was this crush tho...must of been intense and notice how she always rips whatever female lucien is standing next too...ALWAYS. It's like she wishes she has friends of any sort...even if they are FUCK WAD TST losers.
[Oct 4,2017 9:22pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Lucien Craven Coward says a lot of things, most of which are not true.
[Oct 4,2017 10:01pm - grandmotherweb ""]
funny how TST hates being misrepresented in the media, even though they misrepresent people all the time...


in other news, check out this FOIA request filed by an actual MKULTRA victim (not a faker like Doug Mesner):

[Oct 5,2017 1:51pm - TST  ""]
So she's ripping on girls that are with Lucien as well huh? Figures, I'll let him know, he'll get a kick out of it. He has some hilarious stories about our dear Grandmotherweb and her seductive dances to try to lure him into the sack.
[Oct 5,2017 1:59pm - grandmotherweb ""]
really? news to me.
[Oct 5,2017 2:02pm - grandmotherweb ""]
i'd love to see proof of what you say... oh wait, that's right, you're making it up for attention.
[Oct 8,2017 3:00pm - NON TST MEMBER  ""]

grandmotherweb said:i'd love to see proof of what you say... oh wait, that's right, you're making it up for attention.

What? Cunt didn't reply with a meme or some fucking link.

Hey boys looks like we hit the soft spot.

[Oct 8,2017 3:08pm - grandmotherweb ""]
and what "soft spot"would that be, exactly? all I see is a bunch of trolls spreading false rumors for attention, as they usually do.
[Oct 8,2017 7:15pm - ERECT PENIS  ""]
That was a wonderful job at explaining your role in every thread you post in.

[Oct 8,2017 11:13pm - grandmotherweb ""]
even the "legendary" Keith Bennett has commented on my trolling problem...

[Oct 9,2017 12:13pm - TST  ""]
Look familiar Charlotte?

[Oct 9,2017 12:14pm - TST  ""]
Remember giving it to Lucien to "prove" your heritage?
[Oct 9,2017 12:39pm - grandmotherweb ""]
LOLOLOLOLOLOL, my heritage is on Ancestry.com, look it up for yourself.
[Oct 9,2017 2:10pm - TST  ""]
Oh the proof just keeps piling up. Your credibility is toast. Lucien mentioned your little sex parties too. Apparently just drug fueled raves.
[Oct 9,2017 2:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Lucien Craven Coward was never invited to any of my "drug fueled raves", or my sex parties, for that matter.

I'm still waiting for "proof" of stuff that never happened...
[Oct 9,2017 3:41pm - ANTI TST  ""]

TST said:Look familiar Charlotte?

What significance is this picture. Also why does TST make you submit heritage bullshit.

Sounds like a fuck boi try hard wanna be cult using satan (the concept is fictional) to get people who think they are evil because of the music they listen too. Get fkd if you honestly think your soul is evil, if it is go out and do evil things.

Or tell me satan or whatever idol you cocksuckers worship is percieved as evil yet you think it's good.

IT's fucking stupid religious bullshit our world doesn't need. Satan/God (ANY GOD) worpship is beyond retardation. Go stick your crosses/prayer books(any) and upside down crosses directly into your anus.
[Oct 9,2017 4:06pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I have no idea why anyone thinks that picture is significant, though I'm sure the alt-right is fascinated by my Scottish & Swedish heritage, for profiling purposes.
[Oct 9,2017 7:48pm - GJ Lucien...you fafggot  ""]
You are that important that is why.

That lady looks like a dude and the dude looks like a lady (pun), olden tyme pics are gross. get the fuck outa here 100 + years ago.
[Oct 10,2017 9:15am - TST  ""]
What our dear Charlotte was trying to prove to Lucien by submitting this picture is that she was of pure European heritage. She advised Lucien that these were her Great-Great Grandparents and that the picture was taken just before they embarked on their journey to America. She also said that because very few people knew how to write, that photos like this were taken so they could be added to the manifest of passengers in case any were lost at sea. Yes Charlotte, we still have the photo that you submitted. The proof is in the pudding. Sorry to call you out like this, but you left us little choice.
[Oct 10,2017 11:03am - grandmotherweb ""]
LOL, hello TurtleBoy.

I understand that "pure European heritage" is all you neo-Nazis care about? this is the first time I've ever seen that picture. have you any screenshots of me interacting with TST, other than the ones I have posted over the last year?

no, you don't.
[Oct 10,2017 7:05pm - not sad  ""]
So the turtle boy has / actually knows stuff about you.

How much shit is she waddling in?

Nazis are faggots.
[Oct 11,2017 1:22am - grandmotherweb ""]
TurtleBoy knows nothing about anyone. he just likes making shit up for attention.
[Oct 11,2017 3:35pm - Deficating impalement necrosis face  ""]
Who names themselves Turtleboy....musbaphag.
[Oct 11,2017 3:44pm - grandmotherweb ""]
someone with a bestiality fetish for that statue in Worcester of a boy apparently molesting a turtle:

[Oct 11,2017 5:08pm - grandmotherweb ""]

[Oct 11,2017 7:51pm - Inquiring minds  ""]
a hahahaha...umm...who cares?
[Oct 11,2017 7:55pm - grandmotherweb ""]
The Church of Satan linked to this forum in their fact sheet:


[Oct 13,2017 11:03am - grandmotherweb ""]
from Ash Astaroth's FB page:

"So, this happened: The Church of Satan doxxed members of the Satanic Temple, and then sent the information to the Dominionist Theocratic Christians that TST is up against in a significant state supreme court case for abortion rights. Let me restate-- CoS hates TST so much they'd help the most despicable religious authoritarians screw over women's reproductive rights if it helped their petty little grudge match.

This is serious, and this is toxic. It's also not surprising, CoS is misogynistic as hell, pro-authoritarian, homophobic, and has flirted with fascism for decades. These days are line in the sand times for our interwoven religious communities, and I dearly hope the times when orgs side with authoritarianism will not be forgotten as quickly as Pagan leaders' similar actions during the Satanic Panic."

this photo was lifted from Lucien Craven Coward's FB page

grandmotherweb said:
[Oct 13,2017 3:28pm - Quad post cunt on the defense  ""]
The RE part of that is clearly photoshopped.

TST are faggots though and satan isn't real.
[Oct 15,2017 1:14pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I'm sure Ellen Lacter appreciates the attention, unlike TST, who can't handle public scrutiny.
[Oct 15,2017 1:58pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Neither can CoS, apparently.


"I can't recall the number of conversations I've witnessed in which the accusation was made against TST that its members are sheeple who are incapable of manifesting their will and so cos-play their preferred fantasy as useful idiots for the dastardly Lucien Greaves...

So you can imagine my surprise when the CoS promoted in its news-feed of member activities a podcast in which the host interviewed racist, fascist, theist, animal-sacrificing Augustus Sol Invictus--who also happened to be a headline speaker at the Unite the Right rally--about his views regarding eugenics. Because I didn't understand how this is in any way consistent, I contacted the central office and asked for help understanding what I was seeing.

After multiple emails asking for a response, six and a half months later I was finally answered by an official spokesperson who played a word-game in which he told me in as many words that I was stupidly wasting his time."
[Oct 18,2017 12:13pm - grandmotherweb ""]

so much Augustus Invictus in this manifesto, I can't even.
[Oct 18,2017 8:08pm - EX MEMBER OF TST CHARLOETTE  ""]

grandmotherweb said:http://www.churchofsatan.com/satanism-the-feared-religion.php

so much Augustus Invictus in this manifesto, I can't even.

Satan doesn't exist nor does god so this thread is pointless...DiD you see your anus in the mirror last night?
[Oct 19,2017 10:02am - Some dude  ""]

grandmotherweb said:http://www.churchofsatan.com/satanism-the-feared-religion.php

so much Augustus Invictus in this manifesto, I can't even.

Satan doesn't exist nor does god so this thread is pointless...DiD you see your anus in the mirror last night?

hahahaha, i see what you DiD there!
[Oct 19,2017 11:51pm - RTTP DEPT OF CELTICS  ""]

grandmotherweb said:http://www.churchofsatan.com/satanism-the-feared-religion.php

so much Augustus Invictus in this manifesto, I can't even.

So much anus and man in your anus man in your anus.
[Oct 23,2017 2:52pm - grandmotherweb ""]
something something sink to their level something something

[Oct 23,2017 3:29pm - TST  ""]
Ah...I see you've moved on to a new group. You won't be missed.
[Oct 23,2017 4:08pm - grandmotherweb ""]
CoS doesn't want my money because I'm mentally ill, not that I have it to spare, anyways.

I guess I'm not "one of the alien elite" or whatever.
[Oct 23,2017 8:23pm - Erection section  ""]
[Oct 25,2017 9:25pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I hope that A Call For An Uprising films each and every member of TST without consent and uses the videos to ruin their careers.

[Oct 25,2017 11:16pm - exhausted guy  ""]
Dirty undies.
[Oct 25,2017 11:46pm - grandmotherweb ""]
fake news. I have easier ways of getting laid, thx.
[Oct 26,2017 12:12pm - TST  ""]
Who's backpack have you stuffed your filthy skivvies into this time?
[Oct 26,2017 12:28pm - grandmotherweb ""]
that never happened. you made that up for attention. and your groupie over here deleted my comments, because they were too triggering.

grandmotherweb said:see y'all in the comments section of every article ever:

[Oct 26,2017 12:57pm - TST  ""]
Why does your little tag say "Tufts University" under your name, you never graduated from there.
[Oct 26,2017 1:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]
yes, I did. investigate or something, you brain-dead motherfuckers.
[Oct 26,2017 1:22pm - grandmotherweb ""]
y'know what, you're too stupid to investigate anything. here, I did it for you:

Magna Cum Laude, motherfuckers.
[Oct 26,2017 2:00pm - TST  ""]
This document is faked.
[Oct 26,2017 2:47pm - grandmotherweb ""]
LOL, no it's not. call Tufts and ask them, why doncha?

fake religion, fake people.
[Oct 26,2017 7:07pm - Trolled  ""]
something tells me that you have been being trolled so hard for so long, that your head is spinning.
[Oct 26,2017 8:09pm - grandmotherweb ""]
trolling is like crack to me. pure sado-masochism, I assure you. try eating fire sometime.
[Oct 26,2017 10:24pm - Trolled  ""]
maybe the cause of acid breath?
[Oct 26,2017 11:26pm - grandmotherweb ""]
white gas tastes like butterscotch. #FuelHangovers
[Oct 30,2017 5:41pm - grandmotherweb ""]
another day, another podcast...

[Oct 30,2017 9:41pm - Nice  ""]
We spinnin plates bitches...and signing waivers and imaginary boyfriends..and the thought that fire breathing is some spiritual event.
[Oct 31,2017 2:43pm - grandmotherweb ""]
don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
[Nov 1,2017 3:12pm - grandmotherweb ""]

"It was clear that for many of TST’s members, the group served as a major, or even primary, avenue for social interaction."

no kidding. stop bullying mentally ill people to death, posers. #DishItOutYaTakeIt
[Dec 6,2017 8:29pm - grandmotherweb ""]

...and which therapy conference(s) are y'all planning to gate-crash and film without consent next, then?
[Dec 11,2017 1:06pm - TURTLEBOY RKT BOIISSs  ""]
Satan isn't real and funny thing is anything to do with satan is fake....anything to do with any of the religions head figures is fake...mohamed, jesus, vishnu, buddah...all about as relevant as Hobbits taking the ring to isengard and then morder.

You could make the LOTR books as the bible/kuran/toilet paper of society today if you wanted to...2 years from now just transcribe that and make every situation frodo has into a savior or prophetic ending.

Fuck you all.
[Dec 13,2017 12:08pm - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:


Do you know what they do in Chechnya, with gay people, who don't exist? "Cleanse your family's honor with blood!"


Ash Astaroth has multiple personalities to blame his wrongdoings on:


Hail Satan Claus!
[Dec 22,2017 12:22pm - grandmotherweb ""]
what a nice identity crises Ash Astaroth is having right now!

[Dec 22,2017 12:58pm - grandmotherweeb  ""]
Please stop:
1) Stalking TST.
2) Being a low-rent hooker for Burners. They’re not real artists and I’m sick of being at risk for AIDS.
3) Dreaming about the knot on Rex. You have any idea how fucking wrecked out our pussy is Charlotte? That thing feels good but theres consequences to it.

Seriously. Please ban my alter. I think that being here gets her riled.
[Dec 22,2017 5:29pm - grandmotherweb ""]
kill yourself, retard. stop spreading disinformation, which is harmful to the multiple community.
[Dec 23,2017 9:34am - Some dude  ""]
There's a "multiple community" now? Oh man...you can't make this shit up. hahahahahahaha
[Dec 23,2017 10:45am - grandmotherweb ""]
indeed. we're all over Tumblr.

maybe you should read a book or something.
[Dec 24,2017 7:24am - grandm0ther weeb  ""]
Charlotte stop pretending you read books. When you’re in control of the body we both know you just try to fuck the neighbor’s dog and advertise your services on Craigslist.

Stop trying to be a prostitute. I don’t want to get AIDS thanks to your irresponsible actions.
[Dec 24,2017 8:49am - Some dude  ""]

grandmotherweb said:indeed. we're all over Tumblr.

maybe you should read a book or something.

Do you guys have a site? FakersforSSI.com or something like that?
[Dec 24,2017 12:55pm - grandmotherweb ""]
endogenic systems and traumagenic ones don't get along:
[Dec 27,2017 4:45pm - grandmotherweb ""]

[Jan 3,2018 2:35pm - grandmotherweeb  ""]
Don't blame Satan for us being banged out, that's my alter's fault.
[Jan 3,2018 4:59pm - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:ITT: someone with a bestiality fetish for that statue in Worcester of a boy apparently molesting a turtle:

[Jan 3,2018 5:04pm - grandmotherweeb  ""]
God. Stop blaming all our problems on that fucking blog. You're the one who started that shit.

Look, I got us a fucking job, OK? When you're in control though you need to actually go to it. We can work. We don't have to be welfare cheats.
[Jan 3,2018 5:12pm - grandmotherweb ""]
what a crock of turtle shit.
[Jan 4,2018 2:13pm - grandmotherweeb  ""]
I mean I know you'd much rather be a welfare cheat. I'm just saying. You know we can work.
[Jan 4,2018 2:35pm - grandmotherweb ""]
really? companies are lining up to hire mental patients with severe OCD symptoms who trance out for 10+ hours a day?

news to me.
[Jan 4,2018 7:13pm - sad and pathetic  ""]
she trances out and harasses anyone who disagrees with her...hahahahahaa....#ssnfraud
[Jan 4,2018 11:10pm - grandmotherweb ""]
LOL, if you don't like my mental illness, kill yourself.
[Jan 5,2018 6:12am - grandm0ther weeb  ""]
If you’d stop daydreaming about dog cock you wouldn’t trance out for so long. Seriously I love it too but you have a problem. You are my sickest alter, Charlotte.
[Jan 5,2018 5:12pm - grandmotherweb ""]
you're the one daydreaming, here.
[Jan 5,2018 10:52pm - grandm0ther weeb  ""]
You dreamed up the idea that we need to be on welfare not me.
[Jan 6,2018 12:51am - grandmotherweb ""]
actually, it was the psychotic break, followed by 3-day hospitalization. go fuck a turtle about it some more.
[Jan 6,2018 9:22am - sad and pathetic  ""]
psychotic break? yeah, lots of people have them, then they get their shit together and go back to work. you're weak.
[Jan 6,2018 10:37am - JYEAH  ""]
Was this "psychotic break" when you daydreamed that Ash and Lucien had sexually abused you as a child you fruitcake?
[Jan 6,2018 12:27pm - grandmotherweb ""]
no, I remembered that my parents and their church leaders molested me as a child, and I thought they were coming to kill me because I drew a map to where bodies may or may not be buried behind the church.
[Jan 7,2018 6:28pm - grandmotherweb ""]

negotiations with TST are going well: Ash finally got enough attention.
[Jan 7,2018 6:51pm - grandmotherweb ""]


sweet dreams, Ash.

"tonight, imma let it be fire (figuratively speaking)
tonight, imma take your brain higher
tonight, you will go a little crazy
go a little crazy

welcome to the club, beeyotch.
[Jan 8,2018 11:12am - eletric man  ""]
fat stinky bitch
[Jan 8,2018 12:48pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I'm sure your lovely physique would stop traffic.
[Jan 8,2018 5:25pm - eletric man  ""]
come up wit something different. you always say the same shit.
[Jan 8,2018 7:03pm - grandm0ther weeb  ""]
Yeah. Sorry about that. She is kind of my dumbest alter.
[Jan 8,2018 7:05pm - grandm0ther weeb  ""]
Like you know how Trump repeats himself constantly and then yells about being a genius? That’s how Charlotte is too. It’s better when I’m running the show in our head but sadly she is such a screechy baby we usually let her drive.

Imagine how annoying she is to live ina head with. It’s here times 100.
[Jan 11,2018 5:44pm - ^^ jealous guys  ""]
Wow more lamers trying to mess with da Queen....

People who believe in Satan need to be put in a hole and covered.

Evil = good = the same = you're a try hard or a never was.

Oh and the entire turtleboy subscriber base lift sheetrock for a living..fucking losers.
[Jan 12,2018 8:03pm - grandmotherweb ""]
R.I.P. @LucienGreaves' Twitter account.


[Jan 14,2018 7:48am - grandmotherweeb  ""]
Maybe now they can stop telling people on Twitter that I wreck my puss with dog knot. Which is true.
[Jan 14,2018 3:20pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Jan 17,2018 8:05am - grandmotherweeb  ""]
Yeah right? At this point we're so banged out that I can basically sleep through normal human dick. Need that deep fucking dog knot.
[Jan 21,2018 11:37am - grandmotherweb ""]
speaking of people who have no idea what they're talking about:

[Jan 24,2018 2:35am - ODDTOPSEA_SEXSEXSEX  ""]

grandmotherweeb said:Yeah right? At this point we're so banged out that I can basically sleep through normal human dick. Need that deep fucking dog knot.


[Feb 9,2018 1:55pm - grandmotherweb ""]
my Plural Padawan and I are having a little tiff on Twitter, at the moment.

[Feb 10,2018 6:29pm - Anonymous  ""]
[Feb 10,2018 7:50pm - grandmotherweb ""]
if my posting bothers you so much, why don't you just stop reading my threads? plenty of bandcamp posts to keep you occupied...
[Feb 11,2018 2:58pm - anonymous  ""]
[Feb 17,2018 3:47pm - example...  ""]
Hey charlotte how are you today on this saturday?

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