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Donít blame Satan for white supremacy.

[Aug 23,2017 7:43pm - grandmotherweb ""]

"It is axiomatic within Satanism that individuals must be judged for their own actions and for their own merits. To unfavorably relegate individuals into arbitrary categories, or to take credit for the achievements of another based upon a shared classification, is to defy the very foundational principles of our ethics."

says the guy who calls everyone with multiple personalities or recovered memories a liar...

[Aug 23,2017 8:56pm - ANTIFA NEW ENGLAND  ""]
[Aug 24,2017 1:57pm - grandmotherweb ""]


grandmotherweb said:TST has been trying to troll me to suicide since this all began.

it's funny, because they don't believe i really have multiple personalities, yet they think they can troll me for having multiple personalities, and try to interfere with my SSDI in any way..

[Aug 24,2017 2:54pm - grandmotherweb ""]
also, Lucien Craven Coward deletes my comments, because they're too triggering...

grandmotherweb said:https://greyfaction.org/wendy-hoffman/

i'm sure that Wendy Hoffman appreciates the free advertising for her memoirs, and her book sales are doing just fine, thanks.

[Aug 28,2017 5:49pm - grandmotherweb ""]

re-issue of the same article, with more thorough moderation of the comments section.

[Aug 30,2017 2:49pm - Grandmotherweb ""]
Richard Dawkins' moderators suspended my account, because my comments were too triggering.

[Aug 30,2017 5:39pm - Grandmotherweb ""]
the post that broke the camel's back, when asked if my abuse was at the hands of the Satanic Temple's fine organization or not:

"Like you care. My abuse was at the hands of my parents, and their cult leaders in Alabama. Go stalk and harass them, since that's apparently all you people are good for."
[Sep 12,2017 4:01pm - grandmotherweb ""]
another day, another 30-day Facebook ban...

[Sep 13,2017 12:35pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Stu de Haan can be reached at 520.358.4089.

D.I.D. is not a "conspiracy of quack therapists." Snap out of that autism of yours, why doncha.
[Sep 13,2017 1:30pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Stu de Haan isn't laughing anymore.

He should not have been laughing to begin with.
[Sep 13,2017 2:56pm - susurrate ""]
all I know is that people have been sending me screenshots of stuff they posted on Facebook and how it gets removed cause community standards and they get banned for 30 days.

social media is great for networking for promoting shows and whatnot, but other than that, it's a sociological disease. get out while you still can. best thing I ever did.
[Sep 13,2017 5:30pm - grandmotherweb ""]
it is a straight-up crack addiction. honestly, being able to see posts but not comment on them is oddly refreshing.
[Sep 14,2017 3:20pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Attn: TST

The calls will continue, to both you and your lawyer, all day, every day, until your grasp of reality improves.

Is autism a "conspiracy of quack therapists," too? Let's ask some Christian Truthers what they think...
[Sep 14,2017 4:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]


[Sep 15,2017 6:52pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Paid a visit to the Salem Police Department today. They remembered me from my One-Person Peaceful Protest a year ago.

The next time TST feels like filming anyone without consent, particularly the organizer of a rape survivors' conference, they will be arrested.
[Sep 16,2017 7:43pm - grandmotherweb ""]


Do you know what they do in Chechnya, with gay people, who don't exist? "Cleanse your family's honor with blood!"

[Sep 19,2017 2:49pm - Dioside  ""]
Considering Satan is fake this entire thread is pointless.

Worshiping Satan is about as "REAL bro" as worshiping greek yogurt. Also without Jesus or a christian god...your Satan that you (the reader) think is boss, wouldn't even exist.

The sad part is these morons think they are fighting some worthwhile cause..

TST = Satan is real!!! Worship him or feel the wrath of this forced society we live in.

Antiwhatevers = You can't say that, you can't do that, stop that it's against my rights for you to do what you are giving for rights so stop abusing my rights while doing something that is in the right.

Christians = Hey don't worship satan worship god

Muslims = If you talk shit about our religion we beat you up/murder you because we have no reasonings.

Asians = We are asians let us make cheap product for you.
[Sep 19,2017 5:46pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Nowadays TST = Satan is metaphors! Psychics are fake! DID is the same as demonic possession which is also fake! Worship spokesman's testicles or be teabagged!
[Sep 19,2017 5:52pm - susurrate ""]
I've heard a pretty convincing "spiritualist"/psychic before. Well, two.

We had one woman come in to my work and all of her readings were vague as fuck so I assumed it was one of those "throw out generic shit until the person receiving the reading finds something that makes sense and then the psychic runs with it as the individual feeds them more subtle information to build a narrative.

However- This woman did tell my coworker that she had something following her that was always with her. What was following her appeared to be a short woman of asian descent doing something with her hands around the area of her chest. I called bullshit.

a year later, another individual came in. a guy who had no affiliation with anything besides a spiritualist church and didn't do personal readings. not from the local area like the other woman from before. this dude is in his 70's. big ass Irish dude who looks kinda like John Wayne with white hair. My coworker walks in and he does an epic double take. I think nothing of it. Later on in the day, he says to her... "you know... you have something that follows you. it's a dark mass but appears to be a small woman of asian descent and she is constantly clutching her heart behind you".

I freaked. So yeah, I have a bit of belief in *a small handful of* psychics as a result.

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