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i challenge TurtleBoy to a trolling wa-- ... oh, who the hell cares?

[Dec 7,2017 10:15am - grammawab  ""]

[Dec 7,2017 1:19pm - grandmotherweb ""]
i like turtles, too.


P.S. my driver's licence said 'M' for years, and I didn't even notice.
[Dec 11,2017 1:03pm - TURTLEBOY RKT BOIISSs  ""]
hahhaha get rkt turltesbois me-deee-aaaaaaaaaa....

Looks like bro dudes slamming their phones after heavy wharehouse work aren't stoked at all...no blog to be cool on and shame people on to make themselves not feel faggy in any way.

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