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Roy Moore Tried To Hold A Rally At A Barn Owned By An Alabama Child Sex Abuse Advocate

[Dec 7,2017 3:36pm - grandmotherweb ""]

'“While your center provides much needed support for sexually abused children, having an executive director who would support someone like Roy Moore, [Sherryl Walker] should be replaced,” a Facebook user identified as Elli Canterbury wrote on the center’s page. “No child or his/her family would ever trust you again.”
During a phone call later Thursday morning, Moore campaign spokesman Hannah Ford said the rally was still scheduled for Celebration at Jones Crossing. Ford then placed Newsweek briefly on hold before getting back on the phone to say the rally would no longer be held there.
At 11:35 a.m. on Thursday, the Moore campaign sent out an email announcing a new location for the “Drain the Swamp” rally: Jordan’s Activity Barn in Midland City, Alabama. (The email also said Moore and his wife, Kayla, would ride horses to their polling place in Gallant, Alabama.) Patsy Jordan of Jordan's Activity Barn confirmed the Moore rally would be held there and said she wasn't concerned about the high-profile controversy surrounding the race.'

ITT: Patsy's "Activity Barn"

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