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Charlitte is a faggit

[Jan 7,2018 3:54pm - sad and pathetic  ""]
pleez post her faggit stuffs
[Jan 7,2018 4:06pm - █nofficial S├TANIC T╦MPLE CrŘe  ""]
objectively basing this opinion upon the devastation she has caused in terms of the waning conversations she has imploded here, as well as her absolute mania and paranoid delusions, she needs some serious mental help and i really hope that she seeks it or someone can vouch for a section 12 on her behalf.

honestly she is worse than dead wily to this board. and i have it on good authority that 90% of thunderstool posts were fake thunderstools. what makes it worse is that she is responsible because she posts logged in.

she is the myrkur of returntothepit but way less attractive.

[Jan 7,2018 6:27pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Jan 8,2018 11:14am - eletric man  ""]
yeah yawn some more...#ssi scumbag
[Jan 8,2018 12:46pm - grandmotherweb ""]
kill yourself about it.
[Jan 8,2018 1:27pm - grandmotherweeb  ""]
Jesus, that's your only response to everything. "Blah blah kill yourself faggot." Christ. You're my worst alter.
[Jan 11,2018 5:47pm - ^^ jealous guys  ""]
How can she be a faggit when she has a vagina she is not queer or transitioning.

TST or turtleboy has not even typed anything relatively good about char or damaging...she is a trooper that takes all in stride...what a babe.

LOL @ the TRUE faggot who wasted time to make a unique char name...Satan is trash...satanism is trash...gods...books about gods...books that tell you how to live your life under a god / satan = trash..kys
[Jan 11,2018 7:18pm - eletric man  ""]
troll identified
[Jan 12,2018 10:11pm - GEL US GUISE  ""]
^^^ ok and? cock face TST member identified.

Has lucien given you a facial yet?
[Jan 13,2018 2:46pm - eletric man  ""]
Charlitte looks like someone set fire to her face and put it out with a chainsaw.
[Jan 13,2018 5:36pm - grandmotherweb ""]
hello, the poster formerly known as Hoser, currently known as Officer Jake DeWire...

or is "electric man" your new job since being outed on this forum a while back?
[Jan 15,2018 8:48am - eletric man  ""]
she looks like a old nawed up dog knot
[Jan 15,2018 10:27am - Some other dude  ""]
I heard yet ANOTHER rumor. Fact, I'm sure. Our little dirty underwear princess has been at it again!!!
[Jan 15,2018 12:32pm - grandmotherweb ""]
no idea WTF you're talking about. I am having fun trolling Ash Astaroth on Twitter, though:
[Jan 15,2018 6:30pm - eletric man  ""]
yeah she's been at the whole dirty underwear thing again...so disgusting.
[Jan 15,2018 7:05pm - grandmotherweb ""]
never happened, LOL.
[Jan 15,2018 7:56pm - Clean Undies  ""]
Hey guys just wondering whats going on in this thread...
[Jan 15,2018 9:21pm - bolt thrower lyrics  ""]
For victory !!!!
[Jan 17,2018 8:06am - grandmotherweeb  ""]
Not much. Just dreaming about the KNOT. Y'know? Thinking about putting my dirty undies in someone's bag to show I'm interested. Skid marks mean love right?

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