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Jun 14 (Thu) - Drive-By Bukkake (tour kickoff), American Burn, Graviton, Shroud - UnchArted (Lowell, MA)

Thu 6/14/18: Drive-By Bukkake, American Burn, Graviton, and Shroud at Uncharted in Lowell, MA

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[May 25,2018 5:39pm - BrianDBB ""]

Drive-By Bukkake (tour kickoff)
American Burn

Uncharted Gallery
103 Market street
Lowell, MA 01852
$5 | All Ages | 21+ Bar
Doors: 8pm
Show 8:30pm

[May 27,2018 12:20am - New Bassist for Fight Lion  ""]
You guys should do a few songs about the dirtier side of having intercourse.

Like when someone farts and it's not just a fart but they still continue fucking regardless of the mess that has come to light.

It would be interesting.
[Jun 8,2018 11:46am - BrianDBB ""]

Next week
[Jun 13,2018 7:33am - BrianDBB ""]
[Jun 13,2018 5:09pm - susurrate ""]

BrianDBB said:

Next week

what a flyer. road warriors!!!!
[Oct 2,2018 4:20am - anonymous  ""]
June has an event on it that was called American burn I love to watch this event it was my favorite this was happen in this city this year. I want to book my tickets for this that I got from review of edubirdie.com they are the organizer of this event and have access to sell the tickets.
[Oct 2,2018 12:14pm - Richard Simmons  ""]
This show is gay like me

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