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I challenge Adam Dodge to a trolling... ZZZZZZZZZZ...

[Mar 17,2019 8:42pm - Really funny  ""]
Would fuck again 11/10
[Mar 18,2019 7:49am - Aiden  ""]
ewwwww, she's NASTY
[Mar 18,2019 3:32pm - EM P TREE  ""]
Approaching 20k views...not bad although really bad and horrible.

AYDEN BRUH heard you have super small unit.
[Mar 18,2019 11:15pm - Goodness Gracious!!!  ""]
Can you imagine what she smells like?
[Mar 19,2019 10:19pm - grandmotherweb ""]
"@AutumnHawkes #ISSTDAC19 @ISSTD
Pseudoscience kills! Stop pretending to advocate for victims while ignoring science and history. The satanic panic is going to end.
@satanic_temple_ @LucienGreaves"

[Mar 19,2019 11:34pm - grandmotherweb ""]

"I now understand and often feel like giving up, wondering if people will believe what they say about me even though nothing they say is true. The Backlash use ‘skeptic’ techniques which are meant to put the question in people’s minds of whether I can be trusted. They intimidate by digging for dirt in my personal and professional life – and, when they can’t find any – they simply make up something ‘juicy’. It is disheartening that professional sites allow this to happen – despite their TOS which prohibits this."
[Mar 19,2019 11:40pm - grandmotherweb ""]
oh, look, it's TST's business model:

“Let's see...set up a nonprofit...ask for donations, ask people to work for you, but don't pay them a penny. After people volunteer for hours and hours, kick them out if they question you. Call yourself an expert...even though you hold no licecense of any sort in mental health. Claim you are a victim while victimizing others.”
[Mar 19,2019 11:47pm - grandmotherweb ""]
"One troll, Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves did a satanic ritual right on Amazon supposedly turning me in a Satanist.

They are now contacting people who might know me writing horrible emails to them slandering me under an array of different alias’ – pretending to be their friend. Well, you can imagine that they have done everything they can to get me to take IGDID.com down. Why? It is a support link for survivors of child abuse/exploitation. Keep in mind the original purpose of The Backlash – to isolate survivors and victims of child abuse/exploitation – to silence them."
[Mar 20,2019 1:04am - No tripple post baby  ""]
gmommy no tripple post bruh. as much as I love to clean you all over we can't have tripple posts being done here.

Everyone cares.
[Mar 20,2019 5:29pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I'm basically talking to myselves. you don't have to read my posts.

'Connecticut Judge: Attorney Marc Randazza Is Too Unethical To Represent Alex Jones

In January, the attorney filed what’s called a pro hac vice application to be added to the Sandy Hook case as an out-of-state lawyer. Judges routinely sign off on these applications. The Connecticut judge, however, swiftly rejected Randazza’s application, citing “serious misconduct” by the attorney. [...] The ruling was a humiliating setback for a lawyer who styles himself as a top free speech attorney. So was getting canned by his marquee client. Jones declared that he had no option, given the rejection of Randazza’s pro hac vice application, but to “choose new counsel untainted by the claims of misconduct.”'

let the record show that my posting about Marc Randazza on this forum is not to be misconstrued as an attempt to contact Marc Randazza.
[Mar 20,2019 6:28pm - grandmotherweb ""]

"Please do not reply to this message. You are clearly delusional and I would suggest help, though I think that you might believe you are beyond that. Most of the ‘facts’ you state are out of context designed to fit your confabulated rhetoric. You clearly do not have an understanding of this are and I can only hope you find your way out. Blessings- BKeyes

Benjamin B. Keyes, Ph.D., Ed.D.
Director of Training and Internship- Eastern States
Director Center for Trauma and Resiliency Studies
Executive Director Green Cross Academy of Traumatology
Divine Mercy University"

let the record show that my posting about Benjamin B. Keyes, Ph.D., Ed.D., on this forum is not to be misconstrued as an attempt to contact him.
please do not reply to this post.
[Mar 20,2019 6:38pm - nobody cares  ""]
Hey dude, or lady, or Ze, or whatever the fuck you identify as.

[Mar 20,2019 10:02pm - Oh cmon ffs  ""]
DUDE your DOXXING this forum now.

We can't have anything fun around here.

In closing fuck you tbs for causing this and gmommy sign the wavier bitch
[Mar 26,2019 8:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Mar 27,2019 7:49am - Guess what?  ""]
[Mar 29,2019 3:34pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Mar 29,2019 4:54pm - Guess what?  ""]
[Mar 29,2019 8:08pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Mar 30,2019 8:03am - Guess what?  ""]
[Mar 30,2019 11:02pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Mar 31,2019 7:57am - HAHA  ""]
[Mar 31,2019 8:01am - HAHA  ""]
[Mar 31,2019 10:42am - grandmotherweb ""]
[Apr 1,2019 3:33pm - HAHA  ""]
[Apr 1,2019 9:58pm - Thank you for all the helpo  ""]
This is a good supportive place. I feel loved here.
[Apr 3,2019 1:46pm - synth wave finally hit metal scene circa 2010  ""]
[Apr 3,2019 3:16pm - Leach  ""]
Aiden Graves Lucien Kearney here......

[Apr 3,2019 3:19pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Apr 3,2019 5:52pm - Leach  ""]
[Apr 3,2019 6:22pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Apr 3,2019 6:48pm - Leach  ""]
[Apr 5,2019 12:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[Apr 5,2019 3:23pm - Leach  ""]
[Apr 5,2019 3:27pm - Leach  ""]
[Apr 5,2019 3:29pm - Leach  ""]
[Apr 5,2019 3:30pm - Leach  ""]
Just spoke with all of the preceding persons. None of them cared.
[Apr 5,2019 4:25pm - grandmotherweb ""]
you are making stuff up for attention, as usual, whoever you are. why would that channel feature my comment if they don't care?
[Apr 5,2019 5:04pm - CHECKING THE FUCK OUTA SEE YU  ""]

[Apr 5,2019 5:30pm - Ouch  ""]
The only person around here that seems to need attention is you, Gmotherweb. I don't think that anyone makes anything up for attention by outing you. I just think that you've been punked.
[Apr 6,2019 2:11pm - grandmotherweb ""]
there's nothing to "out" about me. I am totally up-front about my identity, unlike you anon cowards.
[Apr 6,2019 7:18pm - Ouch  ""]
[Apr 6,2019 9:24pm - grandmotherweb ""]

bye-bye, LOL
[Apr 7,2019 10:16am - Ouch  ""]

grandmotherweb said:there's nothing to "out" about me. I am totally up-front about my identity, unlike you anon cowards.

Wait, which identity? Don't you have like 14 or some bullshit like that?
[Apr 7,2019 12:24pm - grandmotherweb ""]
at least. if you don't like it, kill yourself.
[Apr 8,2019 7:12am - Ouch  ""]
So, which of your bullshit attention seeking identities am I speaking with right now? The one thats LGBTQFARKJUHGVCDS++ non binary clompastic swizzle?
[Apr 8,2019 7:19pm - grandmotherweb ""]
you're babbling for attention again. seek professional help.
[Apr 9,2019 6:53am - Ouch  ""]
Who's giving me attention?
[Apr 9,2019 6:54am - Ouch  ""]
Which one of the 3 people in total that still visit this site?
[Apr 9,2019 10:34am - grandmotherweb ""]
your mom
[Apr 9,2019 3:20pm - Ouch  ""]
Well I'm glad that I at least have her, because she frequents this site often. Oh and she is a "her" as she has ovaries. She's not mentally ill enough to think that there are more than 2 genders.

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