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Grandma Puffleflag of Bereavement appreesh

[Oct 8,2018 12:34pm - RTTP secretary of gender studies  ""]
Shout out to Grandma Puffleflag of Bereavement for completing their "turn into a sniveling snowflake the first time I'm corrected" merit badge.
[Oct 8,2018 11:21pm - Crap Toilet Piss  ""]
Hey guys what is going on in this thread.

PS. ps ps spss
[Oct 8,2018 11:21pm - Dan Robinson Nigger Mentality Detector  ""]
[Oct 8,2018 11:24pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I have no idea what this is
[Oct 8,2018 11:26pm - Crap Toilet Piss  ""]
I got a merit badge for fucking myself with larger dildos.
[Oct 11,2018 11:57pm - Chief Wiggum  ""]

grandmotherweb said:I have no idea what this is

It isn't about you for once. Move along.

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