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Ralph’s sued for not paying royalties for shit music

[Nov 8,2018 10:59pm - RTTP LEGAL DEPT  ""]
[Nov 10,2018 12:38pm - grandmotherweb ""]
the shows must go on.
[Nov 10,2018 2:04pm - susurrate ""]
not going to read the article, but iirc, anecdotally, ascap threatens to do this all the time to venues who won't pay an absurd amount of money to them. sometimes stems from the dad band that plays every other weekend that covered sweet child of mine once. but more often, it's usually just ascap unable to prove any covers are happening, but extorting venue owners by claiming that they COULD be happening and probably ARE because they have live entertainment and even if the venue says no covers, what if a band plays one anyway, and the only way to for the venue to protect themselves is to pay the absurd amount of money and fucking splitting hair after splitting hair it's really just a bunch of bullshit.
[Nov 10,2018 2:05pm - susurrate ""]
changed my mind and skimmed. surprised the licenses are as cheap as they are. i recalled hearing much higher figures.

"Mr. Wagener said the copyrighted material mentioned in the complaint was played Aug. 1-2 during a karaoke event held at Ralph’s."

[Nov 12,2018 10:07pm - Pires ""]
AS220 refuses to pay this dumb fee. I remember bands not even being able to warm up with cover songs or the sound guy would lose his shit haha.

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