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here's hoping that Christians all get wiped out by Coronavirus

[Mar 23,2020 3:26pm - grandmotherweb ""]
they certainly don't get any less stupid with time

#BoomerDoomer #PedoPlague


'While other congregations across Ohio are encouraging their worshipers to stay home and worship online to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Solid Rock Church held in-person services Sunday morning and evening in Warren County. [...]

While the church’s pews were not filled to capacity for either Sunday service, the live stream showed the church’s choir and congregants standing next to one another and those delivering remarks appeared to share microphones.

Congregants and leaders prayed together, heads inclined toward one another while sitting on the steps to the stage during the morning service. Some people could be seen shaking hands after the service ended.

The 93-minute broadcast was removed from the church’s Facebook page following the service, also wiping out the comments it generated. The church is known nationwide for its iconic “Lux Mundi” statue of Jesus, and its predecessor, which was struck by lightning in June 2010.

Supporters of Solid Rock commented on Facebook that Bishop was “fearless” and asked that “God bless him with boldness.” Others said his actions were “more like reckless” and questioned “what’s bold about unnecessarily exposing people?”

“Why would people of God put a congregation in danger like that?” a third person wrote.'

[Mar 23,2020 4:36pm - #Facts  ""]
Gee, it seems you're stalking Christians and plotting their murder. Sounds familiar...

You are a pedophile, your father who you are trying to become was a pedophile, you said he raised you in a cult, "trained to kill" in your own words. Ooooo, so scary.

You so hate yourself that you're trying to become someone else - Your father, the pedophile who you were only capable of turning off. How sad! Womp womp.

BTW, this "coronavirus" is yet another variation of the common cold. The hype is strictly for brainwashing purposes. I see you bought into it, having a history of such as you've expressly stated.
[Mar 23,2020 4:48pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Christians murder themselves by being stupid and breaking quarantine

grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:you are a pedo, and you're about to find out what happens to pedos who get outed on this forum.

[Mar 23,2020 4:56pm - WTF DUDE  ""]
HAHAHAHAHAHA there it is! Was waiting for her next stupid post. Who wins this lottery?
[Mar 23,2020 4:59pm - WE WIN  ""]
[Mar 23,2020 5:01pm - grandmotherweb ""]
you're all sitting at home watching "The Charlotte Show", because your lives are completely meaningless.

try masturbating to my Youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/grandmotherweb/videos
[Mar 23,2020 5:13pm - #Facts  ""]
LOL So if we break quarantine, we're murdering ourselves, but if we sit home, our lives are "completely meaningless."
Which is it, Charbacca: Are you breaking quarantine or at home?
[Mar 23,2020 5:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:you are a pedo, and you're about to find out what happens to pedos who get outed on this forum.

[Mar 23,2020 7:22pm - #Facts  ""]
LOLOL Meaningless life it is, thank you for answering within two minutes, LOLOL

Good luck on your "transition" to becoming your pedo dad who never loved you, not even with his penis like you wanted.

Womp wooooooooomp
[Mar 23,2020 10:21pm - Is this  ""]
Is this the underpants girl?
[Mar 24,2020 9:47am - Is this  ""]
Read something about her trying to get into that satanic cult by mean of tossing a dirty pair of undies into some dude's bag.....like a pheromone thing or something? Then something about ancestors? This is all too weird. I mean, look at these people!

[Mar 24,2020 11:10am - #Facts  ""]
Charbacca is talking to her selves again it appears, begging for attention.
[Mar 25,2020 6:47am - Iggy L'Piggy  ""]
She gross. Who would touch that?
[Mar 25,2020 7:01am - grandmotherweb ""]
your mom
[Mar 25,2020 11:09am - Iggy L‘Piggy  ""]
[Mar 25,2020 1:35pm - grandmotherweb ""]
your mom was a good one last night
[Mar 25,2020 5:43pm - Iggy L‘Piggy  ""]
[Mar 25,2020 6:53pm - grandmotherweb ""]

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