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Started Insanity again while stuck at home.

[Mar 24,2020 7:55pm - the_reverend ""]
Started insanity. Last time I did I was before I put on 40-50lbs weight lifting. I haven't done any cardio since Oct 2017.
Day One: Fit Test
Switch Kicks= sucked
Power Jack= 42
Pound? Round? idk what I wrote:8
Pushup jacks=17
Obliques=18 (or 36 if both side counts)

then I did 3x8 135lb deadlifts
[Mar 24,2020 7:58pm - the_reverend ""]
day 2: plyometric cuircut and I died. Then I did 3x8 135lbs deadlifts, hip thrusts, floor bench, and pendlay row.
[Mar 25,2020 6:21pm - the_reverend ""]
day 3: cardio power and resistance... such side stitches.
[Mar 26,2020 6:13pm - the_reverend ""]
Day 4: Cardio recovery. That sucks.

[Mar 27,2020 4:29pm - the_reverend ""]
Day 5: pure cardio. dripping. Even my muscly upper boobs were jiggling.
[Mar 29,2020 11:43am - the_reverend ""]
Did day 6 yesterday. By the end of it, I was starting tk get into a groove. Exhausted though.
[Mar 30,2020 8:24pm - the_reverend ""]
Week 2, day 1: cardio P&R. I almost made it through 2 of the warm up rounds without stopping. Closes I've been to puking. My right knee also hurt. Doing this in my mid 40's is much harder than when I didn't it in my mid-30's.
[Mar 30,2020 8:33pm - Packer  ""]
Do you want to work out together, we can do it naked.
[Apr 1,2020 7:42pm - the_reverend ""]
I did Week 2, day 2: Pure cardio yesterday, but when I started today, I got a wicked bad headache. Going to do it in the am.

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