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Hypocrisy / Krisiun / Aborted / Arsis tour 2013 (May 2nd in CT) [News] [Show Listing][Views=130447][Replies=36]
Mar 1,2013 1:57am by Spence     last post: Oct 13,2018 10:23am by anonymous
Tsunami Sound [Views=1391][Replies=18]
Sep 15,2004 9:43am by Joe/NotCommon     last post: Aug 26,2018 11:38pm by TST REPS TST REPS TST REPS
Kim Kelly at it again, making a story out of nothing for attention [Views=2158][Replies=10]
Jan 7,2016 3:26pm by Shut the fuck up     last post: Aug 26,2018 2:54pm by Mazio
Where's my mommy? [pg. 1|2|3|4|5][Views=9492][Replies=230]
Jun 3,2018 2:48pm by Kristi Stoyak's first kid     last post: Sep 20,2018 11:36pm by reeled_shutup_fagg0t
21.25 - RTTP is on air. [RadioShow][Views=317][Replies=2]
Feb 19,2018 9:04pm by the_reverend     last post: Feb 21,2018 12:52pm by the_reverend
Bloodborne [videogame][Views=1172][Replies=13]
Feb 8,2018 5:03pm by susurrate     last post: Sep 4,2018 11:12pm by Colin Kappernicker
How fucking dare you try to rob us of our innocence. You tried to rape me back in Aug 2015 and I have kept quiet until now. I have some friends in Antifa and I have told them about your bands and what you are all about. They will be showing up at the events that any of your bands are a part of and any event you set up distro at. You are a loser and have to rape to get any action and this is a metal scene where us girls are practically handing ourselves over to you men. But your not a man. You are a little que [Views=457][Replies=5]
Jan 22,2018 9:06am by John Dwyer Rapist     last post: Jan 24,2018 2:22am by ODDTOPSEA_SEXSEXSEX
John Down-syndrome Dwyer, I am want to smack your skull when I see you down in Newport you lousy coward [Views=326][Replies=5]
Jan 22,2018 9:04am by John Dwyer Rapist     last post: Jan 24,2018 2:30am by ODDTOPSEA_SEXSEXSEX
John Dwyer and his anal play with GI JOES And his dumb Metal Cage appearances back in the day when I used to request that he played my FART demo but he was too busy trying out his Bisexual experiences and hanging with couples as a 3rd wheel in New Bedford and Newport. [Views=262][Replies=4]
Jan 18,2018 8:59am by FART     last post: Jan 24,2018 2:38am by ODDTOPSEA_SEXSEXSEX
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