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Jul 28 (Fri) - Solium Fatalis, Soul Remnants, Boarcorpse & Garroted - Jewel (Manchester , NH)

Jul 29 (Sat) - Z 28...PSYCHO...MUCOPHAGUS...THE UNDER - Cantab Lounge (Cambridge, MA)

Aug 3 (Thu) - D.R.I. /SUNLORD /WREAK /REASON TO FIGHT / DISTRESSOR - Alchemy - 71 Richmond Street, 2nd Floor - Providence, RI 02903 +

Aug 4 (Fri) - Parasitic Ejaculation, Party Cannon, Torturous Inception, Crepitation, Conforza, Grind of the Dead, Drive-By Bukkake, Begat the Nephilim, and The Last King - Bungalow Bar & Grill (Manchester, NH)

Aug 5 (Sat) - Clan of Dyad, Tovarish, Megog, Earthworm Von Doom, Merciless Hun - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Aug 10 (Thu) - Sauron (Michigan), Lethal Shock (Chicago), High Command, & Ekbombs - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Aug 18 (Fri) - Nemesis (North Carolina), Sadistic Ritual (Georgia), Black Mass, Goblet - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Aug 18 (Fri) - Raven/DBW tour with special guests Reckless Force +more TBA - Jewel (Manchester , NH)

Aug 20 (Sun) - Mortem (Perú), Barbarian (Italy), Peucharist (VT), Vile Desecration (TN) - Ralph's Chadwick Square Rock Club (Worcester, MA)

Aug 27 (Sun) - TESTA DURA (itl/usa), Leash, Sunshine Ward, Combatant - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Aug 31 (Thu) - WITCHTRAP (Colombia), I,Destroyer, Apollyon & Toxic Cross - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Sep 12 (Tue) - SLAUGHTBBATH (CHILE)...COMMUNION (CHILE)...SLUTVOMIT (WA)..and PSYCHO.... - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Sep 30 (Sat) - Blood Feast (NJ Thrash Legends), Ravage, Reckless Force, Fit To Swing - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

Oct 13 (Fri) - IN TO THE AETHER: A Festival of Sound w/Unearthly Trance, Longpig + more - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Oct 14 (Sat) - IN TO THE AETHER: A Festival of Sound w/Unearthly Trance, Longpig + more - SPACE Gallery (Portland, ME)

Nov 11 (Sat) - ATTACKER (NJ First New England show in 32 years), Seax, I Destroyer, Graviton, & Iron Will - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)
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