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Nov 18 (Sat) - Noisemageddon day 2 Malignacy NY, dech charge can, holy cost can, bubblegum octopus, ground NJ, psytoxua NY, street feet NY, psycho, gorepedo, horrible earth, eaten, exposed as rot, intheshit, earthworm von doom, Mary Todd, augrah, iron gag, wilzyx, worst days, gonerea face - Bungalow Manchester NH +

Nov 18 (Sat) - FERAL, CONCLAVE, Garroted, Bloodborn - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Nov 24 (Fri) - RUIN, The Great North, Devils Nite Out - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Nov 25 (Sat) - PSYCHO, Cryostasium, Prom Night Dumpster Baby, TBA - UnchArted (Lowell, MA)

Nov 25 (Sat) - Exclave, Willzyx, Flooding Panama, Machine Moon - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Dec 1 (Fri) - SYLVIA, Lord Almighty, Replacire, Obsidian Tongue - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Dec 2 (Sat) - MARTYRVORE....PSYCHO....TARANTULA TBA....GONORREAH FACE... - Cantab Lounge (Cambridge, MA)

Dec 8 (Fri) - Stillborn Condition, Crypitus, Angel slayeR, Imipolex - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Dec 9 (Sat) - Jimmy Jacked, LIMBS BIN, Knife Worship, Quiet Warning - Geno's (Portland, ME)

Jan 2 (Tue) - FALLS OF RAUROS, Immortal Bird, Infera Bruo - Empire (Portland, ME)
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