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New Ravage music for the first time in almost 10 years... [Views=11][Replies=0]
Jun 24,2018 4:26pm by MetalGuuuuy060F     last post: Jun 24,2018 4:26pm by MetalGuuuuy060F
My band called: leechhead666 [AD] [news article][Views=493][Replies=6]
Mar 3,2018 8:18pm by leechhead666     last post: Jun 24,2018 4:12pm by susurrate
Vinnie Paul Dead at 54 [News][Views=122][Replies=5]
Jun 23,2018 12:31am by Suddenly a fan     last post: Jun 24,2018 12:44am by Tha Shiznit
Composted - Plump Up The Volume (2015) [Views=320][Replies=4]
Apr 3,2018 10:38am by Composted     last post: Jun 23,2018 11:51pm by AUTOPSY_666
Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape (2017) [bandcamp][Views=37][Replies=1]
Jun 21,2018 8:58am by Phrenelith     last post: Jun 23,2018 11:50pm by AUTOPSY_666
grandmotherweb has no life! [pg. 1|2|3|4|5|6|7][Views=15293][Replies=338]
Mar 21,2018 3:24pm by Trvth     last post: Jun 23,2018 7:17pm by grandmotherweb
Doom 4 [videogame][Views=1022][Replies=1]
Jun 15,2015 10:14am by Alx_Casket     last post: Jun 23,2018 3:16pm by susurrate
Vinnie Paul of Hellyeah fame is dead [News][Views=130][Replies=4]
Jun 23,2018 12:30am by susurrate     last post: Jun 23,2018 2:22pm by Sucks
Cryostasium - "The Possessor" EP [Views=113][Replies=3]
May 27,2018 7:55am by Strep_Cunt     last post: Jun 23,2018 9:49am by Strep_Cunt
Vincent LaGuardia Gambini - "Sings Just For You" [1998] [Views=48][Replies=2]
Jun 22,2018 6:15pm by susurrate     last post: Jun 23,2018 8:50am by Bandcamp troll

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