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Venom (2018) [movie][Views=24][Replies=1]
Oct 14,2018 2:55pm by the_reverend     last post: Oct 14,2018 8:06pm by spoiled
i challenge TurtleBoy to a trolling wa-- ...oh, who the hell cares? [pg. 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9][Views=65567][Replies=408]
Jul 17,2017 2:39pm by grandmotherweb     last post: Oct 13,2018 11:48pm by Gdaddyweb
Hypocrisy / Krisiun / Aborted / Arsis tour 2013 (May 2nd in CT) [News] [Show Listing][Views=130302][Replies=36]
Mar 1,2013 1:57am by Spence     last post: Oct 13,2018 10:23am by anonymous
Emissions From The Monolith Update [News] [Show Listing][Views=35405][Replies=4]
Jan 23,2005 9:38pm by whiskey_weed_and_women     last post: Oct 13,2018 8:43am by Amelie Duggan
News Article: barbara bush "let them eat cake" [news article][Views=1445][Replies=12]
Sep 6,2005 9:43am by the_reverend     last post: Oct 13,2018 7:26am by BradleyRichards
Marshmallow Bunnies - No Longer In Exile (2012) [bandcamp][Views=15][Replies=0]
Oct 12,2018 12:13pm by Marshmallow Bunnies     last post: Oct 12,2018 12:13pm by Marshmallow Bunnies
Superchrist - Defenders of the Filth (2009) [bandcamp][Views=15][Replies=0]
Oct 12,2018 10:15am by Superchrist     last post: Oct 12,2018 10:15am by Superchrist
isohunt.com is no more :( [Views=2333][Replies=27]
Apr 10,2010 11:01am by menstrual_sweatpants_disco     last post: Oct 12,2018 4:44am by LindaRuby
Local Rapists in local bands? [Views=597][Replies=16]
Sep 25,2018 2:41pm by JessieSlaughterGoat     last post: Oct 11,2018 11:58pm by Local rape apologists in bands
Grandma Puffleflag of Bereavement appreesh [Views=105][Replies=5]
Oct 8,2018 12:34pm by RTTP secretary of gender studies     last post: Oct 11,2018 11:57pm by Chief Wiggum

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