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Hey Aaron!!! CWAF on RTTP?

[Oct 12,2004 9:40pm - Bradness ""]
Dec. 13th?

[Oct 14,2004 6:37pm - Bradness ""]
[Oct 14,2004 7:15pm - BestialOnslaught ""]
Do it.
[Oct 14,2004 7:48pm - succubus ""]
[Oct 14,2004 8:00pm - the_reverend ""]
dec 13th, you got it.
now make the red sox not cancel simpsons.
[Oct 14,2004 10:41pm - Bradness ""]
email me the info(time you want us there, etc)
we'll put together our rider. Mostly we want chubby pickles. I want a sausage.

those fucks need to lose, i need the Simpsons back!!
[Apr 11,2010 1:30am - BSV  ""]
listening to this set yet again. fucking great band. i miss CWAF.
[Apr 11,2010 1:43am - IllinoisEnemaBradness ""]
AWE, thanks mang. Revvy Poo still hasn't done the band appreciation thing fo r any Weymouth bands, freakin NAzi
[Apr 11,2010 10:07am - whiskey_weed_and_women ""]
greatest grind band to come from mass. long live weymouth rock.
[Apr 12,2010 3:28pm - s.axl.beckett  ""]
All those related bands were awesome. Kevorkian's Angels, Watchmaker, CWAF. Thoroughly enjoyed playing with all of those bands. Oh and don't forget about Militionary.
[Apr 12,2010 3:37pm - DreadKill ""]
militianary might've been the best of thge bunch. i enjoyed that band a lot.
[Apr 12,2010 5:56pm - bradness so totally at work  ""]
MILITIANARY was the balls. i was rocking their demo the other day. S. Axl, what band were you in?
[Apr 13,2010 12:51pm - s.axl.beckett  ""]

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