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new nightingale album is great

[Nov 10,2004 11:17am - dreadkill ""]
just got it yesterday. dan swano is the best.
[Nov 10,2004 11:48am - dyingmuse ""]
wow a new one? damn

i didn't really care for the last 2 but breathing shadows and the closing cronicles were awesome...how is the new one compared?

he went a bit too rocky for me lately, is it worth buying?


cool news though
[Nov 10,2004 12:31pm - dreadkill ""]
it is similar to the last album, so you might not like it. it's well done. i like the prog rockin sound. i have the new bloodbath too but i haven't really gotten into it yet. the songs aren't as catchy as the last bloodbath album. i need to listen a little more to it before i make a judgement.
[Jul 25,2015 11:30am - boblovesmusic ""]
the new Nightingale album Retribution is fantastic! Honestly might be in my fav of them

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