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early immortal video, download for awesome hilarity

[Nov 19,2004 5:34am - damnose ""]

Apparently, Immortal did a one-off video in 1992 for a Norwegian tv show. I can't imagine how that came about, but the results were hilarious. It's worth the download for the witch hat alone.

Abbath has said the video was a stupid thing to do, and they were "kind of confused back then." (or drunk I assume). When something is so bad that even Immortal is embarrased by it, you know it has to be good...

[Nov 19,2004 8:04am - lynneaus ""]
:O thats my fav immortal song.... ill have to download it when i get home
[Nov 19,2004 8:44am - Abbath ""]
ya i've seen this a long ass time ago, and my mouth just dropped
enjoy the dude banger in the cape and wizard hat!
[Nov 19,2004 9:30am - litacore ""]
I don't have a soundcard but heh-heh, that is priceless

that video should be played in a loop on every TV screen in the universe, for years on end. Can you imagine. Pre-empt "The Apprentice" or better yet one of those Al-Zarqawi videos they dig so much on Al-Jazeera.
[Nov 19,2004 1:06pm - litacore ""]
this was so good, I think I have to watch it again
[Nov 19,2004 1:23pm - grindwhore666 ""]
i saw pics from this, but now i will download
[Nov 19,2004 1:27pm - litacore ""]
I like when they alternate shots of them posing in the doorway

and fake-running down the hill

and coming out from behind the tree--BOO!
[Nov 19,2004 1:37pm - damnose ""]
hahaha. i'm still trying to figure out what's going on. one minute they're chasing and threatening the witch hat guy, the next they're posing with him and looking evil.

yeah, those doorway shots are priceless. and the scene where the blonde guy looks like goldilocks in corpsepaint
[Nov 19,2004 1:43pm - BobNOMAAMRooney ""]
Abbath did his fire breathing 11 times in that video. 8 times in the first minute alone. I never thought this would happen,
Fire Breathing is now passe.
[Nov 19,2004 2:02pm - PaganMegan ""]
this computer is being gay I can't get the thing to download arghhhh
[Nov 19,2004 2:06pm - litacore ""]
i'd send it but it's like 25 mb

I hope someone has this on tape somewhere
[Nov 19,2004 2:53pm - PaganMegan ""]
me too I've got to see it
[Nov 19,2004 2:55pm - retzam ""]
I thought Demonaz was the one who breathes fire? Anyway, yes this video is hilarious, I saw it 4 or 5 months ago (and still have it on my computer). There is also one for Grim And Frostbitten Kingdoms which is pretty funny (and has Hellhammer in it), but my favorite is the one for Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark), because 1) they are on a fjörd the whole time, 2) after the acoustic section, when the wall of unintelligible sound comes back in, Abbath runs across said fjörd to join Demonaz at the other side, and rock in grim glory, 3) even though they are supposed to be playing the music the whole time (they have their instruments, as opposed to a storyline video or something), there is no one playing drums and they are just coming out of nowhere, and of course the axes aren't plugged into anything, 4) Abbath is horrible at lipsyncing and "bass"syncing, and 5) their rediculous facial expressions.
[Nov 19,2004 2:56pm - jesusfucker ""]
I'll have to download this when I get home.
I love Immortal. Listening to them right now.
[Nov 19,2004 3:05pm - PaganMegan ""]
hell yeah immortal fucking rule
[Nov 19,2004 3:07pm - litacore ""]
retzam said:...Abbath runs across said fjörd to join Demonaz at the other side, and rock in grim glory...

hahaha, wow. I want
[Nov 19,2004 3:13pm - grindwhore666 ""]
haha when they are waiting for their que then start rocking out by that tree right at the 3 minutes time
[Nov 19,2004 3:53pm - retzam ""]
litacore said:retzam said:...Abbath runs across said fjörd to join Demonaz at the other side, and rock in grim glory...

hahaha, wow. I want

HAHAHA dude, it's hilarious, my aim is Retzam, so just im me sometime and i'll send it to you.
[Nov 19,2004 3:54pm - dan.  ""]
you ever see that hecate enthroned video where they are walking around the woods and randomly pose...and they got that shiny halloween cheap ass corpse paint on..and they obviously are in one of their backyards....and they got the fog machine coming out of the goblet...oh man
[Nov 19,2004 3:55pm - litacore ""]
will do, thanks!
[Nov 19,2004 3:57pm - retzam ""]
litacore said:will do, thanks! Maybe I have some old live bootlegs I can trade ya (it's typical 80's shit you probably already have--Slayer, Venom, Mentors)

I have no bootlegs by those bands actually, my bootleg collection is quite small, it consists of 6 Opeth bootlegs and a Led Zeppelin bootleg. Hahaha, I'll take a Slayer one though. I would just give it to you man, but you offered music, so I'll take it :NEWHORNS:. I'm on right now, but I'm leaving in less than 5 minutes, so I can't send it to you right now.
[Nov 19,2004 4:42pm - sealed_with_a_Bullet ""]
I think the hecate enthroned video is Ode from a haunted wood, and it's also hilarious. I bought a bunch of these videos off ebay a few years ago. I don't know how you can make amazing music and not realize that your videos not evil it's gay.
[Nov 19,2004 4:46pm - litacore ""]
well it's like those top ten gayest black metal pics, they must not realize in certain cases how silly they can be. It's like Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.

don't get me wrong, the metal more than makes up for it, and it does serve as comic relief
[Nov 19,2004 5:20pm - humanbonedeathmachine  ""]
[Nov 19,2004 5:22pm - dan.  ""]
wait a minute...was that an anti-kiss meets the phantom of the park sentiment i just read?
[Nov 19,2004 7:22pm - dyingmuse ""]
this may be why i hate black metal! ohhh man, that was bad!
[Nov 19,2004 8:28pm - dunwich ""]
Awesome! I saw this years ago and I thought I must have imagined it in retrospect. I've been hoping to run across it again.
[Nov 19,2004 9:27pm - mOe  ""]
this video further lets me know that my theory on Black Metal is scientifically true....
Black Metal is for fags
[Nov 20,2004 11:52am - Abbath ""]
Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) is by far the greatest bm video in the universe, so hillarious it turns bad ass (next too "Mother North")
[Dec 12,2004 5:54am - minotaurus  ""]
i had withstand the fall of time video once,but i can't find it anymore.it was on some russian fan page,something like narod.ru...if anyone knows whre i can find it please post on minotaurus@net.hr.Black fuckin' metal!!!!!!

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