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TOMORROW in PVD Fucked Up! /Urban Blight/ Short.Fast.Dead./Contempt For Humanity - AS220 8pm SHARP, $7

AS220 (Providence, RI) - [contempt_for_humanity][fucked_up!][short.fast.dead][urban_blight]
[show listing]  _______________________________________
[Dec 28,2004 3:09pm - armageddonday ""]
Fucked Up! plays very energetic old school hardcore, they're from Canada.
Urban Blight plays hardcore as well, Canada
Short.Fast.Dead. play some kind of Void meets Black Flag hybrid, new drummer, first show with him
Contempt For Humanity is a total Discharge worship band and they do it very well.

AS220 115 Empire St, in PVD 8pm $7 all ages drink with ID
[Dec 28,2004 3:38pm - the_reverend ""]
I'm thinking of being there
[Dec 28,2004 3:42pm - succubus ""]
[Dec 28,2004 3:43pm - armageddonday ""]
I think that would be sweet, there's nothing going on in town for the next week or 2, so people are going to show up, just bring an umbrella for your camera and beer jacket for you.
[Dec 28,2004 3:44pm - succubus ""]
did no one get my joke eh?
[Dec 28,2004 3:47pm - armageddonday ""]
No I really didn't.
[Dec 28,2004 3:54pm - succubus ""]

[Dec 28,2004 4:49pm - SuperFly ""]
i get it, canadians eh.
[Dec 28,2004 4:54pm - SuperFly ""]
fuck canada by the way. canadian border patrol can eat my shit!
[Dec 29,2004 3:12pm - armageddonday ""]
I second that.
[Dec 29,2004 3:24pm - the_reverend ""]
I'll be passing the border patrol in like 24 hours.
I'll be crossing over the RI border in 3-5 hours.
[Dec 29,2004 6:01pm - the_reverend ""]
I'm leaving for this now.
[Dec 30,2004 1:26am - the_reverend ""]
I'm at home working on the pictures.
they should be uploading shortly.
[Dec 30,2004 1:49am - the_reverend ""]
the night started off at like 9:30-10ish. all but one of the bands was there early. the 2 canadian bands were super late, stressing out annmageddon. but finally, they showed up and the show went on.

contempt for humanity: granted I'm not the biggest discharge fan, but they made fun of ann for saying that about them on the flyers. I think they sounded like fear if you take out the campy "let's have beer" lyrics. I'm sure if you could hear all the words to sing along, it would be almost as fun as fear.

short.fast.dead: not really the shortest songed band as the name would point to. they played noisey hardcore. the drummer was new, but alot of what he did was spazzy and almost off-time fast with the rest of the band. at one point, someone started to mosh and knocked out the guitar. I thought blakefall was in the band cause the singer kept saying "I need blake here", but he was just there for scenery, I guess.

urban blight: from canada; I'm guessing toronto area. they should have named themselves short.fast.dead. their songs were all at most 1 minute. they would definitly fit in with all the bands that play s.e. hardcore bands that played last time I was at the AS220. if they come around again, they should talk to drug test or one of those bands for a show in new hampshire. they had to borrow contempt for humanity's equipment cause US boarder regs suck.

fucked up!: also from canada. I guess a bunch of people came down from albany to see them. there were a lot of faces there that I've never seen before. energetic was an understatment. they sounded good even though the guitar stage left was cutting out for one song. the crowd really got into them and was jumping all over each other, reminded me a lot of the old metcafe days in providence.
[Dec 30,2004 12:40pm - armageddonday ""]
Yeah that was a good one. Stressfull but good. Note: the guitar player from Contempt For Humanity is my roomate, and I'm sorry they do sound like Discharge nothing's wrong about this, beside the fact that Big Steve doesn't want to be compared to Discharge even though it's one of his favorite band...
I don't get it.
[Dec 30,2004 7:13pm - pessimist ""]
nothing wrong with Discharge
[Jan 1,2005 9:31am - tha rev, eh?  ""]
there are some discharges that are band.. mostly due to STDs or like when a hand gun discharges into someone you like.. but the band is aces.

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