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narcokleptocracy: drug money-funded Peruvian death metal?

[Jan 25,2005 5:05am - damnose ""]
OED Online Word of the Day

narcokleptocracy, n. DRAFT ENTRY June 2003

Brit. /{smm}n{fata}{lm}k{schwa}{shtu}kl{ope}p{sm}t{rfa}kr{schwa}si/, U.S. /{sm}{smm}n{fata}rko{shtu}{smm}kl{ope}p{sm}t{fata}kr{schwa}si/ [< NARCO- + KLEPTOCRACY n. Cf. slightly later NARCOCRACY n.]

An elite or dominant group of people whose wealth derives from the trade in illegal drugs and other organized criminal activities; a government dominated by such a group. Cf. NARCOCRACY n. 2.

1981 Newsweek 23 Nov. 79/1 Together they form what one diplomat calls a ‘narcokleptocracy’ reaping a fortune from cocaine and other contraband. 1989 Los Angeles Times (Nexis) 15 Aug. II. 7/1 As the U.S. Senate's subcommittee on terrorism, narcotics and international operations reported in mid-April: ‘Panama's democracy has been stolen’ as Noriega presides over the hemisphere's first ‘narcokleptocracy’. 1995 Chicago Tribune (Nexis) 2 July C2 It's a term..transplanted from the narcokleptocracies (cabals of cops, pols, law enforcers in cahoots with drug dealers) of South and Central America.
[Jan 25,2005 1:17pm - humanbonedeathmachine  ""]
[Jan 25,2005 1:19pm - pisscup ""]
you should copyright that shit

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