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a lesson before dying on tour looking for shows aug 11-14 in dc/va area

[Jun 19,2003 5:10pm - xxxdfdDMxxx ""]
hey there my name is DM i'm the bassist of the band a lesson before dying. we are tour from july 31st to aug 16th. we are tour with the band into the looking glass. if anyone can help us with a show it will be greatly appreciated, on 11-14 of august. we are metalcore bands that enjoy bringing the mosh. we are also looking for shows on the 1st and 3rd of august in the new england area like ma/vermont/rhode island/conn

my screen name is sihrdcore5@aol.com


[Dec 20,2016 3:08am - Sivir6324 ""]
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[Dec 20,2016 7:59am - RTTP DEPARTMENT OF WAT  ""]
[Dec 20,2016 9:53am - Alx_Casket ""]
You call that an essay? Pfft.
[Jan 12,2018 5:06am - anngriffin ""]
Hello! Thanks for the self-introduction! I am really excited to watch the show! The performance must be unique!

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