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FRIDAY March25th: PLAYING ENEMY, Sulaco, Waking Judea, Defcon4

Dee Dee's Lounge (Quincy, Ma) - [abaroth][perpetual_winter][randomshots][sin_of_angels][unholy_trinity][defcon_4][randomshots][sulaco][waking_judea]
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[Mar 8,2005 9:48am - JonahBloodbath ""]

FRIDAY March 25th
Playing Enemy

ex/Rorschach, Kiss it goodbye
Mp3: http://www.playingenemy.com/audio/Playing_Enemy-Insomnia_Ohio.mp3
Sulaco (Relapse tech metal)
Waking Judea (Allston metal)
Defcon4 (Drinks are on them)

@"the library"
6:30 - $5
Booking @tdbrecords.com for address
[Mar 8,2005 9:50am - Joe/NotCommon ""]
Thats awesome!
[Mar 8,2005 11:37am - Jonah  ""]
im pretty pumped! I've never seen playing enemy before..
[Mar 9,2005 8:26am - Joe/NotCommon ""]
Blasted, I am working DeeDee's that night. Any chance you can do an enfore show the next night?
[Mar 11,2005 7:56pm - defnasty ""]
Drinks are on everyone in the audience.
[Mar 12,2005 5:37am - MarkKevorkian ""]
I'm there fucking Sulaco!!!!!!!!!!!
[Mar 12,2005 6:28pm - jonah  ""]
[Mar 13,2005 2:24pm - phantos ""]

don't miss these either:

>> 03/23/05 WED Providence RI @ AS220
Playing Enemy, Conifer & Sulaco

>> 03/24/05 THU Portland ME @ The Space Gallery FULL SPECTRUM MUSIC FESTIVAL
Conifer, Playing Enemy & Sulaco

[Mar 13,2005 6:17pm - attendmyrequiem nli  ""]
as i told you at the pillory show, i'll be there. with beer.
[Mar 14,2005 12:02pm - JonahBloodbath ""]
bring some for me!
[Mar 14,2005 8:06pm - jonah  ""]
[Mar 21,2005 12:42pm - JonahBloodbath ""]
[Mar 22,2005 10:19pm - dece moves  ""]

sweet tits.
[Mar 22,2005 10:21pm - whiskey_weed_and_women ""]
smokers are jokers
[Mar 23,2005 1:37am - JonahBloodbath ""]
[Mar 25,2005 1:00am - JonahBloodbath ""]
[Mar 25,2005 1:04am - attendmyrequiem nli  ""]
i'll give you a beer jonah. see ya tomorrow
[Mar 25,2005 1:24am - JonahBloodbath ""]
[Mar 25,2005 9:46am - JonahBloodbath ""]
[Mar 25,2005 12:10pm - defnasty ""]
Can't wait, Josh and Joel from Anodyne are on a bus right now, to come see this haha!
[Mar 25,2005 12:30pm - JonahBloodbath ""]
that rules
[Mar 25,2005 1:41pm - stainless ""]
SULACO will kill you. love this band
[Mar 25,2005 4:00pm - the_reverend ""]
I've saw them wednesday and thursday.
I'm not dead yet...
[Mar 25,2005 4:15pm - jonah  ""]
[Mar 25,2005 5:52pm - the_reverend ""]
I'm stopping by this show and getting veggiedogs!
I have to leave at 9 to hit dee dee's though.
[Mar 25,2005 6:38pm - JonahBloodbath ""]
[Mar 25,2005 7:13pm - the_reverend ""]
I'm here.
there is a sizeable crowd.
[Mar 25,2005 7:13pm - phantos ""]
do not miss Playing Enemy and Sulaco.

they are destroyers of worlds.
[Mar 25,2005 7:34pm - the_reverend ""]
defcon4 just ended
[Mar 25,2005 7:43pm - stainless ""]
rev friday's normally the most dangerous set!!!
[Mar 25,2005 8:13pm - BestialOnslaught ""]
I was gonna make it down for D4... But I didn't... Aaron - know anything about the parking situation there? I know most of the spots around there are residential but I don't wanna park like 1/2 a mile away if I can avoid it.
[Mar 25,2005 8:14pm - succubus ""]
he's not online now...but Alex..it's really close to o'briens..so if you park around there...you should be good
[Mar 25,2005 11:29pm - phantos ""]
[Mar 25,2005 11:56pm - PatMeebles ""]
Awesome show. I was too sick to stay around for all of Playing Enemy's set, but I was liking the one song that I heard. I didn't like Waking Judea at all, just because they're another Atreyu clone who doesn't know they're really an ATG clone. Sulaco ruled, plain and simple. Defcon 4 was starting arguments outside after Sulaco and throwing coolers at people. That's all I've got to say.
[Mar 26,2005 1:56am - eat me raw  ""]
actually brother, we are quite aware of the at the gates reference, believe me. first time i've heard atreyu though... sweet opinion, whatever, you take metal far too seriously, this is just what we do to kill time between drinking. great show, i had a good time. thats all that matters.
[Mar 26,2005 3:04am - dave hayter  ""]
PatMeebles said:Awesome show. I was too sick to stay around for all of Playing Enemy's set, but I was liking the one song that I heard. I didn't like Waking Judea at all, just because they're another Atreyu clone who doesn't know they're really an ATG clone. Sulaco ruled, plain and simple. Defcon 4 was starting arguments outside after Sulaco and throwing coolers at people. That's all I've got to say.

you just know everything don't you, sorry we're not up to your standards and definitely have never heard of at the gates, jackass. see you at school.
[Mar 26,2005 3:31am - the_reverend ""]
finally back from this. working on pictures...
[Mar 26,2005 3:40am - the_reverend ""]
pictures are uploading
[Mar 26,2005 3:42am - dave hayter  ""]
the_reverend said:pictures are uploading

been waiting all night for this moment.......
[Mar 26,2005 3:50am - dave hayter  ""]
hey rev is it possible to get a zip file or something with all the waking judea photos? i'm on safari and i can never save the pictures, and these look amazing by the way.
[Mar 26,2005 3:58am - the_reverend ""]
aim me
[Mar 26,2005 4:09am - BestialOnslaught ""]
Haha what a couple of crybabies.
[Mar 26,2005 8:46am - defnasty ""]
fuck that show and everyone who lives there
[Mar 26,2005 11:01am - attendmyrequiem nli  ""]
i was there with less beer than i planned on.

stink bomb kids sucked ass.

the broad who made fun of me for wearing a polo shirt was a cunt.

the dude who tried to start a legit fight over getting hit with a bagel was a jerry.

sulaco and playing enemy \m/
[Mar 26,2005 12:25pm - JonahBloodbath ""]
This was seriously the worst crowd i've EVER had to deal with at a show. It was also the first time anyone's been kicked out of my house.

Douchbags ruined my night, but the music was awesome..
[Mar 26,2005 1:05pm - PatMeebles ""]
dave hayter said:you just know everything don't you, sorry we're not up to your standards and definitely have never heard of at the gates, jackass. see you at school.

actually brother, we are quite aware of the at the gates reference

Which is it?

And no, I don't take metal too seriously.
[Mar 26,2005 3:08pm - eat me raw  ""]
i still don't really understand why you stood in front the entire time if you hated us so much. closet fan boy, happens all the time.
[Mar 26,2005 3:20pm - defnasty ""]
Welcome to punk rock.
[Mar 26,2005 3:20pm - defnasty ""]
No one is nice in real punk.
[Mar 26,2005 3:22pm - PatMeebles ""]
Why should I have to move? I've delt with worse.
[Mar 26,2005 3:25pm - the_reverend ""]
defcon4: I'm still not sure what I witnessed. they had a ton of drunk older punx there. sort of a different crowd. I came down stairs a couple songs into their set and the singer was bleeding a lot from what, I don't know. then there was a bunch of people moshing around with beer cans. I'm also not sure why, but at one point, I went to snap a picture and someone put their hand in front of my flash to stop me. with all that said, they were pretty decent, I just think I need to see them at a bigger venue. I was too worried about the $$$ in my hands to enjoy them.

waking judea: if you guys didn't know what to expect from this band... um.. I guess you haven't really been paying attention. I like them, but I like ATG (melodic) influenced bands. which is a good thing cause there are alot of them now-a-days. I figured there would be more dancing and then joesephy came down.

sulaco: this was the 3rd time I saw them in 3 days, w00t. oh and sorry phantos, but all of sweden knows that Lon won't hold up invisible grapefruit for anyone. these guys sounded so good again, except that I couldn't hear the backup vocals. everyone kept asking for everything to be turned up, but it was so damn loud!

playing enemy: my apologies to andrew and everyone, I had to leave at 9pm. I almost ran back after unholy trinity played to catch your last couple songs, but didn't... did everyone survive the flying bass?
[Mar 26,2005 3:25pm - defnasty ""]
[Mar 26,2005 3:31pm - defnasty ""]
such a great show I don't know what anyone is complaining about. I guess you've all been hiding in some sort of Utopian dreamweave. At our first house shows we fucking smashed everything from tables windows and shit, this was so tame, once you tell a 40yr old what to do even though it is your house, these kids lost all respect. But what you could have done is gotten me and I would have made them stop. I feel you made it worse by telling them to stop. These were insane pool skaters that can't think any more from slamming there heads all day. So imagine a bunch of Steve-O's at your house I think it went pretty smooth.
[Mar 26,2005 3:33pm - adam  ""]
thanks for the kind words rev. dave's mohawk was captured perfectly.
[Mar 26,2005 3:34pm - defnasty ""]
Walking Jerusalem(the wandering jew) were tight and awesome. I will go see them again.
[Mar 26,2005 3:36pm - defnasty ""]
Oh all those dudes are in A DVD available at Regeneration and Newbury comics called "Hated" in the skateboard Sports section. If you feel like watching assholes do something constructive.
[Mar 26,2005 3:40pm - PatMeebles ""]
Haha, I'm being labeled like I was in complete shock that a band I didn't like was playing. I'm not surprised, nor am I pissed off. I just didn't like the band.
[Mar 26,2005 3:45pm - defnasty ""]
Josh Martin is a fag.
[Mar 26,2005 4:20pm - defnasty ""]
Ok, so noone shit in the dryer. Consider yourselfs lucky.
[Mar 26,2005 5:57pm - the_reverend ""]
defnasty said:Ok, so noone shit in the dryer. Consider yourselfs lucky.

[Mar 26,2005 7:17pm - dave hayter  ""]
in conclusion defcon 4 is amazing though not as good as SCFF
rev likes our band

and pat meebles is a bitch who's going to be missing some teeth soon....
[Mar 26,2005 8:03pm - BestialOnslaught ""]

[Mar 26,2005 10:14pm - defnasty ""]
Fight bitches!
[Mar 27,2005 12:32am - PatMeebles ""]
Hahaha, I don't like your band, so you're going to beat me up. You're starting to sound like Wretched Asylumn.
[Mar 27,2005 9:48am - defnasty ""]
shut up.
[Mar 27,2005 12:56pm - D-Ray  ""]
Pat, don't worry about him. Worry about me mother fucker. I'm gonna kick your ass because i like you
[Mar 27,2005 3:49pm - attendmyrequiem nli  ""]
jonah you're basement has always been a great place and i will always respect your house as long as you keep putting on shows there and letting people hang out.
[Mar 27,2005 4:04pm - defnasty ""]
Yeah shows like this one.
[Mar 27,2005 4:15pm - eat me raw  ""]
if dave hits you, i will shave off his goofy ass mohawk and slap him with my nuts. atreyu though man? kind of rough meebs, you know? i'm cool with it. judea, defcon 4, atreyu european tour 2K5 you'd be into it.

jonah- thanks again for having us on the show it was a great time.
[Mar 27,2005 7:05pm - whiskey_weed_and_women ""]
or you know, you could respect the person who's house it is. but i guess that wouldn't be punkrock.
[Mar 27,2005 9:21pm - PatMeebles ""]
Ok, fine. Unearth.

Edit: There's no icon to make this intentionally a joke.
[Mar 27,2005 9:30pm - KeithMutiny ""]
ya, im all about the "respect for peoples stuff" idea, and im not a fan of how someone is jumping at pat cause he stated an opinion. I guess this is the way things have become in Boston, but again, this is only an outside view based soley on reading this thread. Call me names and threaten me too if you want, that seems to be the way to deal with it, or smarten up and take care of the few places you have left to play at.
[Mar 27,2005 10:21pm - JonahBloodbath ""]
thoughts on this show: super lame crowd. I learned my lesson about booking defcon 4.

thoughts on waking judea: nice kids, super sick metal riffage, cheesy ass breakdowns. haha
[Mar 27,2005 10:34pm - Fun Times At Jonah's  ""]
Defcon 4 is one of the few reasons so many people showed up. Hence one of the few reasons you made so much money. All told, not that much happened.
[Mar 27,2005 10:37pm - PatMeebles ""]
That attendance was actually quite low compared to other shows that have been held there.
[Mar 27,2005 10:58pm - the_reverend ""]
this was just like a most other library shows, every band fills the basement with their fans. defcon4 had their fans, waking judea had their fans, and sulaco/playing enemy had their fans. most don't overlap.

honestly, this was too small of a place to have defcon4 IMHO, but it was cool to see them. they sounded awesome when I was upstairs... but most of their crowded was almost blind drunk so when I was downstairs, I was very cautious. I would like to see them at the middle east where there is a lot more room.

I can see why jonah would be pissed and stuff. I can see the other side too.
If I were jonah, I would have been pissed about people being disrespectful.
If I were the people there, I would have been pissed getting asking to stop what I was doing.
defnasty, next time you are in this situation, do what other people do and tell the person running the show "if you have problems, tell me" and that would have solved this bullshit.

the show is over, people learned stuff and 99.9% of the people there had an awesome time. now, just drop it. if anyone fights or hurts anyone for their oppinions, you are just plain retards.

*steps down off his soap box*
[Mar 27,2005 11:05pm - JonahBloodbath ""]
"Hence one of the few reasons you made so much money. All told, not that much happened."

Lets be honest here, I'm ROLLING in money. I have so much money that I don't know what to do with it all! Thanks defcon 4!!
[Mar 27,2005 11:07pm - the_reverend ""]
FACT: jonah, chrisxxx, anne, and joe loose $$ on most shows and at best break even.
if I were them, i wouldn't put on shows anymore. be glad that they are still doing it.
[Mar 27,2005 11:10pm - anonymous  ""]
meebs, its all cool man, as long as we are friends. i feel like everyone resents me... people are so much friendlier in new york during the winter.

we will cover raped by the light of christ next time if you ask nicely
[Mar 27,2005 11:10pm - PatMeebles ""]
How can they lose money? Are repairs after shows really that expensive???
[Mar 27,2005 11:20pm - the_reverend ""]
"lose money" = paying headliners
[Mar 27,2005 11:24pm - JonahBloodbath ""]
I made $9 on this show and $50 on the show before this. On the other hand I lost over $50 on the two shows I did before those.

Being a good show promoter means paying bands weather or not kids show up. If I'm able to pay all the bands that need to be payed then I like to keep enough for a sandwich, but that happens pretty rarely.
[Mar 27,2005 11:28pm - PatMeebles ""]
Oh yeah, I completely forgot about paying bands. I'm still stuck in local DIY mode. My bad.
[Apr 2,2005 3:45pm - anonymous  ""]
Jonah go listen to Between the Buried and me you fucking queer.
[Apr 2,2005 5:24pm - JonahBloodbath ""]
I was actually just listening to their first album the other day while doing some dishes. good stuff. not really into the new disk though..
[Apr 2,2005 10:05pm - BestialOnslaught ""]
D4 kicks ass!
[Apr 3,2005 12:08am - defnasty ""]
Thanks Alex, any ideas for Hirax July 1st? I need a drawing opener.
[Oct 8,2006 9:47am - anonymous  ""]
wimps, this show sucked exept for d4. go back to conn. pussies

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