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Warning to all cube warriors

[May 11,2005 11:42am - the_reverend ""]
trust me.
you will never been seen again.
[May 11,2005 11:57am - the_reverend ""]
I'm going to go take some pictures of swans.
[May 11,2005 12:05pm - powerkok ""]
swan stomper!!
[May 11,2005 12:05pm - powerkok ""]
new band name:
Texas instuments swan stompers
[May 11,2005 12:06pm - Joe/NotCommon ""]
that dude who stomped those birds is a hero to house wives everywhere
[May 11,2005 12:49pm - the_reverend ""]
I just took pictures of the swans out there...
now, I don't want to be here at all.
[May 11,2005 1:04pm - ~Carina~  ""]
well good you went outside...since yer always jealous when i tell you i do that...someone asked me to go get ice cream and i ate at my desk while working so i haven't gone out yet..hmmm
[May 11,2005 1:33pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
What the johnson is a cube warrior?
[May 11,2005 1:40pm - JayTUS nli  ""]
I just cooked sausages on the grill by the pool. In shorts and sandles.
[May 11,2005 1:44pm - the_reverend ""]
I'm wearing shorts too...
but I bet you are wearing socks with your sandles.. queer.

have fun with your pool, see you at the palladium tonight.. oh wait, you can't make it... nevermind.
[May 11,2005 1:50pm - JayTUS nli  ""]
Yeah I am going to see Haste The Day, Extol, Dead To Fall, Embrace Today, Losa, Fight Paris, Twelve Tribes and The Showdown instead. Sucka.

Oh, and definitely no socks with the sandles.

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