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The Taste of Silver new - CD in Newbury Comics, upcoming show, On-Air Radio performance!

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[Aug 28,2005 5:24pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
(+) On Labor Day, Monday September 5th, we're playing LIVE on WUML (used to be WJUL) 91.5FM www.wuml.org. We go on about 8pm I believe. You can hear a live webcast, too, AND the show is over before RttP begins so you can listen to both in one night! The show is called The Fallout Shelter and has hosted live performances by Converge (the one that is on Petitioning...), The Pixies, and many others!

(+) Monday, September 12th @ 7pm we're playing at Club Octaine, 320 Main St, Worcester, MA. The show is 18+, and features Raising Kubrick, Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, Unholy Trinitym and the mighty Neuraxis from Canada, eh! Come out if you can make it, should be a great time.

(+) Our split CD with Aganihm is now available at Re:Generation records in Allston as well as Newbury Comics in Leominster, Burlington, Nashua, Harvard Square, and Boston. If you don't see it in your local store and you want to, ask them about carrying it! You can also get it for us via the mail for $7 ppd anywhere in the US. The CD features 7 songs, 3 from us and 4 from Aganihm. ROCK!

(+) The split vinyl we recorded with Raising Kubrick needs a home. Anyone who would be interested in releasing this, we have everything but the pressing done -- artwork and all is finished!

(+) We'll play damn near anything that's local to Greater Boston in the next few months. The shorter the drive, the better. thetasteofsilver@yahoo.com. All ages are a plus.


[Aug 28,2005 5:26pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
also, you can hear two tracks from the Aganihm split on our website's front page, or by clicking these!

Aganihm - Isoceles Eclipse

The Taste of Silver - The Grasshopper & The Ant
[Aug 29,2005 8:44am - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
[Aug 29,2005 3:01pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
[Aug 29,2005 4:07pm - tyag  ""]
sounds fucking bad ass!
[Aug 29,2005 5:06pm - anonymous  ""]
Whats up with the "mario getting a coin" noise in that Aganihm cut?
[Aug 29,2005 5:18pm - OfTheSeed ""]
it's Gannon, THERE'S A SPOON IN MY EAR!!!
[Aug 29,2005 11:05pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
it's Link being slain!
[Aug 29,2005 11:06pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
also for those of you who didn't see that other thread, the 12th show is now ALL AGES and at Club Voodoo, 90 Commercial Street, Worcester, MA
[Aug 30,2005 1:03pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]

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