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Within the Fray update

[Sep 11,2005 12:15pm - adam_time ""]
WTF has been taking a break, reason being we lost a guitarist and picked up a new guy, eric trabucco (from ex lazuline midnight). He's absolutely amazing and is really contributing to the new material. We have 2 new songs finished and another on the way, our set is getting to be incredible and we'll be looking to play shows soon. We've dropped 2 of our older more generic songs (saving 8:02 for jonah bloodbath's sake) and are working towards the parts of our songs that separate us from any definable genre.
We'll also be looking to record once the newest song is finished, so if anyone knows someone with some sample material that's well experienced in recording, drop a name and a contact.
We thank everyone who's hooked us up with shows and supported us so far, and everyone else who told us we suck for motivating us to get better. We'll be seeing you all shortly.
Thanks again fuckers. We love you in an apathetic yet socially acceptable appreciative sort of way.
~adam time :NEWHORNS:

oh yea, and we're on myspace still:
[Sep 11,2005 4:04pm - dwellingsickness ""]
awesome Can't wait to hear the new stuff adam
[Sep 11,2005 4:51pm - brian_dc ""]
hey dude, we (dour cursiva) are basically doing the same thing...only with new vocalists...looking forward to hear from ya
[Sep 12,2005 2:20pm - anonymous  ""]
i love that song

[Sep 13,2005 3:55pm - thinz  ""]
Your newest song is absolutely redicoulous!!

-Thinz (ironically not)
[Sep 27,2005 1:13pm - anonymous  ""]
nice i haven't heard from you guys in a while

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