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Integrity October 14 in Brockton, MA

Tiger's Den (Brockton, Ma) - [american_werewolves][colin_of_arabia][death_before_dishonor][doomriders][integrity][randomshots][the_wrong_side]
[Oct 1,2005 2:37pm - Ninkaszi187 ""]
vocal test...



[Oct 1,2005 2:40pm - coldnorthernvengeance ""]
Really?! I heard FSU hates them.
[Oct 1,2005 2:44pm - Guess What  ""]
You probably heard that because you don't know anything about anything.
[Oct 1,2005 2:46pm - coldnorthernvengeance ""]
probably... It was a long time ago.
[Oct 1,2005 4:42pm - intricateprocess ""]
yea...i heard something like that too. i dunno someone around here had beef with them, i dunno who it was though
[Oct 1,2005 5:12pm - 121  ""]
yea what ya probably heard was the beef between BBC and one life crew.
[Oct 1,2005 6:27pm - coldnorthernvengeance ""]
One Life Crew...haha. I remember they had lyrics about kicking homeless people in the face.
[Oct 1,2005 6:42pm - nate nli  ""]
Yeah their real stand up guys, their intelligence is overwhelming.
[Oct 1,2005 10:18pm - RichHorror ""]
I thought Integrity broke up?
[Oct 1,2005 10:30pm - danny_p ""]
they are playing a handful of shows.

brockton, bucksport maine...maybe others.
[Oct 2,2005 5:01am - BornSoVile ""]
i fucking love dying fetus' cover of judgement day.
[Oct 2,2005 10:00am - Kinslayer  ""]
Integrity! Fuck...I havnt seen them live in YEARS...last time was with Bloodlet, fucking killer show...
[Oct 2,2005 1:24pm - the_reverend ""]
I will be there.
integrity's beefs with everyone have been settled so they can tour again with out getting beaten up at every show.
[Oct 2,2005 5:56pm - Ninkaszi187 ""]
Kinslayer said:Integrity! Fuck...I havnt seen them live in YEARS...last time was with Bloodlet, fucking killer show...

yeah i never got to see them so i am going to this. i saw bloodlet once with entombed and they were good.
[Oct 2,2005 6:07pm - the_reverend ""]
bloodlet is pretty killer, the new the banner CD reminds me of them. it's that dark, misfits influenced hardcore style.
[Oct 2,2005 9:06pm - badsneakers ""]
always wanted to see Integrity
[Oct 2,2005 11:25pm - anonymous  ""]
chopping block
[Oct 3,2005 2:26am - blue ""]
the_reverend said:bloodlet is pretty killer, the new the banner CD reminds me of them. it's that dark, misfits influenced hardcore style.

i wouldnt go that far.

bloodlet > a lot of things, especially the banner.
[Oct 11,2005 3:09pm - the_reverend ""]
[Oct 11,2005 3:12pm - ninkaszi  ""]
"seasons in the size of days" fucking kills. thats probably my favorite integrity album.
[Oct 11,2005 3:27pm - the_reverend ""]
same here.
[Oct 11,2005 5:02pm - coldnorthernvengeance ""]
Jagged Visions of my True Destiny
[Oct 14,2005 2:51pm - the_reverend ""]
[Oct 14,2005 8:01pm - the_reverend ""]
integrity will be here with in the hour. doomriders is setting up to play first.
[Oct 15,2005 12:08am - the_reverend ""]
what a fucking amazin show thus far and integrity still has to go on.
[Oct 15,2005 12:12am - the_reverend ""]
doomriders: its always some sort of experience seeing these guys. They had a drunk girl rocking out to them like their music actually deserves. If it was 25 years ago, there would be a few 1000 fans like that seeing them. The new CD comes across with more of a punky edge to it. Jebb had probably the bests and simulatniously ugly bass anyone could ever have concived. It was like the 1940s japanese flag did a face-plant in to a "vintage" bassguitar. The thing was massive.
[Oct 15,2005 12:15am - the_reverend ""]
colin of arabia: such a fun set from such a good band. With in seconds, the crowd was going nuts. This was a very big change of scene from doomriders. But in the middle of all the craziness, the super fan stood strong! that's right, the one drunk girl "moshed everyones face" and kept drunkenly heckling colin as he talked. I think out of sheer amazement of the drunken super fan, colin said "i might as well as... Show me you tits" which of corse she did and of course I didn't take any pictures. The crowd broke out again for their last two songs. I kept seeing ninkaszi in the middle of all the sing alongs. plus, I for one, can't get enough of nick's drumming.
[Oct 15,2005 2:50am - the_reverend ""]
at home, working on the pictures
[Oct 15,2005 3:07am - the_reverend ""]
pictures uploading in a second
[Oct 15,2005 3:45am - the_reverend ""]
[Oct 15,2005 12:09pm - tbone_r nli  ""]
i have never been to a better set of shows in such a short span of time (tuesday and last night). so awesome.
[Oct 15,2005 12:10pm - xmikex ""]
fun show. i've seen better integrity sets though. they were great, and everything. i just think they played too many slow songs too close together. it kind of took the energy out of their set.
[Oct 15,2005 12:13pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]

Man, I missed them last time too. I suk.
[Oct 15,2005 1:01pm - Kinslayer  ""]
[Oct 15,2005 3:56pm - anonymous  ""]
yea i had to go home before dbd and integrity

i fucking rule life. not.
[Oct 15,2005 5:13pm - ninkaszi  ""]
that was a great show. integrity fucking killed. very glad i got to see them finally. coa, and the wrongside were awesome as well. brockton is a fun place.

drrrrrunk mosssshhhhh...i am bruised everywhere.
[Oct 15,2005 5:21pm - todayistheday  ""]
damn i guess i missed a couple great shows these past few day
[Oct 15,2005 6:40pm - xmikex ""]
ninkaszi said:brockton is a fun place.

[Oct 15,2005 6:52pm - BestialOnslaught ""]
Haha jesus, how many INTEGRITY pics can you be in Mike?

What's THE WRONG SIDE like? I noticed the ever-prolific Justin behind the kit.
[Oct 15,2005 8:35pm - the_reverend ""]
american werewolves: sort of like a rocky misfits. They are touring with integrity so they were added to this bill too. They were out of place but decent enough.. For a danzig wannabe outfit. Granted, I don't like when danzig does it either and it wasn't really what I wanted to hear. the singer did a lot of posing all over the stage. They were suppose to play first but they got to the show late and got bumped.
[Oct 15,2005 8:39pm - the_reverend ""]
wrong side, the: wow, I don't think I've ever seen then guys before. They were awesome. The crowd went nuts for them too.
Saddly there was a fight during their sent and the super fan go booted. people were just constantly jumping all over the place. I was very surprised that no one got injured. As usual, when they are listening to that music, the fans are make out of rubber and bounce right back up after slamming face-first into the ground. They aren't posi like righteous jams. I'd say I like them better than 'jams. Replace all the two-step with beatdowns. Another thing is they actually have a lot of sing along parts (with rj it's more that kids know all the words rather than sing-alongs). I think the are a mix of agnostic front's guitarwork and vocals more like turmoil.
[Oct 15,2005 8:41pm - the_reverend ""]
death before dishonor: more people, more craziness. From the start of their set to the end. For like two songs I was pressed againt the guitar cab so I couldn't hear much, but after that, I could hear everything. They had tons of people in the audience crowding the stage too. At one point they even had a circle pit going. The only bad thing was that their set was really short, but then again, they had a second guitarplayer (i forget his name, but he's in have heart I think)
[Oct 15,2005 8:50pm - the_reverend ""]
integrity: I've been waiting for this for so long... Finally, they played! And I got to see them! Their set was awesome. It's hard to imagine how they get their sound to come out of simple amps, but from the first note to the last, they are unmistakably integrity. I was afraid that they wouldn't play enough old stuff, but they did. I found myself up on the pole in the middle for 1/2 their set, shooting pictures. About 1/2 way through their set, they played "rise" and made me so happy. I wanted to drop my $camera$ and jump on the pile, but my $camera$ wouldn't allow me.
at some point (i think during system overload), the singer put the mic out for a sing along and knocked some kids tooth out... Oopies.
[Oct 15,2005 8:51pm - the_reverend ""]
One wierd thing about their set is a bunch of people took off before they went on. Also, a lot of the younger kids didn't get involved so the people in the crowd dancing and running amuck were all older people. Weird that people would come to an interity show to see the openers and then leave.
[Oct 15,2005 10:20pm - ninkaszi  ""]
xmikex said:ninkaszi said:brockton is a fun place.


haha well the club anyway.
[Oct 15,2005 10:30pm - the_reverend ""]
[Oct 15,2005 10:32pm - danny_p ""]
the_reverend said:wrong side, the: wow, I don't think I've ever seen then guys before. QUOTE]

well, you DID see them once when the frontman split a set with outbreak at the palladium. you and me both saw it. all true.

the_reverend said:death before dishonor: they had a second guitarplayer (i forget his name, but he's in have heart I think)

yeah that guys known as b-roll. and he's not in have heart anymore. they have a new guy named kei.

[Oct 16,2005 10:26am - HITD ""]
im glad i look like im going to smooch dwid in some of those pics haha
[Nov 2,2005 1:34pm - anonymous  ""]
whateva bitch
[Nov 2,2005 1:35pm - anonymous  ""]
i do what i want BITCH im gonna fart in your mouth. hahahahaha
[Nov 2,2005 1:37pm - anonymous  ""]
Debrah Baker is a dumb bitch for kickin kristen out of her class. I LOVE YOU KRISTEN H!

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