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Oct. 21st: Pillory, The Auburn System, The Nicaea Room, The Finite, Within the Fray @ the Bombshelter

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[Oct 12,2005 9:43am - adam_time ""]
As afore mentioned:

Oct 21st at the Bombshelter, Manch Vegas, NH
The Auburn System
Within the Fray
The Nicaea Room
The Finite

18+, folks over the age of 21 get in for free
show starts at 9, bring your bar money.
serge will be blasting terrible music between sets, as usual.
you have been warned.
[Oct 12,2005 12:02pm - mOe ""]
if this is gonna be like 12 or 15 bucks like most bombshelter shows than i'm gonna have to pass...i dont even get paid that weekend
[Oct 12,2005 12:06pm - the departed nli  ""]
woo we should come up and drink in the parking lot

-moe, how is the band(s) coming, you think you guys will be ready to do some shows in January?
[Oct 12,2005 12:07pm - brian_dc ""]
rossi! we will do no such thing, we have the invocation show that night
[Oct 12,2005 12:25pm - the departed nli  ""]
hah i was just kidding, we played there with pillory once
and we got wasted in the lot
[Oct 12,2005 11:11pm - adam_time ""]
i'm not positive about the cost... it's impossible to get ahold a' that guy.
if you were 21 you could get in for free.
[Oct 13,2005 12:40am - BornSoVile ""]

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