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[Dec 1,2005 7:49pm - mOe ""]
designs are up at www.myspace.com/deadwaterdrowning


Okay so heres the deal... We are making a limited number of the shirts you see on the main page, for the show in NY on Dec 16th. Now for all you fools who aren't going to the show, were gonna set up a little pre-order thing so people who cannnot make it out to this show have an opportunity to score of these shirts... here's how its gonna work...

1: You need to place an order before or on TUESDAY DEC 6th. Don't bother trying on wednesday, because the shirt order will have alrady gone in and we want to be fair and try to avoid as much confusion as possible here.

2: Shirts will be $15 to cover the shirt and the s&h charges.

3: Payments made to getupoffmesucka@aol.com via PAYPAL ONLY! No cash/check/sexual favors here.

4: Make sure you include your full name, mailing address, which design, what size and how many you want.

If there are any shirts left after the show, they will more than likely go up for sale on here, or secretly sold by one of us on ebay, in hopes that some pumpkin pie haircutted turd will actually spend a stupid amount of money for one.

Any questions, send a message over to the DD myspace site - Thanks a lot - Deadwater Drowning

and add Deadwater to your friends, if you already havent - Thanks!

get up on this
[Dec 1,2005 8:37pm - Philonymous  ""]
I want one!!

so are you like an official member of Deadwater Drowning now or just a fill in?
I know you played the show in New Hampshire but I dont know if that was just a one time reunion thingy
and play more shows cause I need to see you guys
[Dec 1,2005 8:49pm - mOe ""]
heh, no i'm not an official member...but i'm in the Final Battle which is the guys from deadwater and me in a new band. We're playing the 7 angels 7 plagues reunion show in upstate NY and we'll be crooning a few deadwater songs for that. The shirts are being made for that occasion. But you can preorder before the show. After the show there's no guaruntees there will be any left for purchase, so get it while you can
[Dec 1,2005 9:04pm - Philonymous  ""]
I just ordered the Live Free or Fucking Die shirt

Im stoked

I think more reunion shows should be played haha
and cant wait to The Final Battle
no music is up yet on the myspace but should be good stuff
[Dec 1,2005 9:22pm - mOe ""]
yea, you wont be disappointed, bro...thanks for the support
[Dec 2,2005 12:22am - Blue ""]
save one for me, fag.
[Dec 2,2005 1:34am - brian_dc ""]
I just ordered one....because I'm bored
[Dec 2,2005 2:45am - dourCAVsiva  ""]
hey moe, got any in XXL. im a fat kid.
[Dec 2,2005 4:40am - brokenclown ""]
im fat too
[Dec 2,2005 10:46am - cdan ""]

i want the old demo! i'm willing to pay any price. how bout $5?
[Dec 2,2005 10:51am - mOe in Amherst  ""]
dourCAVsiva said:hey moe, got any in XXL. im a fat kid.

if you order a XXL you'll get one..or at least thats how i think it works
[Dec 2,2005 11:01am - slowlypeelingtheflesh ""]
I ordered one as well.

DWD is still fucking awesome.
[Dec 2,2005 2:52pm - mOe ""]
its time! its time! its bumpin..time-time-time *echo*
[Dec 3,2005 8:26pm - kriswithak ""]
[Dec 5,2005 11:04am - adam_time ""]
hah, reunion. and fake t-shirts, too.
i hope jonny faye and john dow sees some of this money, cause this is bullshit.
[Dec 5,2005 3:21pm - mOe ""]
wah wah wah
[Dec 5,2005 3:26pm - danny p nli  ""]
well seeing as how you mis-spelled jon fay's name, i can only imagine how tied into the project you are.
[Dec 5,2005 3:27pm - danny p nli  ""]
i take part of that back seeing as how hes on your myspace friends
[Dec 11,2005 3:20pm - slowlypeelingtheflesh ""]
hey, when are you guys going to send these out?
[Dec 11,2005 3:49pm - anonymous  ""]
what the fuck are you crying for? im just happy i get to see these songs live....you act like every reunion in the world sees all of its original members playing....when in actuality, 99% of them do not.
[Jan 19,2006 7:16pm - streets  ""]
well seeing how jon wrote about hmmm.... all of their songs, i think he should have some say/money from the "reunion"
[Jan 19,2006 7:17pm - mOe nli  ""]
mOe said:wah wah wah

[Jan 19,2006 7:20pm - brian_dc ""]
didn't he quit the band like months before they broke up? did he not approve of them continuing on? Seth was the replacement guitarist right? I guess I could see being sore in his shoes, but I don't know if he's so justified if he quit the band before they were defunct.

just my opinion.
[Jan 19,2006 7:24pm - mOe nli  ""]
he quit the band, steve entered a few months later...all in all the band continued for almost a year after he left
[Jan 19,2006 7:25pm - Blue ""]
jonny fay quit in the summer of 2003. steve (ex-the finite) replaced him.
[Jan 19,2006 8:29pm - brian_dc ""]
ah...sorry, he looks like a seth to me for some reason
[Jan 19,2006 8:30pm - mOe nli  ""]
Seth's the bass player
[Jan 19,2006 8:30pm - brian_dc ""]
ah...there it is
[Jan 19,2006 10:19pm - anomalouscynosure  ""]
merch is fun
[Jan 19,2006 10:21pm - brian_dc ""]
I see your stickers EVERYWHERE in Providence
[Jan 22,2006 1:26pm - NateTheWar ""]
Just to clear the air...

Jon Fay not playing this show - I talked to him a couple months prior to the show happening, before even agreeing to play it. He really wasnt interested unless it was a full original reunion, on top of being in Europe with the Red Chord at the time. So we agreed it would be cool to have the Final Battle go up and play some DD tunes.

The Shirts - It cost about $1300 to get the shirts printed. $150 for the designs. $200 to ship the shirts out. We made just under a grand at the show, on top of about $600 in presales. Now subtract all the original costs, throw in soome other stuff like gas money to get to NY and back (benefit show, we didnt get any money for playing), Seth and I's ever growing dependency on alcohol and hookers and we basically broke even... I actually had to spend $100 of my own dough to get the shirts sent out. So, no, we didnt all come home with fat pockets, writhing in the glory we all just made bank playing "somebody else's" songs.

Bottom line... we put in a lot of work getting the songs ready for the show, scrounging up the cash to get the shirts paid for... and all a couple kids can do is bitch about the money that someone else, who didn't put the money or the work that we did in the last couple months, get? So what, its wasnt an orignal lineup, it wasnt even a real reunion, but do you think kids really wanted to come out to witness the frenetic technical fretboard wizardry or come out to smash other kids in the face and sing a long? The show was amazing, we had ALOT of fun, and Im sure everyone else did too, whether during us or other bands that night. And I really doubt that anyone put in the same position would pass up the chance to play a show like that.
[Jan 22,2006 1:36pm - brian_dc ""]
let's say you spent about 2000 altogether and made about 1600 back....If he's really interested in the money DD is making, you could all split the $400 debt including his show.

that's right, he owes YOU money!
[Jan 22,2006 1:39pm - the_reverend ""]
nate hold pure 100 proof wild turkey in his gold lined pockets.
true story.
[Jan 22,2006 6:35pm - mOe nli  ""]
got 'em

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