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ex-within the fray vocalist wants to make your ears bleed. need a vocalist?

[Apr 7,2006 9:45pm - adam_time ""]
looking for a NH/MA area band to rock out with. wide range of screaming, growling, and singing capabilities, 7 or 8 years experience. looking to form or join a creative, different, and talented squad of metal enthusiasts who want to explore unknown territory of the musical void. i'm willing to work in just about any genre of metal, grind, death, tech, whatever. i live near manchester, have transportation, i'm 23, i drink and smoke often, so that probably rules out the straightedge. as of now, until i graduate in may, i can probably only practice once a week on weekends. i have a microphone and PA. my email is adamtime22@yahoo.com. check out some previous recording at http://myspace.com/withinthefray
if you know of anyone who is looking for a vocalist, pass the word along.
[Apr 8,2006 12:25am - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
damn, who is left?
[Apr 10,2006 12:39am - adamtime nli  ""]
no one apparently, i was the last one to hear. one guitarist dropped off and then the next. it all fell out from there.
[Apr 10,2006 3:36am - dwellingsickness ""]
Damn, That sucks ass, fuckin killer band,It was always a fun time seein you guys:NEWHORNS:
[Apr 14,2006 3:41pm - heavy metal herb  ""]
check out medicine4tim on myspace,we have mp3 and can contact us there,we practice in boston on thursdays but are looking to add sundays!

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