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[Jul 6,2002 1:30am - garamel ""]
haha got your attention, any way. a new band is starting. its called stand still like the hummingbird. its got ex between two thieves, tears of avarel, iranach, and enclitic. <br>its mathy grind metal stuff. anyway. our forst rock sesh is august 24th. be there or sample cheddar. <br> <br> <br>derek
[Jul 6,2002 2:19am - the_smile_adventure ""]
i'll try to get the site up soon enough...but it will probably be simple, like the enclitic's because you DID NOT GIVE ME ANY FUCKING DETAILS ON GRAPHICAL INTERFACE. HOLY SHIT SON <br> <br>HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WORK IF THE PREIST IS GETTING KICKED IN THE FACE BY A HAMMER DRAGON? <br> <br>shit kid, think. dayam. <br> <br>wee <br>smiles <br> <br>word dunny
[Jul 6,2002 11:20pm - the_reverend ""]
wasn't tony and rob already in this band? <br>weren't they suppose to record at Austin Enterprises?
[Jul 7,2002 12:43am - xmikex ""]
how fucking dare you lure me in under such false pretenses.......eh.
[Jul 9,2002 11:54pm - RustedAngel ""]
ex- blah ex-blah ex-blah ex- blah ex-blah ex-blah ex-boners
[Jul 11,2002 9:08am - halo  ""]
ex- your old band sucked, ex- your new band sucks. and your a closet dweller
[Jul 11,2002 3:52pm - RustedAngel ""]
ha! fag
[Jul 11,2002 3:55pm - RustedAngel ""]
gee-golly, I wonder who 'halo' is?
[Jul 21,2002 7:21pm - garamel ""]
whoever halo is is probably the sickest musican out there WHOAAAAA dude!!! <br>anyway Dr. pepelis... stand still like the hummingbird was used by dougs old project, that didnt move forward, and he suggested using it for this. the solid line up so far is me doug mark and justin. we still need another guitarist. we have one song down and are waiting for the 2nd axe demon to get the next song moving. our first show was supposedly aug. 24th, but i dont think its gonna happen...
[Jul 21,2002 7:48pm - the_smile_adventure ""]
keep the smoke up there.
[Dec 5,2018 9:23am - Ok ok  ""]
[Dec 6,2018 12:11pm - Dumb thread dumb contributers  ""]
Any info on this and when this is going to happen?

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