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Fat Sacks at Home Depo

[Jun 14,2006 1:41pm - Man_of_the_Century ""]

Ever ask yourself "Why doesn't this happen to me?"
[Jun 14,2006 2:08pm - DrinkHardThrashHard ""]
I can't believe that pussy plumber sold his free stash out. He could have made so much dough...
[Jun 14,2006 3:18pm - Yeti ""]
if the dude was worried about something, he could have just turned in like a pound. or even just the coke stash. or he could have just shut up and made alot of money.
[Jun 14,2006 3:23pm - Man_of_the_Century ""]
Or had a few good nights
[Jun 14,2006 3:34pm - anonymous  ""]
only a bitch ass plumber would be scared of mcgruff the crime dog.
[Jun 14,2006 4:16pm - Man_of_the_Century ""]
They have some pics of the actual product on CNN. It looks like ditry mexican swag.

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