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Whaling is my favorate pass time

[Jun 15,2006 4:08pm - Man_of_the_Century ""]
And it may be back.

[Jun 15,2006 4:10pm - whiskey_weed_and_women ""]
i thought this was a thread about fat chicks
[Jun 15,2006 4:12pm - Man_of_the_Century ""]
Sorry I got your hopes up...
[Jun 15,2006 4:15pm - sacreligion ""]
usually anything involving the man of the century involves fat chicks

and i ain't lyin

[Jun 15,2006 4:26pm - Man_of_the_Century ""]
Only when Vodka is involved, then fat chicks are in trouble. I'll pound that shit raw.
[Jun 15,2006 4:29pm - sacreligion ""]
[Jun 15,2006 4:36pm - hoser ""]
Good....I fucking hate whales.

[Jun 16,2006 2:17am - sacreligion ""]
a whale would fuck you up if you didn't have a boat and guns

yay brains...it's a coin toss as to whether they'll come up with something good or something bad...and one side is weighted

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