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So, How many of you are stuck working today?

[Jul 3,2006 10:27am - Man_of_the_Century ""]
I got fuck over, I just want to know if anyone is in the same boat.
[Jul 3,2006 10:27am - the_reverend ""]
not it
[Jul 3,2006 10:29am - Joshtruction ""]
heh, I got up, went to work to find out we were closed. that had me kind of mad. I would have enjoyed that sleep!!!
[Jul 3,2006 10:38am - Man_of_the_Century ""]
You all suck...
[Jul 3,2006 10:40am - the_reverend ""]
but I have a doctors appt. oops, I need to leave now!
[Jul 3,2006 10:42am - Jugulator ""]
Im working today.Its gonna be slow so idc.Plus I have nothing better to do.
[Jul 3,2006 10:51am - Man_of_the_Century ""]
I'd rather be sleeping...

The worst part is I finished all the work I had to do at 9:30. They were going to let the office out early, but there is too much to do. Now, I find out they won't let me work on what has to be done. So, I'm stuck here till 4:30 with my thumb up my ass.

When I get home, I'm going to get into a fight with the assholes that are going to block off the parking lot I use so they can make money off the fireworks/carnival (even though the owner of the lot has given me permission to use it because of the lack of parking in the area).

I need a doobie
[Jul 3,2006 10:55am - ShadowSD  ""]
*blows shottie into cyberspace*
[Jul 3,2006 10:57am - SteveOTB ""]
I am, If I don't work today and Wednesday I don't get paid for July 4th so I'm kind of forced here.
[Jul 3,2006 11:02am - eddie ""]
i am
[Jul 3,2006 11:10am - ~~~carina~~~  ""]
i'm at work but there's not many people here...i didn't want to use a day off since they're letting us leave early, no one expects work to get done today (thoguh I have things to do).
my morning at work consisted of making coffee and calling aaron to give him a wake up call and talking about the new superman movie and some banal (does that word work in english?) computer stuffs
[Jul 3,2006 11:36am - Lamp ""]
I had a busy morning at work because we're closed tomorrow, so people were ordering their stuff ahead of time.
[Jul 3,2006 11:53am - the_reverend ""]
banal is a freudien slip for what you are getting when you come home early.
[Jul 3,2006 1:36pm - ~~~carina~~~  ""]
har har!
i get to leave at 3pm btw..
[Jul 3,2006 2:32pm - Man_of_the_Century ""]
They decided to let us out early... WWWWOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
[Jul 3,2006 3:19pm - intricateprocess ""]
i just got out. fucking sucked
[Jul 3,2006 3:21pm - Dissector ""]
I have to work today and tomorrow.
[Jul 3,2006 3:26pm - the_reverend ""]
I've been doing work around the house all day if that counts!
but in 30-ish minutes, I have to leave to go fix things at WUNH.
[Jul 3,2006 3:58pm - yummy  ""]
just got done and it was toasty. But, no work tomorrow.
[Jul 3,2006 4:32pm - powerkok ""]
Yes, I worked today.
Its all manure.
[Jul 3,2006 4:34pm - powerkok ""]
Lamp said:I had a busy morning at work because we're closed tomorrow, so people were ordering their stuff ahead of time.

By stuff, do you mean lamps?
[Jul 3,2006 5:09pm - Beorht-Dana ""]
I'm at work right now, 5pm-9pm. Short shift but working till 9 at night kinda blows.
[Jul 4,2006 4:09am - Lamp ""]
powerkok said:Lamp said: By stuff, do you mean lamps?

Nah. I work at a donut shop and they make donut cakes...so we had a lot of orders for those.
[Jul 4,2006 5:21am - TheGreatSpaldino ""]
im going to play the drunkest wiffle ball today.... i cant wait. being plastered at noon is going to rule

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