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MetalUnderground.com Interview w/Kevin from Hostile Takeover

[Nov 22,2006 2:17pm - HostileTakeover ""]
Boston's HOSTILE TAKEOVER is one of beantown's more talented upcoming metal acts that features in its talented lineup Ricardo Matos on vocals, Kevin Raposo on drums, Matthew Freeman on lead Guitar, Dustin LaRose on guitar and Serg on bass guitar. They cite Pantera, Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall and Unearth as their primary influences and it shows. They pay a direct homage to the bands before them without watering their sound down with pop sensibilities to try and land on the next cover of "Hey, I wear makeup and bracelets' rock magazine. These guys are committed to planting the true metal flag back in the soil it sprouted from and from the unrelenting and heavy as hell songs they're dropping on everyone right now, they look to be one of the brightest acts rising from out of the east. Read the full interview here....

Hostile Takeover-Disciples of Doom


[Nov 23,2006 4:35pm - anonymous  ""]
Thats great! You guys deserve some publicity!
[Jan 9,2007 11:43am - HostileTakeover ""]

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