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[Jan 11,2007 10:50pm - abhorred ""]
if anyone is going on saturday and needs a ticket, i have an extra one waiting for me on will call. i don't think the show is sold out yet but if you want to do me a favor so i don't loose the money that would really help me out.

email me at Schwaggz666@yahoo.com and we shall figure shit out

[Jan 11,2007 10:52pm - AUTOPSY_666 ""]
[Jan 11,2007 11:08pm - Kinslayer  ""]
Why aren't you going anymore?
[Jan 12,2007 2:29am - abhorred ""]
i'm fucking going! i missed the last one and you couldn't pry me away from this show! i just have an extra ticket and would rather pay $30 than $60 to see this show

andrew, i just might need a lift ticket for this i'll give you a buzz on saturday
[Jan 12,2007 11:41am - KillerKadoogan ""]
AUTOPSY_666 said:Loose?

like you're fukcign haire
[Jan 12,2007 11:42am - KillerKadoogan ""]
[Jan 12,2007 7:03pm - Kinslayer  ""]
Lift tickets are being arranged tonight for tomorrows festivities...


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