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Hostile Takeover w/ Amity Lane(Former Trust Company) and Hollow Image + More!!!

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[Jan 16,2007 10:25am - HostileTakeover ""]
Thats right boys and girls we will be playing Marks show place with Trust Company (Gay), Hydrovibe, and Ghost Machine!! IF you need tickets we got them!
[Jan 16,2007 3:51pm - HostileTakeover ""]
[Jan 17,2007 10:19am - HostileTakeover ""]
[Jan 17,2007 10:23am - FuckIsMySignature ""]
i wish Trust Company died in a bus crash rather than changing their name and continuing to live.
[Jan 17,2007 10:32am - HostileTakeover ""]
HA HA HA HA!! Yea they suck major balls!
[Jan 18,2007 9:24am - HostileTakeover ""]
[Jan 18,2007 9:50am - mOe @ work  ""]
haha, they probably couldnt keep their name because of legal issues with the label or something
Trust Company: umm, we're having a hard time writing new shitty radio hits
Record Company: Well then, Fuck off and go home...by the way we're keeping the name
[Jan 18,2007 9:59am - HostileTakeover ""]
hahahaha, yea thats exactly what happend!!
[Jan 19,2007 1:54pm - HostileTakeover ""]
[Jan 19,2007 11:38pm - succubus ""]
so why open for them if you think they suck?
[Jan 19,2007 11:41pm - yummy ""]
good question
[Jan 20,2007 12:41am - tylerl ""]
[Jan 20,2007 1:14am - yummy ""]
alright, let's just say I'm clueless and know nothing about the local music scene. okay...done. Now, what would draw me to this show? The headliner is getting no respect from the opening bands. Let's say I live a couple hours away. I do. I'm expecting a night of fun with good music (not the same old shit). Should I go? and will I be satisfied?
Yeah...I'm a dick. But, I've never shit on any band I opened for.
[Jan 20,2007 2:22am - NateTheWAR ""]
Man, mark's serisouly suckers bands into paying to play shows that youre typical douchebag would think might have kids show up. But in reality no one shows up, and the bands play to other bands out of their pocket. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.
[Jan 20,2007 2:27am - the_reverend ""]
tonight was all locals and a pantera cover band. the parking lot was completely filled.

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