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Does Anyone Know???

[Jan 30,2007 12:09am - HostileTakeover ""]
Does anyone know where i can download adobe photoshop for free?
[Jan 30,2007 12:13am - davefromthegrave ""]
do you know how to use torrents?
[Jan 30,2007 9:20am - anonymous  ""]
LIMEWIRE. They're not too bright; download the "basic" version, from which you can easily grab the "full" version from another user.
[Jan 30,2007 9:40am - sxealex nli  ""]
i vote torrents as well
this will take u like 20 min by torrent
[Jan 30,2007 11:25am - DreamingInExile ""]
I would know nothing about pirating software...



but I do believe torrents would be the way to go if I knew about pirating software...

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