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aaron why!?!?!

[Feb 23,2007 2:04am - abhorred ""]
there is nothing that i hate more than microsoft word telling you that you spelt something wrong while you are typing with the whole "underlining shit with a gay, annoying red line" crap. and now RTTP is doing that?!?!

is it my OS or have you fallen under dwyer's spell???
[Feb 23,2007 6:16am - sinistas ""]
did you update Firefox recently?
[Feb 23,2007 8:10am - the_reverend ""]
yeah, that is firefox not rttp
[Feb 23,2007 8:18am - xmikex ""]
RTTP needs a paperclip like character.

"Hey, it looks like you're writing a letter."
[Feb 23,2007 8:36am - the_reverend ""]
instead we got tboner yelling "i love boners!"
[Feb 23,2007 8:37am - hungtableed  ""]
I don't mind having to spell things correctly. If I wanted to avoid it, I'd use IE
[Feb 23,2007 8:38am - brian_dc ""]
"hey, it looks like you're writing a ransom note. You should use more forceful language. You get more money that way."
[Feb 23,2007 8:55am - sinistas ""]
xmikex said:"Hey, it looks like you're writing a letter."


[Feb 23,2007 9:05am - the_reverend ""]

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